02 February 2012 @ 12:48 am
third pounce  
[Today, very close to the factory, you may encounter a mummy in Mayfield. A mummy with cat ears and a tail, which has also been thoughtfully wrapped. The mummy is holding what seems to be a beating heart in a jar, and keeps looking from it to the factory. There are more organs sitting on a gurney inside, all pulsing like the heart, but Orin could only manage to bring one jar with her. Without help, there's no way she'll be able to carry every single internal organ in her body.

And so, she is at a loss. The first time, she tried to leave without her organs. She didn't get very far before her head began to empty, her posture began to worsen, and her arms began to rise. At some point, she found herself turned around after shuffling aimlessly for a few minutes, and the closer she got to the factory, the better she got.

She decided, then, to bring her heart with her. The heart is the core of the body, after all; it and the brain are the most essential in terms of life and death, and maybe that's what was causing the problem.

But as soon as she left, she could feel her thoughts dimming, and all she could do was go back. So now she paces outside the factory, looking back inside, unsure of what to do. She could try pushing the organs along with her feet as she walked, but that could break the jars, and she doesn't know what would happen if the jars broke. There's no way she can carry them all by herself. Orin has found herself between a rock and a hard place, unable to leave the factory unless someone comes to her assistance.

So all she can do is stand just outside the factory and wait. And if someone does happen to get within earshot, Orin will force the fabric around her mouth apart and yell:]

Heeeey! You! I got a favor to ask!
25 January 2012 @ 09:04 pm
second pounce  
[Even Orin knows when not to say too much. And now is definitely one of those times. People are panicking, and people are dying.


Orin has not died in Mayfield. She has no Mayfield-induced injuries thus far. And as one of the healthy - as one of those that are unaffected by this change - shouldn't she offer her services to anyone who wants them?

Services such as hers are usually ill-received by humans. There isn't even a fire here to throw them into. Not yet, anyway. If anyone chooses to accept her offer, she supposes she'll have to start one. It won't be about running Hell this time.

It'll be about giving the dead the rest they deserve.]

Hey! Most of ya probably don't know me, seein' as I spend mosta my days hidin' in plain sight, so to speak. The name's Rin, but my friends call me Orin, so you might as well go with that!

Might as well get to the point, so here goes! One of the jobs I had back home was to carry the dead. So...if you're dyin', or if you've got someone you want carried, I can do that for ya. I can give 'em a cremation, too, if ya want. S'how we handle things where I'm from. Normally I don't bother askin' permission, but I figure this is a special case, yeah?

[Her voice is cheery and nonchalant, as though she's not affected by any of this at all. What good would it do to panic? It's just gone back to being death as usual.]