03 June 2012 @ 11:23 pm
029: And you may ask yourself... well, how did I get here?  
A: Phone:

Guys. Guys! You are not gonna believe this, but I've got psychic powers! Oh, man, this is so cool. Now I can be a superhero! Or, or even better, a Psychonaut! Just like in my comic books!

[There's a pause, and then it sounds like Raz has stepped away from the phone.]

DUDE! I can levitate stuff!! Just by THINKING about it! I-


Oh. Uh. I gotta clean this up real fast. [click.]

B: All around town:

[After Raz cleaned up the lamp he broke at home, he ventures into town to try out his NEWFOUND PSYCHIC ABILITIES that he's had the entire time he just can't remember that. Of course, not remembering that you have psychic abilities means not remembering how to use them, so things are randomly exploding or hovering in the air as he walks by. He's kinda hard to miss. Bother him?]

((OOC NOTE: Info on Raz's AU is here. TL;DR: Raz came from an AU where he was born without psychic powers.))
14 April 2012 @ 12:37 am
028: Veni, veni, venias, ne me mori facias, RAZIROTH!  
A: Action: 946 Beulah Street:
[Today, Raz is a MAN. As in, he woke up as A man. He first realized that this was not his assigned house in Mayfield, because none of his stuff was there. When he got out of bed and wandered into the hallway, he noticed that everything seemed smaller than usual. Did he magically age overnight? Again? He had to if all of his hair suddenly turned gray, right?

He did a doubletake when he caught a glimpse of not!himself in a mirror.






Residents of 946 Beulah Street may find "Sephiroth" flexing and admiring himself in the mirror in the bathroom! occasionally he may flip his gorgeous, flowing, silver locks.

B: phone:
[If Raziroth is in someone else's body, then obviously someone has HIS body. He should... probably figure out who that is. He picks up the receiver and clears "his" throat. He's not sure how exactly he should talk, what with a completely different set of vocal chords than he's used to, but gosh darn it, he's gonna give it a shot.]

GREETINGS, MAYFIELD! Shoot, that was really loud, uh... hi. I'm looking for a boy named Raz! He's about four feet high and looks about elementary school age. Lives at 339 Brady Lane? You know, kid with the goggles? Anyone? Uh, he also has psychic powers. Oh, speaking of which! If you see Raz today, be sure to tell him not to think too hard about fire. Yeah. Uh, okay, that's all.

[Raz realizes almost too late that a grown man looking for a little boy and giving a detailed physical description may seem a little weird. Oops.]
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03 April 2012 @ 10:48 pm
027: Be a master trickster (...not)  
[A: Action for any of Raz's prank targets (Ambrosia, Schrodinger, Crowley, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Naruto):

Raz is not fond of having to play along with Mayfield, but this almost seems... fun? Harmless? At least, he's going to try and make it be fun and harmless. Armed with the most juvenile knowledge of pranks and pranking, he is out stalking his targets, waiting for the prime opportunity to strike!

...He's really bad at this, you can spot him any time you like.]

[B: Action for everybody else:

Raz is taking a break from being a PRANK MASTER. It's hard work, you know. And as such, he's let his guard down. Anyone who has him on their list, or anyone who's looking to pull an April Fool's joke, feel free to pounce.]
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