20 August 2012 @ 03:30 pm
tenth note | reACT  
[ACTION, around town]

[Miku doesn't notice all the changes at first. She's a bit too busy keeping her voice in shape and making posters for the band's upcoming auditions (and her birthday!), though she does register it when the lights flicker. Something's up, for certain, but when nothing happens, she pushes it to the back of her mind. She can worry about that later.

It comes straight back to the front of it when, rushing to get the posters up, she runs right through the front door of her house, an armful of posters in hand. And--is that drone walking backwards?

Feel free to greet your friendly and visibly unnerved neighborhood idol as she's putting up audition posters, folks.]


I know everyone's probably seen what's going on already. It's a little scary, but maybe it's nothing? [...yeah, right.] If it isn't, then everyone be careful.

Anyway, does anyone want to be in a band? I'm holding auditions on August 31, at 1332 Benny Road, so if you want in, then come over!

[It...probably goes without saying that Miku will not let anyone touch the position of lead singer. That is hers, thank you very much, but all the others are fair game.]
29 June 2012 @ 10:43 pm
A Pilgrim-age to Finding Happiness  
[There was no time to waste, not a second to lose. Having already missed this opportunity twice before, there was no way that our hero, Scott Pilgrim, would miss out on it for a third time. Like a back draft, Scott came barreling out of the master bedroom in clothing that obviously looked as if it had been plucked from the carpet where it had been thrown.

He rushed down the stairs in a flurry of kicking legs and flailing arms, throwing his front door open without concern for those still resting in their beds as the hinges groaned and the door slammed against its frame. Down the porch, out into the street, and down toward his destination. He ran with the sensation that his lung were going to burst, wishing that he had the grace and talent of Ferris Buellar as he ran through backyards and leaped over fences.

It took him only a matter of a few minutes before he reached the address of 1332 on Benny Road. Lurching forward, his hands grasped the tops of his knees as he bent down to try and catch his breath. He didn't have the time to waste, not now. He sucked in a large gasp, his lungs burning with pain in the chilled morning air. It was not even five past seven in the morning when he approached the front door, raising an exhausted fist to rap against the entrance. He slammed the fist loudly, stopping only for a moment to cover his mouth to cough as he tried to breathe.]

"Mi-GACK! *COUGH COUGH* Mi-Kuuuh~!"

[He continued to pound on the door. He would be certain to apologize to those in the house once he had completed his task. Though he was certain, in the back of his thoughts, that an apology would more than likely not be adequate enough to make up for the lack of sleeping in.]
25 June 2012 @ 05:37 pm
ninth note | Be My Sacrifice  

Ah, hello? I know everyone's heard that message by now. I heard that man--Richard?--say something about someone named Annie, and a carnival. This has something to do with what's in the park right now, right?

Is there anything else that I missed?


[And, because the carnival has pretty much piqued her interest, Miku will be heading towards the park, munching idly on her leek. She's obviously distracted, mulling the radio message and the carnival over, and won't really see anyone until she collides into them. Hopefully you're quick enough to avoid her.]
02 June 2012 @ 11:13 am
eighth note | Symphony  
[ACTION A, 1332 Benny Road]

[She's been in Mayfield for, what, over a year now? Miku has grown rather used to that weird feeling she gets when she wakes up in the morning. Still, though, it's...weirder, this time. She quickly shoves it to the back of her mind and makes her way down the stairs and to the kitchen to make breakfast for the others. The sooner it's out of the way, the sooner she can retreat to the garage to play.

Housemates will be treated to the sight of Miku, who, for once, isn't wearing one of her Project Diva outfits, cooking breakfast. And before you ask, there is a very little amount of leeks today, which should probably tip you off that something is wrong here.]

Ah, hi. [And...okay, that little wave is just weird.]

[ACTION B, school]

[Well, there's only a few days of school left, so she might as well make them count. In between classes, where she takes care not to draw any attention to herself, Miku can be found in the music room, tuning up her guitar and, very occasionally, singing.

You might want to make yourself scarce if you want to listen to the last one.]

[ACTION C, John Doe Park]

[Hey, it's kind of a given that you'll find her there. Sometime after school lets out, Miku and her guitar will be retreating to some remote place in the park to play. If you're lucky, you might stumble on her while she's in the middle of a song, and if you're even luckier--or just close CR--she might even play for you.]

AU information )
25 May 2012 @ 05:21 pm
seventh note | Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness  
[ACTION A, 1332 Benny Road]

[So, yeah. Ever since prom, Miku has been in a rather bad mood. It's bad enough that she's forgotten to lock the closet of her door, which is basically not good.

See, a while ago, she regained this. Yes, folks, that is basically Miku's head with twintail legs and nothing else. She did the sensible thing and locked it in her closet, only very occasionally feeding it. And now you know why she never lets Poland anywhere near it.

Anyway, with the prom upset, she's forgotten to lock it before going out. So, Shiteyanyo is stomping downstairs, long after Miku has gone out.]

[ACTION B, around town]

[Dear Mayfield: There is now a...horrible meme-thing walking down the sidewalk. It bears a resemblance to Miku, yes, but Miku is a pretty singing robot. This is a...thing, yeah.

Anyway, run and hide, or else Shiteyanyo will race up to you and look up at you. With vacant, soulless eyes. If you're unlucky enough, it might even say something. Like, I dunno, "hellooooo?"

And sometimes, if it feels in the mood for it, it'll stomp up to some random house's door and try to kick it down.]


Ah...has anyone seen Shiteyanyo? [Wait, no, not everyone knows what she means.] I mean, has anyone seen something of mine? It looks like my head, only its hair is my legs.

[...wow, that was. Weird.]

Okay, it looks a little like me, but it doesn't have a body. Just a head and legs. If you've seen it, can you tell me where? I have to get it back.

[ACTION C, around town]

[Oh, look, it's the proper Miku running around town this time. Yes, she's looking for the wayward Shiteyanyo. Care to talk to her?]
17 May 2012 @ 11:59 am
sixth note | Packaged  
[So after a rather embarrassing video the other day, Miku has decided to ramp up her efforts to become prom queen. So, yes, there are loads more crudely-drawn posters featuring the words "VOTE MIKU HATSUNE FOR PROM QUEEN" around town. And yes, there's even quite a few of them in school.

As for the girl herself? Well...]

[ACTION, 1332 Benny Road]

[Okay, so she doesn't have any holograms. Nor does she have anything that could possibly help her beat out Rin and Len when it comes to the technology department, save for the fact that she's a robot. But she does have an extensive wardrobe from Project Diva, a guitar, and determination. Lots of it.

She also managed to find a speaker or two while putting up her posters, plus a few boxes that she hopes are sturdy enough to support her.

Anyone passing by 1332 Benny Road now will be treated to the sight of the house decorated in leeks and "VOTE FOR MIKU" posters, with Miku herself outside in the yard, standing on a green box and wearing this outfit, singing the song from the video linked.]

Sound )

[Once she's done, she sits down and starts tuning her guitar, taking a break before she launches into another song. This is the perfect time to come talk with her, clearly, and who knows, you might even get a glass of leek juice and a song out of it.]
25 April 2012 @ 10:03 am
fifth note | World Is Mine  
[Here's a tip: If you ever deal with Miku Hatsune for an extended period of time, at some point you'll find that she's particularly obsessed with winning popularity contests. Especially if the other Vocaloids are competing as well.

And as she's heard that prom is coming up...well. She remembers how Rin managed to get more votes than her some time ago, and is looking forward to correcting that error soon.

What does it mean for all of you? It means that she's ramping up her efforts again, and that you should, possibly, run and hide.]

a lot of prompts under the cut )
14 April 2012 @ 09:22 am
fourth note | Reflect  
[ACTION; 847 Goldberg]

[It's morning, and Miku is steadfastly asleep in her bed. Or, at least, what she thinks is her bed. She rolls over, trying to get comfortable, but just ends up crashing onto the floor instead and waking herself (and probably anyone nearby) up.

And even then, it's a slow process. She pulls herself to a sitting position, rubs the sleep out of her eyes, and yawns, then pauses.

...this is not her room. Come to think of it, she's yawning. Why is she yawning, she doesn't really need to yawn--

She looks down at herself, then, an idea forming in her head, rushes off to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

Hope you like piercing shrieks first thing in the morning, folks. You're getting them, whether you like it or not.]


[Anyone familiar with Caesar Silverberg's voice will find that it sounds distinctly high-pitched and distressed today, as if the speaker isn't quite used to sounding so human. And, well, despite having some experience in that department, Miku isn't very used to it. She's also not used to sounding, well, like a boy.]

Ah, hello? [Oh dear god she even sounds different whyyy.] This is Miku. Um, does anyone know what happened? I just woke up in someone else's room and I'm human again and it's really weird. A-And I don't even have any leeks!

[Clearly that is the most important part.]

Poland-san? Everyone? Are you all okay?

[ACTION, Benny Road]

[Hey, look, everyone, there's a young man (actually a young girl in the body of a young man, but you know what I mean) walking rather fast. Miku's decided, after the shock's started to wear off, that what she really needs right now is a leek to chew on. And thus, she's going to go to her house first to get them.

Once she reaches the house, she marches up to the door and...pauses. Should she knock? She's in a different body, after all. But even if she's not herself right now, this is still her house!

So, residents of 1332 Benny Road, someone is barging in and rushing straight for the...kitchen?]

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14 February 2012 @ 06:52 pm
third note | Freely Tomorrow  
[ACTION, back-dated to Feb. 13, locked to Millie ([personal profile] bridesearches)]

[Miku is strolling along this neighborhood today, for some reason. Up until now, she hasn't been really affected by the flowers all that much, nor does she even know that there's something going down. While she is a bit wary, it's not enough to stop her from deciding to stop and smell the roses. It's not like anything bad's going to happen when she does that, after all.

And...well, it's Valentine's Day, one day from now. It makes her both sad and happy at the same time, as she crosses the street to pluck a rose from a nearby bush. She's happy because...well, it's going to be Valentine's Day soon, and what kind of person wouldn't be? Yes, even when they're, for all intents and purposes, a single singing robot. But at the same time, she's sad, because a certain someone isn't here to spend the holiday with her.

She closes her eyes, breathes in the scent, and opens them again.]

[PHONE, Feb. 14]

Ah, hi, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day.

[Strange, Miku sounds...chipper. Yes, she usually sounds chipper, but today, it's a different kind of chipper. It's the chipper tone of someone who has fallen head over heels in love.]

You know, I know a lot of love songs. If you want to hear one, come on over to 1332 Benny Road, I'll sing one just for you and somebody you like! I'll even make leek juice for you, too.

Hmm...oh, yeah. I'll give you all a sneak peek! [Uh, oh.]

when i get home my wife always pretends to be dead )

So, how was it? There's more where that came from! Like I said before, come to 1332 Benny Road. I'll sing for you and whoever else you bring along.

[filtered to Millie]

...um. Hi, Millie-san. Can we go out on a date soon? I think I can get us a discount at the Neutron Diner.
03 February 2012 @ 01:13 pm
04. My Little Poland, My Little Poland Ahh ahh ahh ahhh~  
[a. Outside Mayfield Hospital-back dated to January 31st]

[Poland's standing outside Mayfield hospital with a cardboard box over his head while clutching to a prescription pad and a pen. He swiped the prescription pad off a counter and found the box in a hospital supply closet. No matter what, he's not taking that box off his head. He doesn't want anyone to see what that terrible doctor did to him, even if it means he has to walk home blind. There wasn't anything he could get his hands on that was sharp enough to cut through the box, so it lacks eye holes for him to see out of.

Hopefully he'll manage to find his way back to his house, stumbling around stubbornly along the sidewalk.]

[b. 1332 Benny Road]

[Only after getting inside his house, closing and locking the door and pulling all the drapes closed on the windows does he hesitantly take the box off.

In place of his head, rests a pony head sewn to his neck with infected sutures.

Poland knows that cleaning the stitches is important, the incision wound is still oozing slightly of blood and yellow pus and it's been causing him a lot of pain and nausea, making him feel disorientated. He digs around the house for something to sanitize them with, pulling apart the cabinet under the kitchen sink for peroxide or betadine... when he feels something brush up against his back, gently.

Poland nickers something softly, to say "not right now," since he can't verbalize the words thanks to his new appendage, but it brushes up against him again. Turning he expects to see his pet pony trying to comfort him.

Instead he turns suddenly realizing where Dr. Johnson had gotten the decapitated equine head now sewn onto his shoulders. He was face to face with his own human head sewn on to Mr. Pony's body.

Even with everything in his house shut, locked, and hidden away; Poland's horrified scream echos through the neighborhood.]

[c. Phone]
[Oh, right. Poland can only make pony noises. The phone is utterly useless to him.]

25 January 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Second Note | Baby Baby Goodbye  
[Miku may not have been able to get to the Dairy before that explosion (though she was certainly planning to, if her carrying leeks, the megaphone from Love Is War and the sword from Boss Death out is any indication), but she definitely knows that something's wrong. For one thing, everyone's yelling at each other over the phones, and it's starting to grate on her ears.

Time for a rant (of sorts) of her own, clearly.]


Okay, I'm probably just repeating what a lot of people said before here, but can you please stop yelling at each other? Okay, so whoever blew up the Dairy may have made a really big mistake, but I'm pretty sure yelling at them won't fix anything. It's not like something important exploded, right?

[She sighs. Of course, she is a robot, so it's not like the whole reviving thing mattered much to her. Except...well, it did, when she was human. She remembers dying all too well.]

...or maybe it was really important. Still, I think we have to at least try to stick together.

Oh, yeah. I'm not sure if anyone's in the mood right now, but you can come over to my house if you want some leek juice and a song. [sigh.]

[filtered to the Vocaloids]

Everyone okay?
14 January 2012 @ 03:23 pm
first note | HERE  

Three days?! How did that happen?! I'm pretty sure I wasn't droned. And why was there an alarm bell?!

[Yep. Mayfield, there is now a very irate virtual diva on the phones. She'll calm down in a sec, she's just a little agitated over the alarm bells and the missing three days.]

[filtered to Rin, Luka and SeeU]

...are you all okay? Nothing's wrong with you, right?


[As soon as the phone call is done and she's had enough time to calm down, Miku decides that she should probably get moving, and has slipped out of her house with the Love Is War megaphone and some leeks. She doesn't really need the megaphone, but she's sure that it might come in handy. Somehow.

She's going off to check on the people she knows, and since it seems like there's a bunch of newbies in town now, she supposes that someone will have to tell them what's going on. So, with the sounds of the alarm bells still ringing in her ears, she sets off, gnawing nervously on a leek.

Feel free to run into her, though. She's in no hurry.]