14 March 2012 @ 08:36 pm
Seven knitted hoods  
[Phone. Locked to those other kids she knows (or doesn't). And the trolls, they too; why, all of them. ]

Under the risk of being highly disappointed, if not terribly lacking in amusement, I would like to know what has been going on through your minds. It's obvious I have been, in a way, focused on other things beyond the current events of Mayfield.

[ A beat. ]

You can spare me of your underdeveloped sense of humor. I think nobody needs that. Or at least not I, not right now.

[Action. Jon Doe's park. After school. Open to all.]

[ Rose is sitting on a bench, slightly slumped, eyes closed. She's not asleep, but perhaps sleepy. A slow day and a boring routine are getting to her. ]