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Black Dainn ([personal profile] shadow_possession) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-11-30 11:46 pm
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Final Seal Unlocked

[time was of the essence right now and the Shadow Immortal did know the value of getting a move on when time was running short.

the minute he heard the call, Dainn left his house. he was sick of this place, copy or not, true or not, he hated being closed up in what felt like a box. he hated being controlled. if he could never leave that was fine. anything to get out of this stupid place and away from that stupid woman who thought she could control him.

so he makes his way through the town, blasting hazmats with bits of Dark Matter. oddly enough though, Dainn will stop if he sees someone in trouble. it'll be brief but he'll still offer some firepower.]

This is getting to be troublesome...

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