15 March 2012 @ 02:09 pm
002 Pesta Pasta~!  
Action: Locked to Hong Meiling at 340 Brady Lane

[Feli pokes his head around the corner, looking very nervous.]

Ve? Meiling, can I ask you for something? It's not something big, but I thought I'd ask you anyway and you and Patchouli and Koakuma can come along too if you guys want...

Pronto? Buongiorno everyone, this is Feliciano Vargas! Err...if you know me from my home or if you've met me here in Mayfield, than I'd like to invite you to a pasta party at my place, via Brady Lane 340 this coming Friday night at 8pm. There'll be different sorts of pasta, some risotto, and I'll be making tiramisu for dessert! I just want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves, so please come by on that day! Grazie e ci vediamo~!

((OOC: Feli is throwing a pasta party on this coming Friday the 16th of March. Information is in this post. Thanks!!))
07 March 2012 @ 01:32 pm
001 Ciao, sono Feliciano Vargas!  
Action: 340 Brady Lane, Morning

Good morning Brady Lane! It's yet another day in Mayfield, with the birds cheeping, the sun shining, the fresh milk provided by the milkman in bottles at the front door...


...and yet another new resident in the house. Patchouli, Meiling and Koakuma, say hi to the new dad of the house. He's currently running around the place, freaking out and throwing his arms in the air in his panic.

Around Town

There's someone new in town, and he's looking absurdly lost and frightened. When drones address him, all he does is give a frightened yelp and squeak out something that goes along the lines of how he has family in America.


P-p-pronto? Ciao, this is I-i-italia Venezi-zi-ziano. Is, is Germany there? Or my fratello, or M-Mario...?