21 May 2012 @ 09:11 pm
[1st Change] The Queen at Her New Residence  
[Action - The backyard of 729 Anderson]

[The Queen awoke in a strange and confining place. The odd structure she found herself in wasn't even big enough for her to stand up. Already angry and frustrated from her recent defeat, it didn't take her long to kick and smash her way out of the doghouse. When she was done with it, there was nothing left but a pile of splintered lumber.

Now that she was free, she became increasingly aware of several disturbing developments. First and foremost, she was missing her magnificent horn, her glorious wings, and all her lovely holes, not to mention her royal crown and several other minor things. Secondly, she had no idea where she was, this land was unfamiliar to her, even though she was well-traveled. And finally, none of her subjects were anywhere to be found.

She guessed that that blasted spell of the Princess and her husband-to-be was what caused all her current problems. They, and the rest of Equestria, would pay for what they had done to her. The ponies had gone above and beyond to humiliate her, losing to them had been bad enough, but turning her into a common mare without her minions was exceedingly infuriating.

Chrysalis stalks off through the backyard, she had to start somewhere in finding her Changeling army and returning with them to Canterlot.]

[Action - Throughout Mayfield]

[Queen Chrysalis prowls her way through backyards and past houses. She tends to be sticking to the shadows, but walks proudly in the sun if she must. Even though she looks like nothing more than a black horse or a very tall pony, she still carries herself royally.

However regal she may be walking, her eyes are narrowed and it's probably very obvious that she is quite unhappy with her situation.]
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