07 May 2012 @ 03:59 pm
Third Rose: Just an ordinary day  
[Flower Shop]

[As usual, Aya is there, although he seems to be writing in a small notebook at the register. His face holds a look of concentration as he scribbles. Priorities; he has them.]


[One may find Aya looking around for something here. In bushes, up a tree, under benches. His search seems intense, nonetheless. He picks up a stick, examines it, and tosses it aside before starting his search again.]


The flower shop will be selling flowers and corsages in time for prom. Discounts are available for buying more than two orders.
09 April 2012 @ 03:01 pm
Pranking! [Way backdated to April 2nd]  
[Prank:] For Mao [profile] oathofademon

[Aya carefully sets down a pot of flowers, just enough so that the pot has enough room for the hose hidden inside of it, and so that it didn't fall off the step. He rings the doorbell before bolting to the side of the house, where the pipe to turn on the hose is located. He turns the knob, but holds onto the hose to prevent the water from gushing out just yet.]


[There seems to be a sale on toilet paper, so Aya is stocking up on them, since the entire house was void of it thanks tot he last prank on him.]

[849 Goldberg]

[The door opens, but only partially. A foot kicks it open gently so that he could step through. His arms are full of toilet paper and paper towels.]
02 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
The Prankpire Lurks  
[Nyanpire didn't really get the survey he had to fill out. And he didn't really get the message he received in the mail. But hey, he didn't usually get mail, and if he was getting mail, then it was probably important that he do what the mail said. Pranks? Tricks! He could play tricks! He could be sneaky-sneaky and play lots of tricks....]

Locked to Netherlands )

Locked to Yamame )

Locked to Ran Fujimiya )

Locked to Thrall )

Locked to Panty )

After the pranking, 1649 Albright Lane

[Pranking is hard work. Nyanpire is half-asleep on the front porch, stretched out and basking in the sunshine. Maybe... maybe he'll play more pranks on his friends when he's all rested up...]
09 March 2012 @ 05:45 pm
First Rose: This isn't Hell at all...  
[ACTION] Outside 849 Goldberg Street

[After waking up in an unfamiliar bed, Aya decides to explore around this strange house. Which had all his pictures inside. They are terrible pictures. His tour leads him outside, seeing the green grass, the warm weather.]

[Aya finds it all suspicious.]

[Dressed rather nicely according to the era, the clothes are too confining however, so Aya loosens the tie and removes the Jacket and hat before sighing.]

Didn't think I'd be given paradise…


[Aya picks up the receiver, but realizes that he doesn't know whom to call. He begins talking to himself in English, not having put down the receiver.]

Well, this is obviously America, but… [He trails off, beginning to mutter in Japanese.] Who could I call...