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[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place

[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
[ Though it cut across her sensibilities to prank Mag, who had been a perfectly polite guest at the equinox, the itching of the rash pushed her to act. Ilsa had noticed Mag had taken her tea with a generous amount of sugar. It was simple to trace her house on the map, having met her once. Breaking and entering to the kitchen, Ilsa quickly replaced the contents of the sugar bowl with salt, leaving no other issues. ]

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
[ This person had a name that stood out in her mind, from the time he complained of the exterior of his house being reset. Well, there was one thing Ilsa could do to help. Every mage in her parents’ circle had variations of the Apprentice’s Mop spell in their arsenal, because to unmake something, you had to understand it. Taking the paintbrushes already on the property, Ilsa spends a bit of energy to pull this prank. Hedging the spell about with limitations to stay on the paintable exterior, she enchants the painting apparatus to give the house a cheerier appearance... putting rainbow stripes everywhere. ]

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
[ With the adults taken care of, the more difficult targets are the children. There should be nothing psychologically scarring about the pranks, and nothing physically damaging. Ilsa decides to work on the girl’s room, but that was upstairs, and everyone asleep nearby. Ilsa takes a chance that no-one will be outside the house this late at night, and expends a little more mage energy to manage a prank she learned in high school: flipping the drawers in the dresser. It takes just a few moments to invert them, and she is off again to the next house. ]

[ Luke Triton ]
[ This one is in Tarvek’s neighborhood, and she recognized the boy from her visits to that area. However, walking past his residence on the sidewalk, she also recognizes a fortified house. It takes a half hour to work out how to thread anything through the defenses, but by hitting on a spell that would not cause damage, and in fact might prove entertaining, Ilsa places the cantrip on the young man’s favorite book. When anyone else looks at it, there is no change, but for the next 48 hours, the text will appear to be in Cajun to Luke’s eyes. Perhaps he will find it an intriguing puzzle. ]

[ Crona ]
[ Finally winding her way to her assigned house, Ilsa passes by the home of her last target. The surprise had been finding out he was assigned to the same house as Mindy, for Ilsa had not met Crona before. His aura read as one who was extremely biddable, and though it would make him easy to gull into foolish action, it wasn’t something that appealed to her. The mage-work of the night was also beginning to wear on her. She was tired, and her heart was not in making someone upset, no matter what the Census Bureau promised. Leaning against the tree in the front yard, she sorts through the emotions of the sleepers in the house. Finding Chrona, she draws on her empathic abilities this time, leaning on his dreams to influence them to a silly, absolutely goofy path. When she could feel him giggling in his sleep, she gently withdrew, and headed to bed. ]
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(Reimu's a heavy sleeper, so she wouldn't have noticed Ilsa messing around anyway.

Though it's an interesting surprise when she finishes up her morning shower and and gets some clothes ready for the day.As soon as she pulls open one of the drawers, she withdraws in shock after seeing her clothes fall out...from beneath?

Poltergeists have flipped around my house!? I won't stand for this!

(And so she begins exorcising the spirits that aren't really there.)
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[Eggman was a little more than a bit groggy from his latest, much more successful attempt to build some sort of base, so it didn't hit him at first that his home was now cheerfully bright.

A few more moments and...]

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[Yep, totally worked. Crona is now privy to the weirdest, goofiest dreams ever seen in that subconscious. This is...honestly something Crona's never seen in dreams before...and it's likely going to cause a freakout in the morning. Still, at least for now, maybe they can be enjoyed.]
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[It's going to be hard, because Crona is actual insane. At least it's weakened considering the current state of the body. Still, seeing such things have really disturbed Crona.

It's not a big deal, though. Crona will get over it soon. Not like strange and disturbing things are uncommon for Crona, after all. When the child calms down, sleep will simply be resumed.

Still...seems this prank worked either way.]