16 January 2012 @ 05:31 pm
take 06 ♪ action/phone  
[A. Action ♪ 1446 Mitchell Road ♪ midnight ♪ Housemates and those nearby]

[Rise had just been trying on her Christmas regain- this lovely little outfit from home. But that alarm and the sudden onset of a splitting headache shock her, causing her to stumble.

The alarm is eerie. The uneasiness it causes doesn't sit well with her at all. It sounds like an air raid, or like a huge weather catastrophe would be coming. She looks out the window first, squinting up at the sky for any sign of danger. Nothing ominous to see with her regular sight.

But there's another sight she has to try. It was finally time for a certain other regain to be more than just security. She makes her way downstairs and out the door. The sound only grows more intense, but that's fine by her. Anything to figure out what's going on.]


[A card appears before her and is followed just as quickly by her lovely Persona, extending her line of sight. To any outside observer, her eyes are shielded, but the Persona's antenna alludes to the truth- she's scanning the area.]

[B. Phone ♪ around 1 AM ♪ open]

[Rise's tone is pleasant, though there's a bit of concern mixed in there. It's a bit too early for Rise to have gotten a look at a calendar, so the alarm is her main concern at the moment.]

Hey guys! Is everyone alright? I'm not sure what going on, but the siren doesn't seem to be much more than annoying. At least, I don't see anything dangerous, and Kanzeon doesn't seem to sense much of anything, either...

[And as Rise trails off, that moment is over, as a calendar catches her eye. There's a bit of a gasp, then a pause as Rise thinks, counts, anything to make this sudden change in date make sense.]

Um. Hey, wasn't it the 13th?