16 September 2012 @ 07:53 am
51st sigh  
[Following the end of the void, Kyon wakes up in a cold sweat, with a conversation still lingering in his mind. That afternoon, he'll go to the phones...]

... I've had enough of this. Seriously, I have. Paradise isn't something that can be manufactured, and nobody ever has the right to be playing god, even if they have the power to do so.

(... I can see now exactly how incredibly crucial keeping Haruhi in the dark was now. What if she actually had succeeded in recreating the world that day so incredibly long ago? What if I was simply content to remain in Nagato's paradise when that happened?)

No true happiness can be formed through lies and deception. Zemekis, I have no idea whether or not you can hear this, or if you're even listening... But there's no way I can let you go on with this fucked up game forever. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, in fact I have no idea when it might be... But we will end this. We will end you. We will end everything. Nothing is perfect and nothing can last forever. Not even Mayfield.
30 August 2012 @ 09:04 pm
50th sigh  
[A) Action:

The past few days, Kyon has been notably sulkier than usual and even less sociable. He doesn't even seem to pretend to work while at the office. You may encounter him at any regular location, but don't expect friendly chit chat.

B) Action, School:

Tonight, Kyon has broken into school grounds in the middle of the night in order to do something remarkably out of character for him. Using groundskeeping equipment, he has drawn a strange symbol into the ground.

C) Phone, Locked to Yuki Nagato]

... Nagato, it's me. Haruhi... she's gone.
12 July 2012 @ 06:17 pm
49th sigh  
[And so, Kyon is sitting on a park bench holding two of his regains. A Hamlet script signed by the members of Class 1-5 at North High, including Asakura and excluding Haruhi, and a copy of the film "The Reminiscences of Yuki Nagato: Episode 00".]

... It's almost like the town wants to have to face all these awkward questions from her. To face, or not to face... that is the question, huh?

[He seems to be avoiding going home where he'll have to face Haruhi, so you may find him just wandering aimlessly anywhere about town.]
06 June 2012 @ 08:21 pm
48th sigh  
[A: Phone]

... Huh, that sure was a weird few days. Anyone else's head still spinning from whatever the heck it was that happened? Also, anyone else do anything that makes them feel really stupid?

[B: At the law office. Kyon is leaning back in his chair staring at the ceiling. He appears to be deep in thought, so he may not notice you until you talk to him.]

[C: 3477 Erwin Road, locked to Haruhi]

Hey, uh... About the other day...
04 May 2012 @ 07:33 am
47th sigh  
For Haruhi. Also, inner monologue. )

[A: Phone, morning. Feel free to reply to Kyon, Haruhi or both.]

... Yo, so apparently, Haruhi and I have moved house to 3477 Erwin Road.

You guys should come and visit us! Maybe we should throw a housewarming party...!

Haruhi, what are you doing!?

Isn't it obvious? Since the children are drones, it's easy to distract them. Plus, it'll be fun! Oh, but no alcohol. I forbid it!

Come on, we don't need a party...

But parties are fun! And we missed two of your birthdays, so this is what you get!

[And you can hear the two of them arguing over the phone before the phone drops. ... Yeah, have fun with that.]

[B: Office of "Kyon Smith: Attorney at Law"]

... Kyon Smith, Attorney at Law, huh? I don't know the first thing about law other than not to break it. And "Smith"? Real funny there.

[C: High School; Haruhi.]

[During class today, Haruhi, the new English teacher will be teaching random stuff about aliens, time travelers, and espers!

But then-]

Hey, Mrs. Smith, I need help with-

[and Haruhi throws a piece of chalk aimed directly at the drone]

Any other questions?

(OOC: joint post between kyon and haruhi! you know the drill.)
13 April 2012 @ 10:07 am
nine ❖ the swapping | action — phone  
α line; action. (locked to kyon)

[Today, at around six in the morning (no, can it, you can't fight this) - there will be one (1) teenage girl in the body of not just a familiar boy, but the familiar boy going to sneak into her (well, the room that Kyon in Haruhi's body's in) room before shaking him (Kyon, that is), saying in her new masculine voice...]

Wake up. Hey, Kyon. Wake up.

β line; phone; open.

[And due to boredom before school starts, Haruhi will later pick up the phone, going "Ahem", in Kyon's deep voice before speaking in a somewhat excited, yet deadpan tone:]

I'm not the only one who's switched bodies, right? I mean— this is what that ominous phone call was about, right? The whole "I wish I could be someone else" call the other day from those drones.

I kind of saw this coming, but, well. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Maybe we should have a headcount or something. Just phone call back with your name - yes, your actual name, not the name of the person you swapped with - and who you swapped with. Your real name first, though.

If you plan to trick me, however, I'll make sure you'll pay your due.

[The phone then clicks off. Haruhi's not revealing who she is, apparently.]

γ line: action all over mayfield; open.

[Even with the swap, that's definitely not going to keep her down. Or change the fact that she's Haruhi in Kyon's body and that she's dated the darn guy for a week.

... Though, to be honest, they haven't gone on a 'date' since a week ago. But it would definitely be awkward to go on one now, right?


Haruhi will be wondering around (as Kyon, obviously); going to school, slacking off in class, hanging around the clubroom, etcetera.

... Kyon will probably be doing the same thing as Haruhi. Though you might see them together.

Mostly because she's worried about what he'll do.

Especially if Kyon needs to go to the bathroom. Or a changing room. Or attempt to do... well, indecent things.]

[OOC: All Haruhi tags will come from a Kyon account, all Kyon tags will come from a Haruhi account, feel free to mention if you want Haruhi, Kyon, or both! All Kyon tags will probably be slow as a snail, though and will most likely be backtagged.]
04 April 2012 @ 04:17 am
45th sigh  
(... Darkness. Darkness all around, as far as I can see, as long as I can remember... Darkness.

... Shit!)

[Kyon'll suddenly spring up in bed.]

... I'm alive.

[You may come across Kyon today among any of his natural habitats, at home, at school, generally around town... He'll seem somewhat distant though, as though lost in thought. ... Or well, more lost in thought than normal.]
13 March 2012 @ 12:29 pm
seven ❖ the harassment | phone / action ; forward dated to the 14th  
option a: closed to kyon; 916 bilko.

[Today seemed like an ordinary day in Mayfield. Yeah, right. Of course, Haruhi's most definitely going to do very horrible, horrible things to Kyon. ... Not that she knows that Kyon got turned into a girl because Haruhi deemed it so, not at all.

So ding-dong, Kyon. Answer the doorbell. Or else.]

option b: phone.


Today is a very special day! And that day, ladies and gentlemen is White Day! The day where you give back what was given to you on Valentine's Day. But that's not important. What's important is that I'm giving all you boys -- yes, boys -- and girls who may be interested in a cute teenage girl who does menial tasks!

That girl is the cute, adorable, Kyon-chan! Anyway, she's currently single and is willing to take anyone out on a date for one day only! That's right, here's your chance to go on a date!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call back. I'll take them into consideration.

option c: all over mayfield.

[And so, Haruhi and the now feminine Kyon will be going around town for various reasons... would you wish to actually bump into them?]

[OOC: Option B may be threadjacked by Kyon! And Option C is in this order: your character > haruhi > kyon.]
10 March 2012 @ 07:52 pm
43rd sigh  
[A: Mayfield high
Kyon is zoning out or possibly even sleeping in class...

B: You may also catch him on his own at some point during lunch break.

C: SOS Brigade Clubroom
Kyon drops by the clubroom after school to see if anyone else is there today...]

... Yo.

[D: John Doe Park
Kyon is sitting on a park bench, watching the clouds go by...

E: 915 Bilko
Kyon may be found this evening playing The Day of Sagittarius III on his laptop in the living room...]

... Ugh, wipeout.

[He'll switch the computer off and sit there silently... It's been a slow day.]
18 February 2012 @ 10:59 pm
42nd sigh  
And so, Kyon woke up in the middle of a monologue, as he tends to do )

[A: 915 Bilko Boulevard

Kyon spends the morning lazing about at home, mostly fiddling with his phone in the hope that it'll let him time travel.

B: Around town

Kyon wanders the streets of Mayfield, reacquainting himself with the area after the time he spent away. Occasionally he may stop to fiddle with his phone a little as he mutters to himself.]

Stupid useless bookmarker things...

[C: Phone, evening]

... Yo, so apparently I went home for... (Two days? A few weeks? Minus one month? Could I really even call it "home"? ... Temporal anomalies are weird.) ... a bit. Did I miss anything?
16 February 2012 @ 10:49 am
four ❖ the submission | action  



I mean, answer the door, your drone girlfriend wants to meet with you 8| ]


[ If you're attending high school, whether you're a student, teacher, or just visiting for the heck of it, you will notice both Haruhi and Kyon being very much couple-y, holding hands, cozy-ing up to each other, that sort of thing. You may even hear the odd conversation while they're wondering around...

Of course, it does sound like them. But any normal person can tell that they're droned...

Though oddly enough, Haruhi is still loud, even as a drone. ]

Come on, Kyon! We got to spread our relationship to the whole town!

Is it really that necessary? I mean, wouldn't they just see for themselves when they noticed us?

Of course! There's one thing for people to see, but if they see things and don't get it, it's completely useless! That's why we have to tell the everyone in our wonderful little Mayfield.

I guess so...
[ And in the middle of that conversation, the two of them will kiss, not giving a darn about who or what's surrounding them. ]

Anyway! There's a person over there! [ The duo will then make a beeline towards you before beaming to ask the question: ] You think we're the most perfect couple, right?

[ OOC: Tags will come from both Haruhi and Kyon (the green font)! The order will be YOU → HARUHI → KYON. ]
27 January 2012 @ 08:48 pm
40th sigh  
[Action: 852 Goldberg

It was odd... Shana hadn't turned up for school today... And so, Kyon decided to drop by her house that afternoon, seeming to find that not only is she not there either, but neither was his former not!dad Crowley...]

[Phone Early evening]

Okay, I know some of you may be somewhat preoccupied with, y'know... dying... again... without a revival machine. And I mean, that's terrible, really it is. But, uh... has anyone else noticed anyone suddenly missing today with no explanation? I mean, I've noticed at least two people who seem to be inexplicably gone.