23 February 2012 @ 10:50 pm
*3; action/phone;  
[on the hill; afternoon; action - backdated to yesterday]

[The first living being that you will see is a sheep. It will approach you if you climb the hill and get to the spot on the top that looks over Mayfield. If you are very observant, you might see someone wearing a green shirt sit leaned against a tree looking into the opposite direction, but the sheep will not let you pass just like that. It won't get agressive unless you are, but it definitely thinks that there is food somewhere on your person, and the food obviously needs to be eaten by a sheep. No matter if there is any actual food or not.]

[phone A]

[Kiwi's voice sounds very muted and almost hopeless. The nation has been keeping away from other people, drones and not-drones alike, for a couple of days, so if you know Kiwi, you might have noticed that something is wrong. Everything is wrong. Australia left, and there... there just is no option for there not being an idiotic neighbour around. That has never happened and will never happen. The nation knows that going over and checking on everyone should be something that wouldn't have to be done through the phone, but-]
...Is Canada still here?

[A pause]

..........Anyone from the Commonwealth?

[at the secondary school; noon; action - forwarddated to tomorrow]

[Kiwi can be seen inspecting the sports facilities. Sometimes the brunet stops to address people to ask them questions about the surroundings, or maybe other things... Kiwi might be approaching YOU right now.

While still a bit subdued, NZ definitely looks a lot better now than yesterday. Which is not perfect, but... who knows how much of it is real?]

Hey, sorry, do you have a moment?

27 January 2012 @ 02:50 pm
*2; phone/action  

Has anyone seen Australia? Known otherwise as Oz, sheepshagger, that guy with the kangaroo - he's too tall for his own good and has brown hair.

Also if you are hurt... [the nation breathes and then continues, voice harder and angry - not at the people, but at the situation] I can either do the basic fix-ups, bandaging and stiching wounds and such, or take care of your suffering if that is what you prefer.

Wy, Canada, Riku, Ozma, Barton,  are you okay?

[Link and Millie can find Kiwi pacing the living room and kitchen while trying to decide on what would be the best way of action now.]



[New Zealand will wander around the town and see if checking up on friends and family is possible. The nation carries a bag with some basic medical supplies, food and tea - too many people forget to properly eat and drink when they worry. Kiwi'll also be looking for those that went missing, Australia in particular but others, too.]


[Kiwi has set up camp on the front lawn of Partridge 750, petting the kangaroo (which is wearing a coat now) and looking up and down the street and back at the house every once in a while. Tea is cooking on a tiny portable stove, and a bag is sitting nearby. Not even dusk and nightfall will deterr the nation from staying here (though Romana or Wy should be able to convince Kiwi to come inside)]

14 January 2012 @ 06:06 pm
*1; action / phone  
[Action for Goldberg 851]

[MAYFIELD. GREETING SOMEONE WHO COMES FROM A BATTLEFIELD THAT SPANS A WHOLE CONTINENT WITH WHAT SOUNDS LIKE AN AIR RAID SIREN IS NOT VERY NICE even though there are none in NZ's place there was ample opportunity to get to know them when visiting England.

the first thing that Kiwi will do is slip out of the bed and... stop. The nation hasn't slept in something that was not at least parts of an uniform in ages, and definitely not this far away from weapon and proper pants. After looking around for a few moments, NZ decides to shut the blinds as firmly as possible so no light will show from the outside, and then turns on the lights in the room, trying to figure out where this is.

Residents of 851 Goldberg Street, you will hear someone rummaging around in one of the children's bedrooms where a drone used to live.]



[There is a pause, and then the nation starts as if there had been no words before. The voice is very tense, but obviously its owner tries to sound calm.]

Listen, mate. If this is some kind of joke, it is a very bad one and should end now. And if it isn't [Kiwi doesn't really believe that that could be the case, but this is definitely not how anyone, and least of all the Germans, treat their POWs so that is not an option either. And... really, it just makes no sense.] Where is this? Whose was that air raid?

...Whoever you are and for whatever reason you brought me here, you will let me go and hand back my belongings now.