30 November 2012 @ 11:43 pm
[Whatever place Yuki had trapped her in finally gave way once the call was given... and now she found herself in what seemed to be Hell. Sasami began to panic as she saw her surroundings, left completely out of the loop. What was going to happen now? Was she going to be left behind? Or, worse, murdered?]

...someone? Anyone? HELP!
28 November 2012 @ 06:07 pm
[Action - 1334 Benny Road - Locked to Hayate]

No... no, stop! Please, no, I don't want to!

[Despite the desperate fighting, Sasami's body is tramping across the floor, her hands gripping onto her staves as she searches the house for something to kill... why? Why a KID?!]

H-Hayate! Hayate, run! PLEASE!

[Action - On the streets, after the first prompt]

[Sasami's done something horrible. The tears streaking down her horrified pink eyes has shown that. Mrs. Johnson's made her do something that she'll never forgive herself for doing... and her body wants her to do MORE of it.]

Please... please run! Please, I beg you! I don't want to do this! I'm so sorry!
12 September 2012 @ 09:17 pm
[Oh, did you really think that, just because everyone's trying to get those items, what's going on in Mayfield's gonna stop? Pfft, nope. Things are still phasing in and out and, from time to time, Sasami's going to take advantage of them, using them as easy shortcuts! Though, sometimes it feels like Mayfield wants to play a bit of Karma Houdini here.

A) Mayfield Elementary - Morning (Action)

[Having arrived near the end of the school year, Sasami really has no connection to the kids here - both drones or real. And coming in at the same time, it feels the same. Either way, she's taken the time to use the glitches to pull pranks on people... except one prank attempt has her arms sticking out of the utility closet and the rest of her on the other side. Wanna find out what's going on?]

B) John Doe Park - Afternoon (Action)

[At this point, Sasami can be seen leaning against a tree. Is she resting from another day at school? Thinking about something?

Nah, Mayfield glitch caught up to her again and her pigtails and skirt are caught in the tree.]

...oh, this is embarrassing! Someone? Can someone help me?! Please?!

C) Near 1334 Bennyy Road - Afternoon (Action)

[Now it seems that Mayfield's now being incredibly cruel and potentially deadly. It seems that the glitch's hit Sasami at the worse possible time and stopped at the same way. When you find her, from her nose up is the only thing exposed, her face with footprints from glitching drones walking over her and her pigtails partially undone by said walking over. She wants to cry out for help, but with her mouth covered, she's now just crying.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:44 am
1) Action: 1334 Benny Street

[For the most part, Sasami was still a little shaken up over the carnival and being trapped in that room, deciding to stay far away from it. Thanks to it, she pretty much missed out on everything else that happened that day. However, waking up the next day and spotting a box outside, her curiosity got the better of her.]

A present? For me?

[Opening it up, there were two things inside. One was a set of her trademark red-beaded hair ties. The second was a card of... herself really. She picked it up and looked at it briefly before the card disappeared, dropping the box as she stepped back in shock.]

...what... what just happened there? [She didn't FEEL any different, but maybe it was just her.]

2) Phone

Um, I got a question - do boxes with items from home come here all the time? Because I just got one and... it's missing a lot of stuff from it. I know it's sounds silly to ask this, but... can't blame me for asking, right?

3) Action

[It taken her a lot of nerve to work up the urge to see about those hair ties. Maybe they were hers. Or maybe it was something the town planned. With a small sigh, she took up one of the ties and watched as it converted into a small staff.]

Oh, wow... it IS mine!

[With a bit of a smile on her face, she began taking a few skilled swings at it, trying to get the feel for it once more. It might not have been long without it, but she was certain she was a little rusty.]
18 June 2012 @ 09:38 pm
1) Action - 1334 Benny Road

[For the most part, things SEEMED normal. Sun was shining, birds were chirping, and as Sasami started to stir from her sleep... she couldn't help but gasp out in surprise. This wasn't the Masaki home - it was far too modern, even for its tastes! The people in her room CERTAINLY wasn't Ayeka, that's for certain. She nearly tripped over herself getting out of bed - she's more used to sleeping on a futon than a bed and the fact that her long, blue hair was loose caught her off-guard.]

What is this place? This isn't home! Tenchi! Ayeka! Ryoko! Anyone?! Where you you? What is this--!

[She let out a gasp as she saw a mirror - she was looking at her reflection. Normally, when she did, she would be seeing a different person. Not this time - it was just her. Even more, the twin triangle marking on her forehead was missing.]

Wh-what is this place? A-Am I...? Am I...?

2) Action - Outside

[She now knew the facts about Mayfield - or at least those that has been spread all over the place. And for the life of her, she just couldn't put a smile on her face. For the most part, she felt empty - something that was a part of her was gone, like it or not. A certain something that gave her a purpose.

For the moment, she was flopped on the sidewalk, busy staring at the road, lost in thought. Wanna go bug the little girl and find out what's going on?]