21 April 2012 @ 04:45 am
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[Phone ; Public]

A lot sure happened last Friday, though a week should be enough for people to calm down again, hm? Despite the ruckus, it couldn't have been all bad. They say walking a mile in someone else's shoes would promote empathy and understanding. Did anyone feel that way after? Or were you more distracted by the nifty powers that someone else's body had? I'd be interested to hear a few accounts, if anyone is willing to spare some free time.

On another note, there goes another wave of new arrivals. Hopefully everyone is settling in well? The cruelties of this town must be common knowledge by now, but do try to keep in mind that it's still a living. A not too bad of one at that, if we disregard the bi-monthly catastrophes. Speaking of which, isn't that growing out of synch? The irregularities tend to alternate between traumatic and playful, each one at a time. It's well been over two months since the last trauma break, and since Valentine's Day, I'd say we've had at least three occurrences that were more prank-like in nature. Maybe that's a sign to stay on guard now, hm?

[But she doesn't sound very worried...]

[Phone ; Filtered to Ryougi Shiki and Kokutou Mikiya]

[She hasn't gotten anything herself earlier this month, but Touko knows regains happened.


Time for her to reap her toll, 8> NOW PICK UP THE PHONE, uhuhuhu...]
13 February 2012 @ 11:36 pm
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Phone; Feb 14th (Filtered from Touko Aozaki).


White chocolates or regular chocolates. Which one is better to give. A third 'dark chocolate' option is also available. I need to pick out a gift and I know many girls have different tastes in treats. It seems customary to give out chocolates in some form, so I wish to abide by that.

Also, what are the best brand of cigarettes sold in this town?

Action; 916 Bilko Front Lawn (Joint with Touko Aozaki/[personal profile] aozaki) Feb 14th

[During the day, Scratch mainly spends his time outside his home. But he isn't alone. He managed to track down a certain puppeterer he is fondly acquainted with and felt the need to spend time with her. So, here he is, sitting down with the red haired woman around a simple patio set he managed to buy and set up on the flat and clean lawn. She's smoking and he's drinking some wine and the two of them are generally speaking about different topics.

If one feels inclined to approach, for whatever purpose, then they are free to do so. After all, they have a very unique understanding about their relationship. It isn't quite love on a romantic level, but on the intellectual level and they are always willing to branch out to speak with others and what not.

[ooc: For the last portion, both will tag unless you specifically ask for one of them. It'll be a split thread, so one thread with Scratch and one with Touko per character.]