01 December 2012 @ 10:23 pm
34th Magic Bullet  
[So, turns out it actually wasn't that hard for Yuna to get over her clone issues, thanks to some particularly inspiring speeches from her father figure, her best friend from home, and other assorted parties.  She's got the best friends ever.  And any other lingering issues preventing her from wanting to work hard to get out of Mayfield and return home to Mahora Academy have been utterly blown away by the sudden announcement that the highway is open and actually leads somewhere now.  No one said where, exactly, but she's pretty sure it's got to be better than here.  So after packing up her regains and some assorted foodstuffs and cramming them into a backpack, Yuna transforms into her pactio costume and tears off out the front door, running at breakneck pace toward the edge of town.]

Hahaha!  We're finally going home!

[It seems that all of her daily training in both athletic and magical pursuits has paid off in spades: Yuna's running through the streets of Mayfield at a far faster clip than she was able to when she first arrived, and doesn't even seem to be getting winded.  All the adrenaline and sudden excitement is certainly helping, too.  She keeps an eye out for any of her friends that might need help getting out along the way, but she's mostly keeping her body moving, making short pauses only to fire magically enhanced bullets or flaming arrow spells at any and all hazmats she sees as she goes, clearing a path as best she can for anyone else making the trip.]

C'mon, follow me!

26 November 2012 @ 08:17 pm
33rd Magic Bullet  
[Well, the cat's out of the bag.  Yuna's heard all about the revelation that everyone in Mayfield is just a clone of the original.  No one was ripped from anywhere at all.  And while part of her is comforted by that thought - at least she doesn't have to worry about Negi or any of her friends from home - an even bigger part of her feels like it died when she heard the news.  She isn't the real Yuna Akashi.  She doesn't have a father.  She never had a mother.  She doesn't have friends.  Everything she remembers from home is just part of a computer program, along with her entire personality.  Yuna managed to hold it together on the phone with Luke Triton before, but as she's been stewing and thinking it over, the thought of it all has just made her progressively more sick to her stomach.]

[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Yuna skipped class today - what's the point, anyway - and has been spending most of her time sitting in her bedroom looking over her various regains.  A picture of her family from when she was young.  A used-up tube of Nuru Nuru X.  Her pactio card.  The magic guns she got from the Mages vs. Martians game.  A training wand.  Her school uniform.  Her basketball uniform.  A nekomimi maid outfit.  The dress she wore to the ball in Megalomesembria.  None of it means anything anymore.  It doesn't even belong to her.]

Guess I should throw this stuff away...

[Action; around town]

[Well, it looks like Yuna's decided to wait to toss her basketball uniform, at least.  One last jog around town in a desperate attempt to clear her head.  She's got her basketball with her, pausing sometimes to bounce it in place before proceeding to dribble it down the sidewalk again.  She'll be running all over town until she's too exhausted to move anymore before heading home, so anyone in town will be able to catch her in pretty much any location.  For the moment, she's pretending that nothing is wrong and doing a pretty decent job of it, but close CR should be able to recognize that something is not entirely okay.]

19 October 2012 @ 04:41 pm
32nd Magic Bullet  
[Mayfield's been uncharacteristically quiet lately, and while that's definitely something to enjoy, it also has the unfortunate side effect of being incredibly boring sometimes.  So today, Yuna has decided to make a bit of her own fun now that fall is in full swing and there are plenty of leaves on the ground.]

[Action; Saturday morning]

[From mid-morning into early afternoon, Yuna can be found out in the front yard of 2237 Stevens Road busily raking leaves.  In fact, she's also venturing into the neighboring yards to rake up all of theirs too.  Slowly but surely, over the course of a few hours, she'll have a pretty impressive pile built up in the middle of the front yard.]

[Action; Saturday afternoon]

[Now that her pile is ready, there's just one more thing to add to make this picture complete - a miniature trampoline she happened to find in the garage.  Yuna drags it over near the leaf pile, grinning the whole time, and then kicks off her shoes and gets to bouncing.]

Hehe, this is gonna be great!

[Action; five minutes after the previous prompt]

[Unsurprisingly, it looks like things didn't turn out quite the way Yuna thought they were going to.  She's sitting in the middle of a shallow pile of leaves, groaning and rubbing her behind.]

I thought they'd be softer...
25 September 2012 @ 04:32 pm
31st Magic Bullet - A day in the life of Yuna Akashi  
[Once again, it seems like the calm before the storm with Mayfield events.  Yuna's fallen back into her usual routine - training for the inevitable, whatever it may be, and trying to entertain herself and maintain some semblance of a normal social life so she doesn't go crazy.  So here's a typical day in the life of this not so typical schoolgirl.]

1. [Action; 1336 Benny Road; before sunrise]

[Ever since talking with Nanoha a few weeks ago, Yuna's been getting up even earlier than normal to get some magical training in.  She's good enough with her guns for the time being and can always train with Garviel at home, so she works purely with the one spell she knows while she's doing this kind of training.  Having finally regained her old wand from home, she works diligently every morning on her fire-elemental version of Magic Archer.  Though it's early, her voice can still be heard as she repeats her incantation.]

Tytto tytto pycgadpymm!  Unum spiritus ignis... coèuntes, sagittent inimicum meam!  Sagitta Magica, convergentia ignis!

2. [Action; Mayfield High]

[Most days, between the early mornings training with magic and all the other running around she does after school, Yuna spends about half of her classes with a book propped up in front of her face as she catches a quick nap.  Sometimes it's intentional, and sometimes she flops over without even having a chance to put her ingenious book shield up first.  She's pretty much over paying attention to Mayfield classes anyway - the grades don't matter, and half the teachers don't care either.  She'll take her chances.]

3. [Action; rec center]

[After classes are over, Yuna takes a short jog over to the rec center to use some of the sports equipment.  Of course, with her it's always the same one - basketball.  She always starts out with some stretching to get her muscles loosened up, and then starts practicing her fundamentals, running through various drills she's done a thousand times over.  This lasts for an hour or so, as she dribbles up and down the court, practicing her jump shot, three pointers, and her ball handling in general.  Once she's done, she takes a rest on the bleachers with a bottle of water.]

4. [Action; around Mayfield]

[Between an early dinner and the time when she heads home to do some relaxing, Yuna usually spends some time bumming around town seeing what her friends are up to.  She might be over at the malt shop, just walking around town, browsing the aisles at the grocery store, looking at clothes at Bodine Fashion, or paying an actual visit to someone's house.  If Yuna knows you, there's a chance you'll bump into one another while she's looking for something to do.]

5. [Action; roof of 2237 Stevens; just before sunset]

[Well, this isn't really part of Yuna's typical day, but there's been a lot on her mind recently and she thought it'd be a nice place to go to get her thoughts in order.  It's not exactly the most subtle thinking place, but maybe she's looking for some company anyway and just didn't say it.  There certainly is a ladder propped up on the side of the house, anyway, so it's not like it would be too hard for someone to get up there to sit with her and find out what's going on.  Until then, though, she seems to content to just rest her head on her knees and stare out over the town as the sun starts to dip past the furthest streets she can see.]

16 September 2012 @ 05:39 pm
30th Magic Bullet  
[Action; outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[Regain time!  The event may have been irritating and dangerous just like always, but Yuna hasn't had a bad regain yet and she always looks forward to receiving something from home in the mail for her trouble.  This time, however, she seems puzzled by what she pulls out - a rather slick looking black suit, complete with dress shirt and black heels.]

Huh... I don't own anything like this.  Is the Post Office glitching too now?

[Blinking at the package curiously, Yuna unfolds the suit and decides to at least try on the jacket.  It's clearly well-made and visually striking, but the sleeves are a bit too long, and she has to roll them up at the ends to make it fit.  It also drapes just a bit too far past her waist, but the overall effect is pretty impressive.]

Yeah, this definitely isn't mine.  But whatever!  Maybe I can get it tailored or something.

[She'll just be spending some time looking at the dress shirt and pants after this, carefully lifting them out of the package and pressing them up against her body to check the fit.]

It might work, I guess...

05 August 2012 @ 09:54 pm
29th Magic Bullet  
[Action; Mayfield Rec Center]

[Yuna's out for some basketball practice as usual, but today she's decided to have a little bit more fun with it than usual.  She's always wanted to try a real dunk shot, since it looks so cool in live action shows.  So after she's done with her usual drills with dribbling, free throws, three point shots, and the like, she can be found taking full speed headlong runs straight at the hoop, trying to get enough lift to slam the ball straight through the hoop.  Of course, she isn't having much luck with it - she's only 5'3", after all, and these are regulation hoops she's dealing with here.  Even still, Yuna is nothing if not determined, so she'll keep on trying for as long as her stamina holds out.]

Geez... they make this look so easy on TV!

[Or you might catch her when she's finally tired herself out, sitting on the bleachers.  She's got a towel with her, wiping some sweat from her forehead while she drinks from a plastic water bottle.  Either way, she's spending the better part of the afternoon here today.]
12 July 2012 @ 05:15 pm
28th Magic Bullet  
[Action; Bodine's Fashion]

[Just like so many others, Yuna got back a couple of things from home in the mail after the carnival closed down.  She's pretty excited to finally have her pajamas from home back, especially with all the sleepovers she's been having lately, but even more impressive is the fancy formal dress she wore to the ball in Megalomesembria when Class 3-A was in the Magic World with Negi.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mayfield sent only the dress, which means Yuna's going to need to find a fashionable and comfortable pair of shoes to complete the ensemble.  So anyone clothes shopping today will probably see her wearing
this dress as she walks up and down the shoe aisle of the clothing store in a pair of unlaced sneakers from home.

Every so often, she takes a pair of shoes down from the shelf, kicking off her sneakers and trying them on, but it seems like she's having some trouble deciding on which pair to get.]

Hmmm... those ones are a nice color, but I dunno if I really want a heel that big.  These ones are a little closer, but they hurt my feet too much...

[She'll be talking to herself as she tries to decide, not paying much attention to other people around her until approached.]

17 June 2012 @ 01:06 pm
27th Magic Bullet  
[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Father's Day again.  If it's anything like the last time, Yuna doesn't really want to have anything to do with it.  But she also doesn't want to just stay at home in her room all day, either.  Even still, as soon as she wakes up she's already feeling the effects of the event creeping into the edges of her thoughts.  With a sigh, she hauls herself out of bed, gets dressed, and heads downstairs to make breakfast for Garviel.  It's not his fault she's been torn from her world and from her own beloved daddy, after all, and he actually has been a pretty good substitute father, all things considered.  She does her best to get everything cooked and on the table before he comes down and notices her, and leaves a little 'Happy Father's Day' note by the plate of eggs and bacon before heading out for the day.]

[Action; Mayfield streets]

[Summer's a good time for exercise, and since Yuna's interested in just bypassing as many people as possible today without getting herself enslaved to the whims of every guy she passes by, today she's out on a bike she found in the garage at home.  Unfortunately she's still under the effects of the event, so she'll still have to stop for any guy that calls out to her, but she's motoring along pretty well.]

[Action; Makeout Point]

[Usually, Yuna comes up here to train, but today she's just trying to relax and have a little time to herself.  She parks the bike against a tree before walking to the edge of the hillside, hugging her knees as she sits and stares out over the streets of the town.  After a while, she pulls a photograph out of her pocket, spending a good long time staring at it before sighing deeply and burying her head in her hands.]
01 June 2012 @ 06:39 pm
26th Magic Bullet  
AU Information )


All right!  Just one more year and I'll be old enough to take the entrance exams to become an agent of the Magic World!  I wish mom was here so we could celebrate together, but I'll be seeing her as soon as we bust out of Mayfield and get back home anyway.  Ahhhh, I'm really getting fired up now!

[Most of Yuna's close CR should know her mother has been dead since she was a little girl, so this might sound a little odd...]

[Action; Makeout Point]

[Anyone hanging out at or around Makeout Point today will be treated to a dazzling display of magical marksmanship.  While Yuna was already reasonably talented with a gun and able to cast a fire elemental version of Magic Archer before, now she's got the benefit of a good solid ten plus years of training backing that up.  She runs faster, jumps higher, draws faster, and fires more accurately than she was ever capable of before this event, her hands literally becoming a blur of motion as she performs some amazing gun-fu worthy of a Hong Kong action flick.  And then there's the spellcasting to top it off.  Still with her guns out and with no interruption to her speed or accuracy whatsoever, Yuna begins chanting an incantation in Latin as a red aura surrounds her, pulsing with magical energy.]

Septem spiritus ignis, coèuntes, sagittent inimicum meam!

[Once the incantation nears its crescendo, she holsters her guns with a quick flick of her wrists, bringing her hands back up to form the shape of a gun with her fingers pressed together.  The red energy coalesces in her hands as she releases the spell into the air.]

Sagitta Magica, series ignis!

[The spell goes flying off into the sky - one large flaming arrow splitting into seven separate smaller arrows.  They streak off harmlessly into the distance as Yuna wipes some sweat from her brow and grins.]

Whew... that was a pretty good workout!

[A good workout, and far more than she should be capable of at her current rate of training.]

[Action; Bakery]

[And now that practice is out of the way, the birthday girl is going to avail herself of some sugary snacks at the bakery.  She proceeds to order the biggest slice of chocolate cake they will agree to sell her.  She sticks a candle in the top, produces a flame from her fingertip with a quick cantrip, lights it, and blows it out before singing to herself.]

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Yuna, happy birthday to me!

[She will then begin enthusiastically devouring the cake.  At least this prompt would have been the same no matter what.]
13 May 2012 @ 04:31 pm
25th Magic Bullet  
[Action; Annie's Flowers]

[It's Mother's Day once again.  Yuna knows there's some fun to be had from last year's shenanigans, but this is also a pretty important day for her otherwise.  First things first - she needs to preserve the memory of her own mom, who she lost far too early in her life.  So early this morning into the afternoon, she can be found looking around the flower shop for a nice bouquet to set up at home.]

[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Family members may notice that today, Yuna's slightly quieter than usual, though still generally maintaining good cheer.  In the corner of the living room, she's got a family picture in a frame sitting on top of a small table.  It looks like a photo of what appears to be a younger Yuna standing between a woman with a very strong resemblance and a smiling man with glasses and some beard stubble.  There are white irises in two vases on either side of the picture.  She couldn't find any incense, so instead there's just a candle burning there.  During part of the afternoon, Yuna can be found kneeling in front of this display and praying.]

[Action; outside 2237 Stevens; afternoon until sundown]

[All right, so now it's time for a bit of trolling.  She knows her mother would want her to remember her, but not to stand around moping about it all day.  And the weather is getting nice and warm as summer approaches, so Yuna figures it's as good a time as any to bust out the lawn chairs and her swimsuit and get some sun.  Once she's all set up with a nice folding beach chair, a pair of sunglasses, a rather flattering orange bikini, and what's left of the tube of Nuru Nuru X skin lotion she regained before, she sets about the task of relaxing and waiting for some guys to happen by to wait on her hand and foot.  A girl needs to pamper herself every so often, after all.]

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, this is the life~!  If only I had someone to fix me a cool glass of lemonade, help me rub on some of this lotion, and maybe give me a nice foot massage!  That would definitely make this day totally perfect.

[Said loud enough for any hapless Mayfield males passing by to hear.  Come at her, bros.]
22 April 2012 @ 03:06 pm
24th Magic Bullet  
[Yuna, unlike many of the town's residents, was not affected by the poison joke flowers that have been popping up everywhere.  Instead, she's using this opportunity to have some fun and pull some shenanigans of her own.  Negi had given her some age deceiving pills a while back, and with everything else that's going on, she figures this is as good a time as any to try them out.]

[Action; Mayfield Elementary]

[There's a cute little girl with a rather familiar-looking side ponytail running around and playing and just having the best time ever on the playground at Mayfield Elementary.  After all, it's not like swings and jungle gyms and monkey bars and sliding boards ever stop being fun - you just get too big to really play on them anymore.]


[Action; Olney's Tavern]

[Later, after the effects of the first pill have worn off, Yuna decides to try one of the other ones.  Now she's the spitting image of her mother before she passed away - a confident and attractive woman in her mid-twenties with curves in all the right places.  She went out and got herself a nice black dress from the department store before heading off to the bar, and now she's playing the part of a sexy femme fatale looking to have a few drinks and loosen up a little.  Mostly she just wants to see if she can actually get anyone to serve her anything.]

Bartender, I'll have a vodka martini!

[Classy spies order those, right?]

[Action; around town]

[If your character wants to run into either babby!Yuna or adult!Yuna somewhere else in Mayfield while she's screwing around and using magic items irresponsibly, just use this as a catch-all option for any other place you'd like to run into her.  Just be sure to specify which age you want and where you want to be.]

01 April 2012 @ 10:37 pm
6th Fifth - April Foolishness! [Event Post]  
[The Captain is trying his hands at pranks!

This isn't killing, so he's willing to go along with it. Plus, it might be fun!]

BLU Scout )

Yuna )

Perry the Platypus )
27 March 2012 @ 05:12 pm
23rd Magic Bullet  
[Action; outside 2337 Stevens]

[The long-awaited day has finally come!  Yuna's magic lessons with Negi, Rin, and Blue have paid off, and with a little impromptu Al Bhed lesson from Rikku, she's got her spell key all ready to go too.  Today, Yuna graduates from apprentice to full-fledged mage.  She's standing out on the front lawn of 2237 Stevens Road with her wand at the ready, closing her eyes and doing some breathing exercises to get ready for her first attempt at a real spell.  After a minute or so, she nods to herself, tightening her grip on her wand and holding it out.]

Tytto tytto pycgadpymm!

[Her voice rings through the air loud and clear, full of confidence.  A small breeze kicks up around her, blowing her hair back and forth and rustling her clothing.  Definitely a good start!  Yuna grins before moving on, closing her eyes as she concentrates.]

Unum spiritus ignis... coèuntes, sagittent inimicum meam!

[A vaguely reddish aura begins to gather around Yuna as she continues chanting.]

Sagitta Magica, convergentia ignis!

[Yuna's eyes snap open as she finishes the spell, the red aura coalescing into the shape of an arrow, which fires forth from her wand and into the sky.  She stumbles back a step, watching it streak off into the distance in awe before jumping up and down, pumping her fist in the air in excitement.]

I did it!  I really did it!  My first real spell!
14 March 2012 @ 07:06 pm
22nd Magic Bullet  
[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Housemates may notice that Yuna has skipped school today.  She's still up at the usual hour, but instead of getting ready for class, she heads straight down the kitchen and gets right to work with all sorts of baking supplies.  Anyone who's around to notice what she's doing will eventually catch the distinct aroma of chocolate wafting through the air.]

[Action; Mayfield streets]

[Yuna's out for her usual run once school's let out, but she seems a little distracted today.  She's got her backpack on, which is a bit of a change from the norm, and she seems to be spending a lot of time staring into the sky as she goes along.  It's the perfect recipe for crashing right into someone.  Anyone who catches her may also notice that she's blushing as she spaces out.]

[Action; 947 Beulah Street; locked to Rin Kagamine]

[Well, she's finally here.  She's done enough running to psyche herself up, so after pacing back and forth on the doorstep a little, Yuna rings the bell.  She's holding a gift-wrapped box in her hands.]

Rin!  Hey, Rin!  Are you home?
13 February 2012 @ 06:10 pm
21st Magic Bullet  
[Action; around Mayfield; February 13th]

[Yuna couldn't seem to get rid of the curious mint plants that were popping up all over her house today, so she decided to mix some into her energy shake after school before she goes around town for her usual afternoon run.  Her breath is minty fresh, and she won't know it until she starts running into her friends and acquaintances, but she's probably about to get her second kiss.  And possibly third, fourth, fifth, and god even knows how many after that.]

[Action; locked to Madoka Kaname; February 14th]

[After yesterday, Yuna's a little hesitant to go out on her scheduled Valentine's date with Madoka, but she spent most of the night trying her best to scour the house of every last trace of mint.  When that failed, she opted for just studiously avoiding them and keeping a handkerchief over her nose as she left, but unfortunately she's now carrying a bouquet of white daisies along with some chocolate when she rings Madoka's doorbell.  She thought it would just be a goofy sort of gesture, but is in for something else entirely.]

Madoka-chan!  It's Yuna!  Are you ready for our date?

[Phone; post-event; fail!filtered to Negi Springfield]

So, um, Negi-sensei, I have a question!  You've got a lot of experience with this stuff since you've kissed like half the class, right?  How do you decide which one you like the best?  Do you have a favorite?  I need some advice.
07 February 2012 @ 09:12 pm
20th Magic Bullet  
[Action; Cosplay Cafe]

[Yuna's been laying a little low lately, what with having been part of the group that blew up the revival machine and all.  But today she's got a shiny new regain back in the mail and is finally starting to feel good about herself again, so she can be found at the cosplay cafe showing off her kimono from home (second from the right in the top panel).  It's a classy looking royal blue number, accented with white flowers along the bottom and an orange obi.  She's also got her hair tied up, and is wearing a few daisies in it to match the floral print on the kimono.]

Irasshaimase~!  Welcome!  What can I get you today?

[It's a little early in the season for kimonos, but hey, no reason she can't bounce around and act cute anyway.  After all, that's basically what cosplay cafes are for.  She'll be laying it on extra thick today, winking and bowing and feeding little pieces of cake to all of her lucky male customers.  And if your name happens to be Negi Springfield, you might even get a little
special service.  Obvious perverts or people who are just plain unclassy about their staring will end up with cake or tea in their laps, depending on how much they piss her off.]