03 April 2012 @ 09:25 am
Second Acorn  
Prank for Ako Shirabe )

Prank for Bazett Fraga McRemitz )

Prank for Gakupo Kamui )

Prank for Koakuma )

[Action: Around town]

[Pranking is definitely something Makoto could get behind, but she's the type who would normally get behind the not-so-harmful and not-so-humiliating pranks. It would suck if she ended up hurting someone doing a prank or two. Suck waaay too much. So, she had to do all of this strategically. Which meant to do a bit of hunting for the right things.

Feel free to catch Makoto as she runs around the town, clearly rushing around to try to get all of the things for her little pranking projects, and get the pranks over with. She doesn't want to get caught, after all. And maybe treat herself to something nice for her birthday, since it was right around now. Maybe.]

[ooc: A general entry for Makoto's pranks, getting pranked if need be, or just catching Makoto in general. /o/ Time and date for the actual pranking she does is up to any preference, especially since I meant to have this up yesterday!
13 March 2012 @ 09:21 pm
First Acorn  
[Action A: 1248 Williams Road]

[Makoto was really comfortable in bed for a little while there, not really realizing that she shouldn't even be in a bed. And as she rose from the bed, she didn't really catch onto that fact until she was hanging her legs over the edge of the bed and was rubbing her eyes. Yeah, that was when she realized something was fishy about her surroundings. Once she got her bearings, she would have panicked about it if she didn't know better than that.

So, she moves to stand up and walk around a bit to investigate, when she realized that her balance felt waaaay off. Almost like her tail was--]
Huh!? [Now she was going to panic and kind of yell in the horror of missing her tail.]

[Action B: John Doe Park]

[After getting the gist of what was going on around this place, Makoto didn't really want to stay cooped up in the house trying to figure out what to do. A good walk never hurt anyone, and maybe she'd come up with some sort of idea of how to fix the situation she got herself stuck with. Not that much was coming to mind. So there she was, just wandering through the park aimlessly, looking pretty down.

Half of that was that she definitely didn't ask to be human.]


[It's not until way later that she attempts to use the phone. This definitely isn't the first time that Makoto's been exposed to a phone like this, but it's definitely one of the first times she's had to use one. And she is probably going to end up making this as awkward as possible because of it.]

Uh... Am I doing this right? Pretty sure I am, I think! Heeeeelloooooo?

[She's still kind of bothered by the whole human thing to bother with trying to be all official and professional. Or say much of anything else right now.]