26 February 2012 @ 06:41 pm
Ah, ah! Hello, everyone! This is Sara Mudou. It's my birthday! It's strange to think I've been in Mayfield for so long. Am I really sixteen years old now? Do we even age here?

Action A. // Grocery Store:
[Sara is wandering through the store, looking for something but not being able to find it. When she spots an employee or fellow shopper who doesn't look like a drone, she'll go right over to them.]

Ah, excuse me! I'm sorry to bother you!

Action B. // Library:
[Sara is wandering through the rows of books, but never quite seems to find what she's looking for. One after another, she slams them shut and crams them back onto the shelf they came from. She's becoming increasingly frustrated.]

Action C. // Random Mayfield sidewalk:
[Sara is walking home when she's randomly accosted by several drone boys. All of them have flowers and gifts for her, and all of them are vying for her attention at once. Sara seems pretty flustered and overwhelmed, but every time she tries to step away, a drone blocks her path. Looks as if she could use some help.]
01 February 2012 @ 09:25 pm
Action A. // Outside the Mayfield Hospital:
[For the second time in less than a week, Sara finds herself laying outside the Mayfield hospital. In the snow. Shivering. It's natural to be cold, of course, given the time of year, but this is different. She feels like an icicle.

A terrified icicle. Her heart isn't pounding, but only because it can't. It's beating as hard as it can though, or trying to, even if that amounts to barely much of a beat at all. She still can't see anything at all, but at least she can hear and feel things now. It felt like years, centuries, that she was trapped in an endless nothingness...

She tries to move, and -- especially given that she still can't see -- her limbs feel almost strangley numb, like they're someone else's, and moving them feels like a chore. But they obey her anyway, though sensing the sudden presence of someone else makes her flinch and clumsily stumble to her feet.]


[She probably looks nearly as frightening to them as they seem to her. Her eyes are large, empty dark voids, and on top of that, her skin is now very pale, almost ghostly.]

Action B. // Mayfield High School:
[At least Sara manage to find the Liepard Grimsley loaned her, or maybe it found her. She's sitting on the steps of the high school and leaning against it while it purrs, stroking it, trying desperately to ease her own fear and shock. She's safe now, right? Right?

She doesn't feel safe. She has to get home somehow. Is home safe? She doesn't know. But it's the only place that might be.]

Action C. // Streets of Mayfield:
[Sara and Liepard can be found making their way towards 918 Bilko Boulevard. Sara is still decent at navigating being blind, but she's clearly jumpy. If addressed, or touched (accidentally or on purpose), she will jump or even squeak.]

[ooc: Just for reference, in case it wasn't obvious in the post, Sara's revival symptoms are:
- Weak pulse and low blood pressure.
- Extremely low body temperature.
- Characters retain a pre-death emotional state: heightened adrenaline levels, fear and anxiety, shock, etc.
- Memory of death; characters will feel as though they were conscious for the entire time they were dead, and were trapped in an empty void for what seemed like an endless amount of time.]
28 January 2012 @ 07:40 pm
[007] [Forward-dated to the morning of the 29th]  
Action A. // Outside the Hospital:

[Still blinded, Sara awakes outside the hospital the morning after her surgery. She can sense her surroundings have changed even without her sight, though -- the chilly outside air is a good tip-off -- and she feels around as she pushes herself up into a standing position.]

Where are we now?

Action B. // Anywhere around Mayfield:

[Since she's blind, Sara is going to wander around Mayfield, not sure where to go. She seems frightened. Early in the day she'll probably be bumping into mailboxes and trashcans, and wandering around in the middle of the street. If you catch her later in the day, she'll have gotten a bit more of a hang of it, in that she's not crashing into things or wandering into the road. But she's still blind and terrified, so her steps are very slow and halting.]

[ooc: Sara is blind! That's not all, though. She's also experiencing hallucinations that cause her to believe everyone she knows is possessed by a demon and will kill her. So if you have any CR at all with her, even if you only spoke once, she will probably freak out and try to run from you. She may even attack you if she feels cornered enough, but she's not very strong and has no weapons available, so her ability to do real damage is slim to none.]
13 January 2012 @ 09:47 pm
[006] [Phone + Action]  
[Sara didn't go to investigate the sound like many of the others did. She didn't think there was anything she could have done or contributed, and Caesar's words about her recklessness when the town became a nuclear wasteland are still with her. However, once she's properly awake and functioning, she realizes with some shocked sadness that Bethany has become a drone. She picks up the phone line to alert the town anyone Bethany may have known, only to overhear an odd conversation...]

[The first thing Sara is going to do is look for Roxas and/or Fenris, to tell them about both what she heard and Bethany.]

Did anyone else hear a weird conversation this morning? A man was talking about "taking care of it"... I can't be the only who heard it, can I?

[Sara has passed out in class. She's asleep at her desk, face buried in her arms.

For anyone who knows her, this is not typical behavior. She's usually very cheery and energetic! If not disrupted, she'll probably keep sleeping. She may suddenly jump up at any appropriately loud noises, though.]

What is it?!

[Hawke, Sara's looking for you. She figures if you haven't found out about Bethany on your own already, she should probably break the news to you. She'll also stop people at random to ask if they've seen a woman matching Hawke's description.]
14 January 2012 @ 12:28 am
1st Code [Action] [Warning for Fate/Extra spoilers in comments!]  
[Action - 505 Ricardo Street]

[Hakuno practically jumps out of bed when the alarms blare out across town. Alarm floods her first... but then, confusion. It seemed like just a second ago that, with adrenaline still pumping through her after the final battle, she had reached out, fingertips an inch away from the the Moon Cell...

... And then she woke up here. But... where was here? Was this some other construction by the Moon Cell?

Only one way to find out! She slid out of bed, exiting the room and looking around. Is this... someone else's house?]

Hello? Is anybody here?

[Action - Outside]

[Some time later, Hakuno is dressed and outside, looking up at the midnight sky, inky-black and dotted with stars.]

Huh... I almost forgot what this looked like... [Her voice doesn't sound wistful or contemplative of anything like that... she's simply stating a fact. She was so used to the strange digital sky surrounding the school, or the harsh artificial sun of the various levels of the arena. But this... this was different.] ... Considering everything, though, I guess that doesn't really mean much.