15 September 2012 @ 02:00 pm
AC: Don't look in the mirror  
 [Action - Around Town]

Nepeta isn't exactly one for staring at her reflection, so after opening an envelope in the mail this morning and finding it quite empty (she even shook it upside down! Nothing.), she has yet to realize what she's regained. One would think surviving (somehow) a swarm of angry carnival drones would get something a little more worthwhile...

However, as she cheerily grins in the directions of passers-by, people familiar with her will probably find themselves double taking- Nepeta's eyes are a solid white.

[Phone - After the above shenanigans]

[Alright so she's mostly gotten over the shock of her dead eyes (She WAS dead, before coming here, she supposed...)... But more importantly there's so many people gone..!]

Hey!! Where is evurryone? Who's still here..!? [She doesn't like it when you all vanish like this, it's pawsitively horrible..!]
23 June 2012 @ 10:03 pm
AC: hide  

[After the radio message, Nepeta is notably terrified. Mostly because of the way the radio message sounded, to be honest. She couldn't make out most of the words, and in the end it was just confusing and scary and...]

--Filtered to Equius--


Are you there..?


[Nepeta sounds just a little less cheery than usual.]

Did anyone else have a cr33py voice on their radio..??
07 June 2012 @ 03:13 pm
AC: Spurread wonderful news  

Evurryone evurryone guess what!!

[Someone's excited.]

I'm ME again!! I got my horns, and my blood and and YAYYYY!!!


[Action - Mayfield High]

Nepeta was so excited to wake up in her body today that she neglected to do her usual wardrobe altering with the dresses Mayfield provided- because of that, she looks something like this... But that's okay too.

At the moment she's bouncing from hall to hall looking for anyone she knows- maybe someone new too! But most of all-

"Equius!~~~ Equius I have a supurrise fur you!" Because even if she caught him on the phone before, seeing is believing!!

[[ooc - Art in the image belongs to 'alexiadraws' on tumblr, and was made for the blog Kanaya's Beauty Salon; it is not mine, but the art itself is specifically 50s themed sooo... also it's a good blog -cough- ]]
03 May 2012 @ 09:11 pm
AC: Wake up  
[Action -  852 Goldberg]

Waking up after you die is weird. It's also sad... But mostly weird. (Getting over the sad was pretty easy when she found everyone in the Dream Bubbles, though she tried really hard to ignore the dead part!)

This was not a bubble.

Nepeta wakes up to a pastel and near white 'pink' ceiling, in a bed that's just a little more coloured than that. The first thing she does after realizing this is realize everything ELSE however, bolting upright from the bed and looking around with wide eyes.

 Maybe it's just a joke? Some kind of game? Games are fun, though it would have been better to tell her what's going on and and and... 

She doesn't scream. Nope, no screaming..! Just swallowing, looking and...

Hyperventilating. That's apparently an option. Breathing ends up quickening with the more she sees- Human hive shaped toy with human dolls, table with stuffed animals, sunlight-


Nepeta is quickly under the bed regardless of the fact that the sun here isn't going to blind her on the spot, and she's quite entirely under it before she realizes that much as her surroundings are not quite the same she isn't either- Horns gone, clothes are different, everything's different and-

"...Nnm-!" For a moment, there's a huge wave of fear coming over her at all that, despite herself.

Suddenly however, something else comes to mind, and she's climbing out from under the bed with wide eyes. If she's here... Then what about the others? That thought in itself is calming her down quickly, and making her feel a lot less scared and a lot more ready to figure out what's going on. (Which is good, really.)

Residents of the house might see a young teenaged girl with short black hair and green eyes slowly poking her head out the door- or at least hear her call out, with a much steadier voice...

"..Equius?" Pause. And swallow.  "...Terezi?" ...Another pause. "...Hello???" Alright now she looks less afraid and more annoyed really. How'd she get here anyways..!?! (THIS WASN'T FUNNY AT ALL..!!)


[Nepeta doesn't even know if her friends are here or NOT really, so who cares about asking if she can call someone specific. This is a phone, and there's no computers or ANNNNNYTHING here!! and she's not going outside just yet, erk-]


[...Shhhhhh she's never seen this kind of thing before shhhhh...]

Okay, since there's no Trollian here, I R33LLY hope this works, because I don't want to be here all alone..!! [Because how is she supposed to know how every one is doing then??? And she'll miss them all...] So...

So if you're here, say something!!!



Ah well, with luck, they'll at least recognize her voice.]