03 May 2012 @ 11:40 pm
The Amazing Spider-Girl! #15 | Humans are weird  
[Phone | Unfiltered]

Yamame hears lots of people talking about something called...um..."prom."

What's that? Is it a party, like in the city? Or is it a fight?

How come everyone is so worried about it? Yamame wants to know!

Can Yamame play too?

[Y'know...there's a good chance she might have asked this last year. How sad.]

[Action | Park]

[Yamame's not really feeling too terribly up to tear-assing around town today. Instead, she's taking a nice relaxing day in the park.

Though, instead of being out in the open, Yamame's found a nice little corner of the park surrounding by some bushes and trees to build thick webs around. It almost appears to be a strange cocoon of spider-webs just sitting on the ground in the park.

Care to investigate?]
03 April 2012 @ 09:45 pm
The Amazing Spider-Girl! #14 | May the Pranks be with you  
[[OOC: Yes, because I am dumb this post is going to follow the same format as my other one. So, here's another target/being a target general prank post! Yamame's targets are Django ([personal profile] sunnydwithagun), Sue ([personal profile] charming_freckles), Tsukihi ([personal profile] thebirds), Marquise Mindfang ([personal profile] shesapir8), and Arf ([personal profile] fatefullfriend)! As before, it'll be up to anyone caught in Yamame's attempts whether or not they work, so have fun with that! Anyone targeting Yamame will have an easy time of catching her unawares, as she is just TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! Go nuts with it!]]

[As you move through the town of Mayfield today, the light giggles of a young girl may be heard wafting through the breeze. Yes, despite the green rash Yamame is still gleefully stalking through town, dropping prankage on any unsuspecting citizen! Even the drones aren't safe, and whether you're on Yamame's target list or not, she's coming after you! Yamame's got plans, and yet again I've got a PICK YOUR POISON post.

1. Using those useful little spider-webs of hers, Yamame has set up a tripwire trap on the porch of your house! Attempting to leave? Well, you may not notice the thin little spider-web set at ankle level, just waiting for you. Trip the trap, and you'll end up with a bucket of water being poured on you from the roof! Well, usually it's water...she might have put other stuff like soda or flavored juice in there too! ENJOY!

2. Oh, the doorbell! When you go to answer, you may find yourself under the barrage of strange bullet of energy pelting the area around your front door! Yes, friends, this is DING-DONG DANMAKU!! Yamame's lying in wait in a bush, and when you open the door DANMAKU EVERYWHERE! She's going to avoid actually hitting people, she just wants to give 'em a good scare!

3. Taking a stroll outside? Walking between two trees, or maybe two support pillars, or maybe just two tall objects of any kind? You may suddenly find yourself tangled in a well-placed SPIDER WEB!! Of course, in order for it to actually entangle someone in it, the webbing has to be a little thick. Yamame has tried to make it as thin as possible...but this prank may be easily noticeable.

4. Why...WHY WON'T YOUR FRONT DOOR OPEN?? This one won't be done often, as it's time consuming to pull off...but it seems Yamame has wrapped your ENTIRE HOUSE IN SPIDER WEBS! Put enough weight behind it, and you can break out through any opening...but it's still just really annoying, isn't it? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THIS OFF? Protip: comes off pretty easily with water.

5. Walking out your front door? Exiting a building of any kind? Just walking through your house? You may find yourself suddenly stumbling on SO MANY MARBLES ON THE GROUND!! A true classic!

Fell free to choose your hell, Mayfield, targeted or not! Of course, Yamame's pranks are pretty simplistic, so feel free to easily see them coming if you wish, or even attempt to turn it against her. GO NUTS, PEOPLE...ANYTHING GOES!

As before, those targeting Yamame are more than welcome to jump in and get your jollies!]
02 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
The Prankpire Lurks  
[Nyanpire didn't really get the survey he had to fill out. And he didn't really get the message he received in the mail. But hey, he didn't usually get mail, and if he was getting mail, then it was probably important that he do what the mail said. Pranks? Tricks! He could play tricks! He could be sneaky-sneaky and play lots of tricks....]

Locked to Netherlands )

Locked to Yamame )

Locked to Ran Fujimiya )

Locked to Thrall )

Locked to Panty )

After the pranking, 1649 Albright Lane

[Pranking is hard work. Nyanpire is half-asleep on the front porch, stretched out and basking in the sunshine. Maybe... maybe he'll play more pranks on his friends when he's all rested up...]
21 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[Outside Mayfield Elementary]

[After school lets out for the day—or a little before, Flandre was proud of how very sneaky she was—Flandre can be found clambering all over the playground again, making full use of her claws and her wings.

But she’s a bit more careful this time! She looks around before she starts sliding down things like pipes, watching for people approaching. If a person is spotted, the vampire promptly sits on her hands and furls her wings away and looks innocent.

Right next to whatever she just put giant scratches in the paint of.

…no one really taught her how to use the fireman pole okay.

((OOC: Chronologically the thread with Marceline goes first. Also there may be bats in your thread instead of tiny vampires because everything’s better with bats.))
11 February 2012 @ 11:27 pm
The Amazing Spider Girl! #13 | RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE  
[Action | 728 Anderson]

[And...pop! There's Yamame, all nice and resurrected in her bed after being dead for so long. Her eyes snap open, and she looks around the familiar room frantically. Even her plush is there, gripped tightly in her arm.

She scurries to a sitting position in her bed, hands feeling her body in various places to make sure she wasn't actually a transparent ghost or something. She just sits up in her bed, staring in disbelief around the room. She's not back home...but she's back in her Mayfield home. She was sure she'd never come back. She had prepared for it and accepted her own death...so being suddenly resurrected again came as a bit of a shock.

Oh Gods...everyone she knew must have been so sad. She wonders briefly if everyone will be angry with her for making such a big deal out of it even though she came back, before finally snapping to attention and flinging herself out of her bed.

She doesn't even bother changing out of her little nightgown, running downstairs in a frenzy and looking around when she hits the bottom.]

Kaa-san! Papa! ....! [She stops short...not really knowing what to say at that point. OH GODS PARSEE-NEE.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

Um...Yamame isn't dead anymore? I'm sorry I made it such a big deal...

P-Parsee-nee? Please don't be angry with me.

[Action | All around town]

[Instead of waiting too long for responses on the phone, she's burst outside...still in her damn nightgown. She's going to just run all over the place, physically looking for anyone she might need to apologize to. She's happy to be alive again, though. If you have CR with Yamame, you'll be getting a big hug.

Hell, if you cross her path and DON'T know Yamame you might end up getting a big hug anyway. SHE'S ALIVE!]
27 January 2012 @ 10:14 pm
The Amazing Spider Girl! #12.5 | The Last Moments  
[Phone | Unfiltered]

[The phone call goes out, but there is a long moment of silence, broken by some muffled coughs. Though it's Yamame, it seems the the call is coming from 7135 Brooks Street, Parsee's house. She sounds oddly somber for Yamame...but she doesn't sound sad at all. It seems as if this is something she needs to say seriously. She sounds resolute in her realization, not really perturbed by it at all.]

Yamame is going to die soon. Charles-san told me what's happening. Don't worry about Yamame though, okay? Even though I won't come back I'm still okay with it.

Yamame just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so nice to me. Yamame had fun playing with all of you.

Kaa-san and Papa-san...I'm sorry I didn't come home. I couldn't really make it. You were very nice to me and I'm glad I got to live in your house. I still have my spider...it'll be with me ok?

Everyone else, thank you very much for playing with me. I will miss all of my new friends very much. Yamame has lived a very long time already, so don't be sad okay?

[Her voiced thoughts are broken by another muffled cough, louder this time.] Yamame loves you all very much. Don't be sad, okay? And don't die. Yamame would be sad if any of you were gone forever.

Bye-bye everyone. [With that, the phone is quietly hung up.]

[[OOC: Yamame will not be responding to any messages left. If the mun would like to, Parsee might respond to them, as Yamame will be dead shortly. She'll only really be able to respond to any action spam between her and Parsee in the house. Yamame just felt the need to say goodbye before she dies. Her Youkai body has held out this long but the injuries of being crushed under the MilkMech are beginning to overwhelm her hardiness and healing ability.]]
25 January 2012 @ 06:20 pm
The Amazing Spider Girl! #12 | Aftermath of Foolishness  
[Phone | Unfiltered]

Why is everyone so mad at each other? If you're going to fight, you should have Danmaku battles! That way you can find out who's right and who's wrong real easy!

[She's not totally stupid, though. She's got a general idea of what's going on with everyone screaming on the phone. She just wanted to say something about it and suggest the most sure method of having an argument.]

[Action | All around Mayfield]

[Despite the disquiet on the phone lines, Yamame decides to head outside and simply go about her day, skipping school once again. With her beloved spider plush she received for Christmas in tow, Yamame's typical day of tooling around Mayfield and doing fun things begins.

Though, in the afternoon Yamame finds herself wearing down quickly. For reasons she can't possibly figure out, she's experiencing some very strange pains inside of her body. As the day wears on, various residents of Mayfield may find Yamame taking a break on a sidewalk or sitting on a random porch, clutching that plush and trying her best to just work past the strange pains. The truth of the matter is Yamame's internal injuries from the one time she had been crushed by the MilkMech are beginning to reappear.

As the day wears on and her condition worsens, others may notice the girl coughing up blood and appearing quite woozy, as if she's about to fall asleep on the spot. Later in the day she can't even manage to make herself move very far, and has to take long breaks in the various yards she finds herself in. Her resilient Youkai body, however, is making the process rather slow and excruciating, having an intense amount of difficulty manifesting the previous injuries in the new body. Eventually the poor girl will have to move to floating near the ground everywhere she goes rather than trying to walk.]

[Action | Evening | 7135 Brooks]

[Later in the evening, Yamame will eventually have dragged herself to Parsee's house. She'd have gone back home to lay down, but she'd already found herself quite far from her own house. So, she'll be weakly knocking on Parsee's door, blood staining her mouth and teeth as well as a glossed-over look in her eyes. She's still got her plush, though. It makes her feel better, despite the few small bloodstains on the poor thing.]