12 June 2012 @ 11:45 am
19th Dress  
[Action; 7135 Brooks; outside]

[There's a bit of a belated package arriving today for Rarity.  Of course, never having gotten back anything terribly debilitating or depressing yet, she gently unwraps it right away to see what's inside.  A small photograph of her live-in dress shop in Ponyville, Carousel Boutique, floats up out of the package propelled by her magic before disappearing in a flash.  At the same time, behind Rarity, there is now a large circus tent top situated on top of the Kadoya household, forming a new top floor to the structure.  Surprised, she whirls around and silently regards the new addition to the house for a moment before breaking into a smile.]

My goodness, what a generous offering!  I wonder what I did to deserve something like this!

[Action; 7135 Brooks; inside]

[Housemates will notice Rarity busybodying around the house all day long, moving things from the small spare bedroom she's been afforded to sleep and work in up until now and floating them upstairs to the house's new third story.  There's much more space up there, after all, and it's much closer to the sort of lodgings she's used to.  She'll be in and out and back and forth all day, periodically leaving the house to come back with curtains and small pieces of furniture and all sorts of things.]

Oh, so much to do!  Busy busy busy!
29 April 2012 @ 10:55 pm
18th Dress - forward dated to Monday morning  
[Action; 7135 Brooks]

[Well, Rarity certainly wasn't expecting to wake up in a doghouse again.  And certainly not a doghouse full of all of her fabric and assorted sewing supplies, with her fainting couch sitting just outside in the middle of the yard.  After the initial and completely expected shrieking about having spent the night lying in the dirt like some sort of common animal, Rarity trots on out of there and sets about investigating what's going on.  Which of course means heading up to the house, knocking demurely with her hoof, and waiting for the residents to answer.]

Hello?  Is anypony home?


[Later, once she's figured out what's going on and moved all of her things into the house, Rarity takes to the phones.  She'll need to inform her friends and customers of her new location, which is all for the best anyway considering she's been walking on eggshells around Johan ever since Nina's droning.]

Good morning, Mayfield.  It is I, Rarity.  For entirely welcome but completely unknown reasons, Mayfield seems to have moved me into a different house.  From now on, I'll be living at the Kadoya household at 7135 Brooks Street.  This will also be the new location of my clothing shop, so anypony wishing to request commissions can find me at the new address.

And speaking of commissions, I've heard prom season is right around the corner!  I can only assume all of you will need appropriate formal wear for this grand gala event, so please look no further than Carousel Boutique's new location!  I'll be taking any and all requests up until the date of the dance itself, so please don't be shy.  I can accommodate any style preference, and I guarantee you will look absolutely fabulous!

Well then, that's all for now.  I've got a lot of work to do setting up my new workroom, but please feel free to stop by.  Ta-ta!
24 April 2012 @ 05:48 pm
Ruri's Teaching Logs  
[Action] High School

[Ruri has set last year's Prom King in Mayfield High's trophy case, yes, the Inanimate Carbon Rod is sitting there with a sign saying "Vote for me for prom king!" She's sitting in her office across the hall with the door open filling her bowl with peanut butter cups and preparing for another long day of being guidance counselor or playing video games. Same thing really in Mayfield.]

[Action 2] (Guest starring Naoto, may be tagged by either of them) Downtown Mayfield

[No one knows what she said, but she called Naoto and said something and then the two were downtown looking for Prom dresses. They're not shopping in the classic sense, but they will be at the florist and other downtown shops. Feel free to bug them.]

[Action 3] (Locked to Rarity and Naoto)

[Ruri has ended up dragging Naoto to Rarity's boutique to find a dress. It finally came to her that if you want a job done right, find an artist to do so.]

[Action 4] 947 Beulah

[Ruri is sitting outside of her home after the long day, she's got a few screens open and has a movie on one, a video game on another and a book on the third but only seems somewhat distracted by them.]
22 April 2012 @ 09:59 am
17th Dress  

[Somepony is clearly not pleased about the current turn of events, and she's going to let the entire town know about it.  Rarity's close CR may notice that she has not been outside her house at all since the poison joke effects started to appear.]

Poison joke.  Charming.  Which of you ponies is responsible for this?

[There's a deep and irritated sigh.]

No.  No, that doesn't matter right now.  The more important question is - does anypony remember the ingredients to the antidote?  I needn't remind you all that it was Zecora who remedied this little problem for us the last time.  Furthermore, do the plants she used even exist in Mayfield?


In completely unrelated matters, would anypony be willing to run a few errands for me today?  I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

13 April 2012 @ 03:59 pm
16th Dress  
Action for Applejack in Rin's body )

[Phone; filtered from drones]

[There's the sound of a telephone being picked up and clattering to the floor several times before Rarity gets a proper handle on how grabbing and holding things with human hands and fingers works.  A voice sounding very much like a certain male Vocaloid twin comes over the line after clearing his throat.]

This is so embarrassing...

Ah, hello.  This is Rarity, difficult as that may be to believe.  Would anypony care to explain what in the name of Equestria is going on in this town today?  I've woken up in a body that is decidedly not my own.  I can only assume that somepony has similarly found themselves in my own body in return, and I should very much like to speak with whoever that may happen to be.  And please, for the love of harmony, don't touch anything in my studio!

[Action; around Mayfield]

[Well, since it looks like this is going to last as long as the town wants it to, Rarity's decided to make the best of things.  She couldn't find any acceptable clothing in Len's closet, but thankfully Rin had no shortage of cute outfits in her own.  And since they're twins anyway, their body types are similar enough that Rarity's managed to make it work.  So in what is perhaps one of the most confusing displays today, there is a figure happily strolling through the streets of Mayfield who looks like Rin Kagamine, in the body of Len Kagamine, with the mind of Rarity.  Have fun puzzling that one out, folks.]

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25 March 2012 @ 12:38 pm
15th Dress  
Happy spring, everypony!  I must say, it's actually rather relaxing not having to worry about Winter Wrap-Up.  Not to praise Mayfield, of course, but it's always such a hassle handling the changing of seasons ourselves back home in Equestria.  I'll admit it was a rather jarring change of pace at first - I mean, really, seasons that change on their own? - but I think I'm finally getting used to it.

And on the subject of relaxing... isn't it simply outrageous that there's no day spa facilities in Mayfield?  Surely at least some of you girls must feel the same way as I do about this.  Where's a filly to go when she feels like spending an afternoon pampering herself a little?  Oh, what I wouldn't give for a nice soothing mud bath and a cucumber face mask right now, while somepony grooms my elegant mane...


Ah, excuse me.  Just thinking out loud!
08 February 2012 @ 10:21 pm
14th Dress  

Ah... hello.  This is Rarity.  I was hoping to acquire the services of a healer.  Preferably one of the magical variety.  Nothing terribly serious, just... something left over from last week that I'd like to have taken care of sooner rather than later.  I can offer reasonable compensation if you happen to require such.  Please call me back if you're interested.

26 January 2012 @ 04:59 pm
13th Dress  
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...Is everypony all right? I heard about what happened at the dairy, and it sounds like we'll have to be more careful than ever.

[There's a sharp 'HURK' noise at this point in Rarity's call - the sound of an unexpected wince.]

W-well, I should be getting back to the studio now. A designer's work is never done!

[She hastily hangs up the phone.]

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