17 June 2012 @ 11:31 pm
tempting fate  

I'm Kumatora, and I've got a quick message for all the dumb guys out there.

And I mean just the dumb ones, 'cause here's the message: I dare ya to try messin' with me today. You can if ya want, but I'm gonna make ya regret it later. Just thought I oughta say that.

[action; around town]

[If, for whatever reason, any male (or female) inhabitants would still like to bother Kumatora, they can encounter her in a few locations:]

a) 846 Goldberg: Kumatora's daily routine includes a whole lot of nothing, typically, but family members could find her snacking on something in the kitchen, or slothing in the living room or her bedroom.

b) the park: Find her climbing trees, taking a nap, or just strolling about.

c) the streets: Find her zipping around on her bike at dangerous speeds, or see her on a little break where she'll be resting in the shade of a tree.]
25 March 2012 @ 08:28 pm
worth overdoing  
[action; outside 846 Goldberg]

[So Kumatora heard a girl on the phone talk about a bicycle. Since this is Mayfield and there is not much else to do, Kumatora is now all about bicycles. Regular bike riding is obviously not EXTREEEEEEME enough for her, though, so having spent some time "mastering" biking basics, Kumatora is taking the next logical step and building a ramp on the street in front of the house.

Encounter her involved in one of the following stages:

a) building the ramp: Kumatora is using whatever materials she can scrounge up (old planks, plywood, etc.) and is not a particularly good engineer. She could use some structural advice. Or parental guidance. Or someone to tell her to stop.

b) failing spectacularly: You've seen the YouTube videos. As soon as she hits the ramp on her bike, the whole thing just falls apart and Kumatora spills off the bike in comical fashion.

c) crashing spectacularly: After some trial and error, the ramp does not immediately break when Kumatora uses it. Instead she gets some pretty sweet air, but oh that landing. In this instance, she does not land well and ow that looked kind of painful.

d) succeeding spectacularly(?): Somehow Kumatora hits the ramp, gets sweet air, and sticks the landing. Miraculous. If there isn't anyone around as a witness, she is going to be sad.]
13 February 2012 @ 10:08 pm
fervid as a flaaame, does it have a naaame  
[Kumatora is under the influence of the magic mint pollen. If that isn't immediately obvious.]

[phone; public]

Alright, Mayfield, I got a question.

I wanna go out and kiss some people, but I don't think I can just walk up to 'em and ask. It's not that easy, right? When I worked as a waitress they sorta taught me how to act all girly and flirty or whatever but does that crap actually work? It's so dumb. Is that what guys really like? I don't wanna do that. There's gotta be a better way.

That's why I'm asking you guys, anyways. So who's got some tips?

[action; the park]

[Roughly between the age of 14 and 18? Cool. Kumatora will probably approach you. She will also be grinning like a doofus.]


You wanna make a bet with me?

[Shh. This totally how normal people start conversations. Just go along with it. It's probably not some weird plan to get you to kiss her or anything.]
28 January 2012 @ 09:40 pm
the cold march home  
[action; backdated to the morning after the first day]

[Which way was it to get home?

Home. Not exactly the right word. Nowhere in Mayfield was home, really. It was a fake, horrible place where they tortured people for no reason and screwed with people's heads. Physically, this time. The pain wouldn't stop. That's all she wanted--just for it to please, please stop. She felt exhausted. She hadn't slept in the hospital since she regained consciousness. If she could do anything to make the pain stop, she would. What could make it stop?

Kumatora can be found trudging back to 846 Goldberg, taking a route that meanders around town with no apparent sense to it. She can't focus on the directions. She holds her head in one of her hands and keeps the other stuffed in her pocket. Her face is red and flushed from exposure and her mouth his locked in a pained grimace. One step. Another step. One more step. Just one more, one more, one more…]

[action; locked to the residents of 846 Goldberg]

[Once home, Kumatora immediately starts shouting hoarsely. Anyone who knows her would never recognize this tone. She sounds frantic, desperate and completely rattled.]

Lucas! Lucas!! Who's home?! I need--I need… somebody! C'mon. Somebody's gotta be home!