16 February 2012 @ 09:51 pm
trick one! - action/phone - backdated to february 13  
[A. Action- 919 Bilko Boulevard - morning]

[It's morning time!

Oh. Wait. This isn't right at all. This is most definitely not where Trucy is supposed to be. Was she kidnapped? Or maybe Polly and Daddy were here, too...but then, why here at all? It all seems so...old. Not new. Was "vintage" the word? And the house was too big; her and Daddy could barely afford the bills and groceries as it is. There's no way they could ever buy a house like this.

So, naturally, curious and halfway to petrified Trucy runs from door to door, thrusting each one open before sticking her head in. If the door's locked, she'll knock, persistently so, for several minutes. In both cases, she'll be shouting the same thing.]

Daddy? Polly? Are you in here?

[B. Phone - unfiltered - afternoon]

Hello, Mayfield! This is Trucy Wright, magician extraordinaire!

I did some investigating! [Read as: I looked at the calendar and the newspaper.] How did I get sent to the 1950's? Is it an illusion...?

[C. Action - All Around Mayfield - evening]

[Trucy has been exposed to the carnation! This means that she feels a strong platonic bond for your character. Lucky her, she gets a really awkward first day. She'll just...follow your character around. She's got a bag on her, and she's got a once in a lifetime except not really offer for you!]

Hey! Watch this!

[Yes, she's asking you to watch her do ~magic~. The way she asks is kind, yet, demanding, and makes it seem as if she's familiar with you.]