06 November 2012 @ 11:04 am
The end is coming!  
[Anyone passing by 947 Beulah will see Rin, sitting on the stage that Yosuke had built for her with her synthesizer - a pretty uncommon instrument for the 50's, but surely one that can be dismissed. She's not acting up. She's just singing and playing a little song for all to hear.]

The Weekend's Coming! )

[Sitting across from her is a drone that she's apparently roped into watching her 'choir practice.' After he listens to the whole thing, he leaves. Rin stands up from her seat and watches him go. After that, she mutters with a painful smile.]

I love you. That will never change... but goodbye. ♪

[and with that she exits the stage as well, walking in the other direction from Len. Or to be specific, walking toward the rest of the town. Her roadroller is gone, and her head is throbbing, but the memory of Zemekis before they were brainwashed, and the memory of Annie speaking in her mind have come back to the surface. Along with that, a promise made that everything would be all right. Rin's finally awake, and it's time to find out who else is. She hopes it's not too late.

Fighting the pain, she sings softly as she tours the town for perhaps the last time.]
26 September 2012 @ 12:01 pm
CV02 is shutting down.  
[ERROR 1: 947 Beulah/Vocaloid Network]

[Rin and Len have been sharing a bed since he arrived. No big deal, they're very close twins after all. Waking up without him isn't too big of a deal either; he's got his paper route that he gets up early for. She's used to it, although it'd be nice to see him in the mornings too, but it's no different than if she was sleeping in.

And so, the first drone that Rin encounters today will be her former brother, new father; Yosuke Hanamura.]

Morning, honey! Sleep well? How's the new school year?

... Wha - school? ♪

[Rin has forgotten to go for a while with all of this plot-relevant stuff she's been attempting and recovering from the blimp adventure. And since when does Yosuke-nii care about that?]

Wait, did you just call me honey?

Are you getting too old for honey? You kids are growing up way too fast. Before you know it, you'll be married to that boyfriend of yours...

[Oh, great. He's droned.]

-- Hell no! ♪

[Yosuke smiles.]

... I'm feeling sick today. I'm not going to go to school. ♪

[and then she runs back upstairs and slams her door to turn on her group headphones communications.]

Len, I'm going over to your house this week. Yosuke-nii's droned, and now that stupid drone boy is going to come back. Everyone, we'll be on Stone Street this week.

... Len? ♪

Leeeeen? Hey, Gakupo! Tell Len to turn his 'phones on! ♪

[ERROR 2: 947 Beulah

[And suddenly Rin learned that she's lost all of her brothers in one fell swoop.

... She's not taking it well. Her door is locked and the lights are off. She's sitting at her computer, the only sound being innumerable mouse clicks and keyboard taps between desperate sobs.]

[ERROR 3: Phone]

[Rin sounds a little more robotic than usual... and more than a little unhinged]

Submitting request for system restore to December 27 2010. CV02 has deleted all backups. Reason provided:

I've HAD it. All these memories are nothing but a bother. I just want to forget everything. I don't need anyone new. Len was enough. He was always enough. Fuck Mayfield. Fuck 'em all. Fuck!

-- System is currently in emergency maintenance mode and awaiting approval from the proper Crypton authorities [CLASSIFIED] For future reference, an error message has been compiled for perusal by relevant parties.
25 July 2012 @ 01:33 pm

[So HEY Vocaloids! You remember how in Hatsune Mix, Rin had wireless communications?

Well, now she has that back. Except, she didn't exactly realize that's what she got, so she's gone through her day with her headphones on as usual. And if you have them, they're turned on and connected to yours! At first it'll be like someone butt-dialed you - nothing but bits of static and rustling around. But since Rin thinks she's alone, eventually you'll hear her idly singing.]

By myself I can, take off my panties, take off my panties, take off my panties all right~

[If you happen to be around the house, she's just doing some laundry. However, you MIGHT be in for a surprise if you open the hall closet: There's a headless robot clown in there. Forgot to mention her other regain.]

[Later, on the Nadesico's wireless network:]

[an image has been posted, accessible by anyone with a computer, phone or etc. that's connected to Ruri's network. Rin wanted to get this out without Lucas knowing, since he was such a stubborn butt about getting other people involved!! (And so is she.) So the internet seemed like a good medium. Anyway, the image is thus, and it comes with a simple message.]


Found this in the other 501. Discuss?

[and that reminds her. Later on, she'll be calling people she met in the Carnival to check up on them.]

Hey, it's Rin. How are you doing? ♪
10 June 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[early morning, Beulah St]

[Rin seems to have caught a cold of some kind while she was out and about. Her skin is flushed, and she occasionally coughs into her forearm. She's trying not to let it get her down, though, so here she is walking out of her house with her dog on a leash.

She gets a ways down the street before she completely falls down on her face. Not moving, not breathing. Her hand is still gripping tightly on the leash though. The dog stands over her, whining with concern and occasionally pulling away as far as he can. Looks like he wants to drag her back home...]

[late afternoon]

[guess what - that thing from before? IT WAS STEP 1 OF RIN JOINING THE UNDEAD. Now that the virus has reactivated her body, she's out for blood in the way she knows best: with her roadroller!

So Mayfield, enjoy the massive yellow machine crushing everything in its path, including you if you're not careful. Occasionally the roadroller's driver screams unintelligible noises - wait was that a WRYYYYYYYYYYN - oh shit!!]
25 May 2012 @ 12:41 am
ah, it's time for a snack ♪  

[So recently, Rin Kagamine was crowned the reigning prom queen. Shortly in the days afterwards (and it is totally not to cover for some new insecurities that may have also sprung up during prom!!), she decided that the sparkly little tiara she brought home is really pretty, a great accessory, and much too cool to wear just for one night.

And also that it'll just be a lot of fun rubbing her and Len's victory in the faces of the other Vocaloids - since none of them bothered to congratulate her, she noticed. What sore losers!

Therefore, she can be seen wearing the little crown with her "cute Rin" outfit, doing regular things. Going to school. Shopping. Walking her dog. Smiling smugly....

Oh god, prom attendees, what have you done?!]


Hey, Mi~ku~nee~ ♪

[Rin's voice is singsongier than usual, if that were possible.]

Didn't see you at prom. I wonder why? Well, guess what - I got more votes than you. Again... and this time I won for real ♪

You didn't think I could do it. But I showed you, didn't I? Without all the favoritism from Crypton, you can't beat me, I'm the best after all! Haaaahahahaahahahaha~

[The answer is simple: you've disrupted the balance. Created a monster. YOU FOOLS.]
14 May 2012 @ 03:57 pm
Rin Kagamine continues campaigning!  

Hellooo, this is Rin Kagamine reminding everyone that Len and I are in the running for the royal prom court! And that now if you stop by the house on Beulah Street, there's a bit of a show going on! So please enjoy~ ♪

[A. Beulah Street]

[Rin's been keeping herself very busy with Prom coming up, but now one of the things she's been doing is finally set up:


That's right. Ruri gave her access to the Nadesico's projectors again, and now holograms of Rin and Len that look like this will be dancing around Beulah Street performing many of their songs and cheerfully reminding you to give Rin and Len Kagamine votes for prom.

After they're turned on, Rin will watch them proudly for a while. Which could easily be interpreted as Rin standing next to a taller Rin. Wellp.]

[B. Around Town]

[Of course, the holograms only cover so much ground, so Rin's gone out with her guitar to play some rock songs. After all, this is America, and rock is the popular genre here so far as she knows. To make things interesting, she's decided to wear her Valkyria 3 costume. Standing outside a building, she begins to play Madder Sky.]

Lyrics )

[Yeah, she picked it cause she wanted to show some depth. Or at least more depth than Miku. ANY ANGLE IS FINE, REALLY...]

[C. Back at Beulah St.]

[After coming back home, Rin finally caves to temptation and uses the holoscreens for a little bit of friendly sabotage. So for a couple minutes, if you're passing by, you'll be treated to a theater-sized, very silly video of Miku, Kaito and Gakupo that she had on her computer:]

Hindrance; video under cut )

[... Don't be too mad, guys. It's free publicity, after all! ♪

And now that that's out of the way.]

[Phone; Filtered to Rarity]

Hi, I'm just checking in about the dress. Do you need me to come over for anything? ♪
23 April 2012 @ 05:16 pm
Kagamines campaign for the crown!!  
[1 - Rin and Len]

[IT'S THE PROM AGAIN! Rin remembers last year's fondly; especially the part where she got more votes for Queen than Miku. Therefore, she's enthusiastically going forward with another campaign. This year's strategy combines more printed fan art from her computer regains with clever taglines and placement all around the school! You, the students, can check out these posters:]

In the Music Room!
In the Home Ec Room!
In the Gym!
In the Chemistry Room!
In the Biology Room!
In the Art Room!
In the Cafeteria!

[ANY QUESTIONS? Well, Rin and Len are both hanging up her posters together! Why not chat them up while they're at it?]

[2 - Rin]

[ That was a lot of work! Rin takes a breather in the cafeteria with an orange juice and some lunch. And she's all alone... the perfect chance to talk to her about anything you could possibly want to talk about.]

[3 - Len]

[Len has no idea what this prom thing is, really, but it sounds like fun. And, of course, like a great opportunity to further the ~GLORY OF KAGAMINE~. So whether or not you know him, whether or not you've encountered his sister in the halls or in class today, you now have +1 Kagamine at your side who is really interested in whatever you're doing.]

♪ Hey~ What's up?

[4 - Both]

[After school, Rin and Len rush out of class to perform outside the school. Len has his keytar, Rin has a spare microphone, and they both have a fire in their belly! Together, they wave over as many students and passersby as possible, and Rin calls out,]

Come this way~! Now, we're going to sing for you! We are Kagamination! ♪

[and soon enough, they start playing and singing... doing anything to get attention!]

Song: Bonus Stage )

[when it's done, they take their bows.]

♪ That was Bonus Stage, and we are Rin and Len Kagamine! If you liked it, you should vote for us at Prom! Thank you, everyone! ♪

[Now, who wants an encore performance?]

((OOC: SO TO CLARIFY, Options 1 and 4 are joint tags, Option 2 is for Rin tags, Option 3 is for Len tags! Happy tagging! ))
13 April 2012 @ 11:39 am
[Freaky Friday] responses will be from [personal profile] kagamineigh  
[A; 337 Brady]

[Rin wakes up with grass under her belly and a doghouse roof over her head.]

Wow, what happened last night? Len? Where are we? ... Len? ♪

[Rin looks around... and finally, down at her hooves.]


[she instinctively starts to rear, and ends up bumping her head on the doghouse.]

Oww... ♪

[B; Anywhere]

[Now that she's done freaking out, Rin has decided there's nothing else she can do other than go about her day as a pony. For that, the first thing she needs to do is go home, but she's still not used to four legs. That means she is going to fall on her face. A lot. Like she did just now! Oww, that was quite a faceplant, but Applejack's body is strong, so at least she recovers quickly. Well, her body does, anyway. Her pride, not so much. Yeah, she is totally stomping the ground with her hooves.]

Ugggh! Damn it!! ♪

[C; 947 Beulah; for housemates, 'housemates', or Applejack]

[Rin made it!! And she is now knocking on the door of her house. With her hoof. She's hoping her housemates will be here and she can get her ribbon back. She is not expecting to potentially run into herself or other body switches.]

[D; Anywhere]

[After hitting up her house, Rin has retrieved her hairbows. All of them, because Applejack has long hair and she wants to be the prettiest pony ever. There is a bow on top of her head, the bottom of her ponytail, and on her tail too! And she's even wearing Rin's leg speakers on her haunches. She's gotten used to walking like this, so now she is prancing around blaring music like a true Ponyloid.]
17 March 2012 @ 11:01 am
[Today, Rin Kagamine is blissfully unawares of St. Patrick's Day. After all, she has a TOTALLY AWESOME CONCERT to prepare for, and that's what she's spending her Saturday doing.

However, Larval Rin is a different story. In her feral wanderings, word of the festivities has reached her ears. The wrong word, as you will soon see.

While the members of the house are all in the backyard, Larval Rin sneaks into the house for a very important burglary....]

[Around town, Saturday]

[HELLO CITIZEN. You are being approached by an ugly Rin monstrosity with only a head and legs... wearing a strange turban and riding a german shepherd. Et tu, Lenlen? But I digress. On closer inspection, Larval Rin's turban is in fact made of layers upon layers of girl's underpants... Rin's last regain to be exact.

Larval Rin grinds her teeth, staring up at you. And then she exclaims.]


[.... are you supposed to take one?!]
14 February 2012 @ 11:24 am
She is not under the effects of any flower yet but feel free to request one in the subject title  
[947 Beulah]

[Happy Valentine's to Rin! She has received a package of cute clothes from her PVs Invasion! and I can take off my panties! Yes, including several pairs of panties. As she holds up a pair of them, she is surprised. Surprised at how long it took her to realize just how gross it was that she was wearing used panties, that is. This is a pretty cool regain in her humble opinion.

Male housemates (and Len) will find that Rin has hand-made some choco for them, totally failed at it, and tried to hastily hide her attempts by distracting them with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates on the table. Len's is legitimately huge, but Yosuke and Teddie got a reasonably expensive box too. Just don't ask about the pot of chocolate-scented ashes in the sink.]

[School + YO HOUSE + Anywhere]

[Rin decided to wear the first outfit from "panties", as well as one of the pairs of panties. With purple contact lens in her eyes and her hair in cute little ponytails, she thinks she looks special today! It's time to give out the choco she's been walking around yesterday to buy. She got enough for all of her positive male CR. (Don't worry, Lucas, that still includes you too.) School doesn't seem to be canceled, so she'll start by giving it to teachers and classmates. After that, she'll just try to track people down at their homes or in town. Not male CR? Feel free to meet her on the way. She'll be trying to sing one of her songs. It probably sounds really different as a human though - and possibly, she's stumbled through a lyric or two. It's been a while.]

Sadistic Love )
12 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm
1st Spellcard: Transcendence of Faith "Armed Only With Prayer"  
Action A: 842 Hastings Boulevard; locked to housemates

(Greetings, housemates! You have a new daughter/sister in your home who's understandably worried about her new location and the loss of her powers; unlike typical Mayfield newbies, however, Reimu here has gone and pretty much littered decorated the entire house with paper charms to ward off the evil that brought her here. You just might see her writing up a few more charms or hanging up the finished ones, but she's taking as much of her shrine as she can into this new place.)

Action B: Outside 842 Hastings; Open to all

(With the house now buried protected by charms and seals, Reimu, in an unfortunately gray plaid dress, sits outside her home in a state of meditation and prayer. With her hair bow gone, her long hair flowed with the wind. While she should investigate the area, the lack of her power and even her normal clothes made her feel vulnerable. With her shrine gone (again), the yin-yang orbs missing and the Hakurei border nowhere nearby, Reimu resorted to prayer as her only means of leveling her mind so she could think rationally.

Translation: this is the best time to annoy her and disrupt her with whatever you want. Fellow Touhou girls are more than welcome to taunt greet her and tease comfort her regarding the formerly powerful miko of Hakurei losing everything but her sense of self.
17 January 2012 @ 06:23 pm
[sometime after meeting up with her new-and-humanized twin brother, Rin has managed to sneak out to the post office, wherein she traded in her append and her robot body in order to become human as well. That sure was a short-lived period as an older teen, but what else can she do? She and Len didn't match. They must always match.

So when some heavy packages were delivered to the house, she struggled to get them inside, and then opened them. The first, the reward for trading her append, is a very spiffy yellow and white synthesizer. The second, the reward for trading in her normal robot body, is....

Getting punted off the front steps.]

Get lost, creep!! ♪

[Once it's bounced off the sidewalk a bit, you can see that it is... some kind of mutant Rin thing with nothing but a head and legs. Rin slams the door on it. She doesn't want it, but she doesn't want to return it either, so what else can she do? Meanwhile, Larval Rin continues to stand on the sidewalk, staring at the door and mouthbreathing.

...It's really disturbing now, but at least it'll evolve at level 14!]