23 April 2012 @ 07:48 pm
† 001  
[ A → Action Inside 752 Partridge ]

[ It's one thing to suddenly wake up in some bed you don't remember sleeping in. It's another thing to wake up in some bed you don't remember sleeping in because you weren't able to. Because once upon a time, you were dead. That would be Milton's situation. The sensation of his lungs expanding just puts him into a panic. Now this is the part where most of you Mayfield boys and girls will find out you have a new make-believe parent.

Your most noticeable sign of receiving a new, fully-sentient parent is how loud a commotion they cause. And while he hasn't gotten used to using his lungs to make a verbal reaction, if you count his loud whimpers, the guy is making speedy progress. But this confrontation doesn't end long when he slams the door behind him and stumbles his way down the stairs touching- feeling his fingertips brush across the texture of the walls. Milton is all rush-rush but with no direction all the while trying to decipher the 'realness' of it all.

There's a workspace in the living room full of documents that perhaps can paint some perspective. It's shame he doesn't consider that there might be others still asleep as he clangs and pangs each small drawers beneath him. ]

[ B → Action Mayfield Elementary; Language Arts Class ]

[ Guess who got the phone call to report to work ASAP?

Don't be scared of the funny looking man who is standing by the side of the classroom door...staring at all of you. Mr. Dammers is a shy fellow. Whether you are walking down the halls down to your own class or you are sitting by your desk, readying your spitballs for the day; I'm sure with the right encouragement, you can get him into the swing of things! ]

[ C → John Doe Park ]

[ What you're looking at here is a man who gone from lost and bewildered into a combination of both with aggravation to top it off. He's staring at a map of Mayfield but why- why? There is no point! All sense of awareness has been thrown out of the window long ago. All of this frustration boils over as he crumples the map and beams it away from his sight.

It would suck if you were the one to be caught in his aimless line of fire. ]