30 November 2012 @ 11:36 pm
The Final Dream  

[You didn't have to tell Nozomi twice to get moving! Things are going to hell in a handbasket and Nozomi wasn't going to stay and let it get this way! Still as Cure Dream, she ripped open the closet door and picked up the still tied up Hayate.]

Don't worry, I'm getting you out of here, too... just... try not to kill me if you're still trying to.

[And making sure Rin was with them, Nozomi began racing for the highway, leaping and bounding over the arriving hazmats, making sure to avoid them.]
11 September 2012 @ 08:07 pm
7th Dream  
A) Location: Greased Lightning, backdated to Day 3 of event

[The last minute on the other side of the portal was almost a blur for Nozomi - fighting the faceless drones, trying to reach the portal, Rin trying to toss her and Shoutarou through the portal, only for her to throw Rin instead, then follow right behind...

Everything else was just blank. Slowly, Nozomi started to wake up, laying on the ground. Her body ached from the fighting and the only thing that told her that she went through that hell was the bumps and bruises on her body... oh, and her left leg seemed to be burnt, too.

...and there's also the jewelry box by her side.]

Did... did we... make it?

3) Phone

Ah, everyone! I found another object on that blimp! I think it was one of the things that person wanted us to get - it's a jewelry box! But... why would anyone want a jewelry box to help remember? Seems so odd... but, I hope it works! It has to work!

...was anyone else there able to get out, too?

Also, um... anyone know of someone who can handle burns? I, uh... kinda got caught in the explosion...
02 April 2012 @ 06:18 pm
6th Dream  
[Outside - directed at [personal profile] crosseyed, [personal profile] pompokolin, [personal profile] kingofhero, [personal profile] kingofshadows and (if he can reply to my PM) [personal profile] questionauthority, though anyone can partake on the fun!]

[The was probably the strangest thing she'd ever gotten. First the odd census (which she wasn't happy about because the stupid city now knew she was a Pretty Cure and could probably spread it across the town) and then the note about some pranking contest. Which she didn't answer the question to because she swore it wasn't there.

Nonetheless, she decided to make the best of it - she was given a whoopie cushion and a roll of saran wrap and she was determined to make the best of it!

A conveniently-placed lamppost and tree made the perfect spot for hiding a saran wrap trap, wrapping both sides of the post and tree with the wrap itself being stretched from one end to the other. In her mind, it was the perfect gag. Or perfect in her mind - she's not the kind to gag anyone.

Hiding in a bush, she waited to see who'd run into it. Hopefully it would be one of the people she got on her list!]
13 February 2012 @ 11:01 pm
5th Dream  
[Action - Anywhere in Mayfield]

[It had been a very odd morning, what with Rin telling her upfront that she liked her that way. She still felt awkward about it - she didn't feel that way about her at all! Why was she acting like that? As she walked on, she ended up passing by a bunch of carnations, catching the sweet scent as she does. It takes her awhile, but when she notices someone, she blinks and grins. She may not have meet the person (or she may have), but they feel so familiar to her.]

Ahh, hi! It's been so long! How have you been?

(OoC: Mind giving me a hand? Nozomi's been affected by the carnation and now she thinks your character's someone close to her! Just mention who she should think your character should be in the header!]
05 February 2012 @ 07:32 pm
4th Dream  
[Location: Anywhere]

[Now, truth-be-told, Nozomi isn't one to do something destructive on purpose. Quite the contrary, if she's destructive, it's because that's how she is - clumsy and a little scatterbrained. However, things changed with that phone call and Nozomi's now in the same "Save Everyone" mode she takes up once she becomes Cure Dream.

Of course, with the most she can do is just cosplay the hell out of herself, she's doing the best she can wrecking things, using whatever items she can find to cause trouble.

Sure, Coco's gonna flip (along with the rest of the girls), but if this can help bring everyone back to normal and not make her feel useless, she'll do it!]

Aaagh! [She lets a big branch swing at a nearby window, flinching at the shards as they flew.] Well... that's another window down. There's got to be more to break...!