15 April 2012 @ 08:01 pm
1st SHAZAM [all action]  
[A. 2236 Stevens - Action]

[Mary didn't notice that anything was strange at first. In fact, she stretched, put on her bunny slippers, pattered down the hall and had her toothbrush in her mouth before she recognized she had never been here before! She spat a frothy mess all over the mirror.]

Oh! Holy Moley, Holy Moley! ... And now I've made a mess. [She pouted, then began to clean the mirror. Yes. This is normal.]

[B. At your front door - Action]

[Well. She's been kidnapped, depowered and dropped in a strange town with other people to be her family. ... The first matter of business, is of course, to bake cookies.

So here stands Mary, a bright cheerful smile on her face, knocking on your door or ringing the doorbell. She has a plate of fresh M&M cookies!]

[C. Church - Nighttime - Action]

[Still religious, Mary's sought refuge in the church. She doesn't have her rosary, so she clenches a handkerchief instead, hunched over in one of the pews. She might be sniffling through her prayers.]