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Egg Post Final Version

[With Annie's call, Eggman didn't have to be told twice! Riding in the Egg Walker and flanked by so many Egg Robos, Egg Pawns and the Mecha Sonic, all Eggman could to is run and try not to be killed.]

This is ridiculous! I was going to take over this place! Not let it do this! Oh, how I HATE that witch!

[As the hazmat men start arriving, the robots make their move, tackling, shooting and all around trying to save Eggman from them.]

Keep up or you'll be left behind!
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Take over? Why am I not surprised?

[A few of the hazmat guys go flying from a curving blue ball, sailing through the air.]

Thought you might need a hand.
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Aww. I knew you cared.

Now hold on, we're about to ace this place.

[And Sonic begins to pinball around, helping clear the path for Eggman's army.]