18 February 2012 @ 10:23 pm
I - [locked to 1449 Mitchell]
[He couldn't exactly say he'd experienced this before. Granted, he'd done a lot of weird things in his short life, but never had he woken up in a place he'd never been before. Nagi's notably weirded out, walking all over the house, almost in a trance. Opening doors, mostly, trying to get a small grasp at where, exactly, he is.]

Hello? Amakawa-sensei? Is this some joke of yours? ...it's really not funny. Kind of unnerving.

[. . . .]

...you can come out, now. Really.

II - [streets, later afternoon]
[Trying not to panic? Really, really trying not to panic. Not working out too well. His attempt at taking a walk to clear his head is resulting in some lost stumbling around pratically hyperventilating. Approach?]

III - [phone]
I think someone told me earlier we weren't supposed to drink the milk, or something. Any reason why? I...don't remember any of the dairy products back home being lethal...this place is weird.