16 April 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Visit to 1490 Kramden; Backdated to Friday Bodyswap  
[Action, open to 1490 Kramden residents]

With all things taken care of, the results should be in-- Roxanne's starting to feel confident this is just a bug, a hitch in the health, but being sure will put her completely at ease. She wants to be 100% sure--

--and the invitiation to come by the house on Kramden is always open. Ilsa's been so good to her here. So she comes by and rings the bell, waiting to see who answers.
28 March 2012 @ 11:58 am
Phone / House Action  

....ways to settle an upset stomach, please? I've tried ginger ale and crackers. Can't seem to hold anything down.

Action: 1448 Mitchell Road; family or visitors welcome!

[Roxanne had come home -- though she'd been doing some travel between her home and the Spengler 'family' domicile; Ilsa had been a huge help in her 'time of need' but the fear of being droned was always there, kept her in her 'real' household at least one night in three, to keep from being taken and made... wrong.]

[But when she got sick -- or, rather, she got symptoms while staying with Ilsa, they began to worry and wonder. That worry and wonder hasn't really helped calm her stomach at all, but it has gotten her to stop traveling between the two houses for now. For now? She's just come from the bathroom after losing what was left of her lunch, and found the couch to curl up on, one arm thrown over her head.]

[Everything feels like crap and she'd just like to die-- or at least, have an answer to 'is it the flu' or 'is it something entirely different that begins with P and ends in regnancy'. Soon, though-- soon. She knows Ilsa's got a solution for her that doesn't involve going to one of the 'doctors' in Mayfield -- she just wasn't thrilled about that, after having had wings grafted to her the last time she saw a 'doctor'.]

08 March 2012 @ 10:50 pm
Phone Post; filtered from Megamind  
[Not long after Megamind's tied up the line with ranting and raving, Roxanne sneaks onto the phone herself, and makes sure he's not going to pick the call up from another point in the house.]

[That means this call is pretty low-voiced, almost whispered, as she's-- trying to keep him out of this.]

I'm sorry-- uh, for earlier. Megamind's -- having a hard time after a particularly... upsetting package in the mail. [HER FAULT. Oh the guilt.] Please-- he's harmless. Entirely. I promise. He's-- never hurt me, in all these years of insanity.

Just please-- don't bait him, don't -- don't engage him while he's like this. If he doesn't get a good challenge, he might come to his senses.

[...she can hope.]

14 February 2012 @ 12:27 pm
Moving Out...  
ACTION: 1448 Mitchell (Closed to Megamind)

[Roxanne woke in a bed. This was pretty strange, as she -- tried not to share a bed with Endiku. It just felt weird-- and the couch was comfortable enough. Working on mockups of the paper late into the night, she often fell asleep in the comfiest of chairs anyway -- and managing the bed and the stairs while she had those huge moth wings (which since dropped off, though a pale green tinge to her skin is all that remains of her terrible surgery) had been a pain, so staying downstairs was the best ideas for the last week especially.]

[But she wakes up in a bed this morning, and is pretty bewildered for it. However, she realizes she recognizes this room. This isn't 'her' bedroom at the Shamhat house, no; this is... Megamind's?]

[Sitting up, she scans the room; she's been here before, on a few occasions. But there's a photo, of her errant villain-turned-lover, and her, together, on the nightstand, she knows that used to star Amy Pond, his not-wife... So that meant the sleeping body in the bed with her-- with the touseled black hair was... now her husband as far as Mayfield was concerned?]

[Yeah, things just got really weird.]

ACTION: 1448 Mitchell

[After dealing with the new set up, cleaning up and getting dressed, she headed downstairs to start breakfast. Last she'd be aware, Megamind's kids were drones, but they still needed to be fed, and she was still a housewife. She'd have to check to see where her gear ended up.]

[So she gets breakfast started, checks the mail -- and finds a package with her name on it. Well, then. A reward for enduring being a giant bug for a few days, huh? She tears it open, and finds her old Metro City press pass; it brings a smile to her face, and she leaves it on the table for a moment while she goes about finishing up breakfast before the kids get up.]

ACTION: Mitchell Street

[Time to get to know some neighbors, see who else is on Mitchell Street.]

Phone; filtered away from drones.

Looks like Mayfield decided to legitimize my relationship! [little laugh] Good for them I guess. Anyway -- looks like I've moved houses. Sarah, Isla, you want to come over sometime? We're overdue for work on the paper anyway... and since I'm a lot less like a bug and feeling better, we should work on that.

If anyone wants to donate any information they care to share, we'd really appreciate it. Anything you can think of, that people should know about, mysteries and information, warnings and groups, let me know! I was hoping to have this better formed by now, but life always seems to get in the way here in Mayfield...
28 January 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Coming... home? [Forward Dated, Morning, Jan 29]  
Action, by the hospital, 'around town'.

[She staggered out, when the pain was not to the point where she couldn't see straight, and began to stagger toward home. They'd given her clothes that barely managed to be decent while allowing for those massive mothwings to be 'free' -- and so the currently-green and aching Roxanne Ritchi headed toward home.]

[It was a long walk, especially with the pain. She-- could probably use a hand in getting home, maybe.]

Action, home

[Once back home she promptly found the couch, curled up on it and had a long cry-- she hadn't cried like this since the mess in Thanksgiving, but when she could see-- see that she was changig before her very eyes there was really no stopping the tears. It was only a hallucination, but it seemed so real...]

[But eventually she did get up, trying to find her strength, and went for the phone.]

Phone; to Megamind

Megamind? Are you there--?

I-- I'm home.

They took me to a-- a place. I don't know where now. But-- oh, God, Megamind-- they're doing such mad things, trying to fix that machine...
23 January 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Phone / House Action  

Hey-- if anyone's got anything they want to share, we're working on a way to disseminate information that isn't the phone system.

If you're interested, found anything good in the dairy-- come over over to 1248 Williams.

[House Action]

[Roxanne's been--busy going between her place and Megamind's on Mitchell Street, but she's hoping that someone-- anybody-- will come over with information that they can work on for the paper. Anything to get it off the ground, anything to get it moving.]

[She listens for the bell, ever hopeful.]