03 February 2012 @ 08:16 pm
fifth ▲ a brother is born for adversity  
[337 Brady Lane; locked to Rin]
[He's given Rin more than enough time to retrieve his sword, so it should be no surprise when he finally comes by to pay the amnesiac boy another visit. It's very early in the morning, the sun not even risen yet, and Rin will, hopefully, be woken by someone tap-tap-tapping on his bedroom window.

Amaimon's hanging upside-down from the gutter, right outside said window. That's not creepy at all, right?
[Uptown & Downtown Mayfield]
[Unsurprisingly, the rest of the day is spent doing wholesome family bonding activities showing Rin how much fun being a demon is! Which comes down to trashing every store front for shits and giggles. Taking what they want, chasing people out of places, terrorizing the drones! With most of the town out of action due to the horrifying surgeries, the masters of the town gone from sight and mind, and the drones being useless to stop them, why the hell shouldn't they?

Amaimon and Rin can be found raising hell quite a few places throughout the morning and afternoon. In particular, flipping all the cars at the used car sales lot or taking over the whole damn candy store so Amaimon can loot it to his utmost delight, but nowhere is truly safe from this rampage!
(ooc: this is a joint post from Amaimon and Rin! They will both be replying! Feel free to pick other places to find them trashing. A second note is that while Rin may not be up to killing people, Amaimon definitely is. Please let us know if you don't want your character harmed in your subject line!)
30 January 2012 @ 07:53 am
Fifth Spark  
†01「Outside Mayfield Hospital: Morning of January 30th」
[Released from the hospital, possessions returned, and external injuries healed: Rin looked fairly well put-together for a still healing patient. After spending a day in the recovery ward of the less than sanitary building Rin had learned that...

Well, he learned that he knew nothing, and that scared him. Rin knew he didn't want to be back inside, but out on the streets he wasn't sure where he was supposed to go. What he was supposed to do, or how he was supposed to figure out what had happened before yesterday.

Hey, you-! [Spoken to any passerby that came close enough to him. There were too many questions he didn't have answers to, but he could at least start with the first few.]

Do you know anything about-well-wherever we are?

[Someone should probably go help him... Since he has no idea that he has a home, and most importantly has no idea where it is.]

†02「Streets of Mayfield-->Grocery Store, afternoon」
[ After being taken home, or wherever: Rin soon found himself a little too antsy and uncertain to stay in one place. So after some time, one way or another, he's left the building and has wandered around Mayfield enough to find himself at the local grocery store.

He isn't exactly looking for anything, but he is going up and down the isles trying to remember if he recognizes any of the foods on the shelves. Unlike every other day, Rin has his tail left out in the open for the world to see as he wanders the store. It's not hard to tell that he seems to be in some sort of pain. He will be squinting his eyes and shying away from anything too bright or loud. After a little while he'll end up grabbing onto the shelf to support himself because of it. Feel free to go up and bother him.

†03「Phone: later in the afternoon」
...How do I even work this thing.

†04「337 Brady Lane」
[He's wandering around inside the home like it's some sort of fun house. Everything is new and nothing makes sense and dear lord does he really have to stay here. Rin's exploration won't last long once he's in the front yard as yet another head ache hits him. He'll try to ignore it at first, and probably will end up looking like he's glaring at whomever walks by.]