21 October 2012 @ 09:53 pm
31 // Action  
[It's probably not that easy to see the changes in Koharu. She's still herself after all, just with the different memories. A touch more maternal instinct when she cares for the children and a more mature smile. Koharu Izaki had a somewhat difficult life as a child in Mayfield, but growing up, falling in love, a confession on the ferris wheel. She remembers it all fondly. Their wedding, the birth of their children, the neighbor, Feliks, teasing her about the rogue hair color of Madoka. A joke, they all know Koharu would never cheat. It's somewhere in her ancestory, she supposes, and doesn't spare it another thought.

Her knight in shining armor, she jokingly calls Toris all the time and her smile only fades when she remembers the passing phase as a teenager when her knight was a girl. Her father forbid them to speak after she found and Sora eventually moved away. It was just a phase. She grew out of it. She repeated those things a lot as a teenager. Now, she couldn't imagine being happier.

A. 1333 BENNY ROAD - Sunday Night

[Koharu ducks into each room, bestowing a kiss on the forehead to her two 'children' and a reminder to do well in school the next day. If she seems more at ease and less like the teenager she still is, well, Mayfield works in mysterious ways.]

I made you lunch for the morning, with those cute little octupus dogs. Try to get to sleep soon.

[And of course, she retires to the bedroom, where the other bed she typically sleeps in is ignored and she gets ready for bed with very little of the typical modesty. He's her husband after all.]

B. OUT IN TOWN - Monday morning/afternoon

[Occasionally her brain seems to skip a step, picking up vinegar to make rice and then getting out of the store and forgetting how to make it.

It's most evident in the clothing shop, when she holds up a dress, looks at her own very modern Japanese clothing, and back at the dress.

...Am I out of style or is this shop just carrying very old things? I can't possibly be out of step that much...

C. Cunningham Lane - Monday afternoon

[She's visiting her mother, Ukraine. A basket of cookies and a handknitted shawl are her gifts and there's nothing particularly unusual about her smile at the door either.]

Mother? Can I come in? Toris is at work right now and the children are at school and I just thought I could pop by to see you.

D. Benny Road - Monday afternoon

[She's heading back home, but first she stops off at her neighbor's and holds out the apple she had bought for just such an occasion. Now just to find Mr. Pony. Feliks really did have the oddest naming sense but that was just how her husband's best friend was. A little strange. Quite strange.

With a very scandalous sense of fashion. Luckily she'd learned to deal with his eccentricities.

Mr Pony, I've a treat for you. Mr. Pony?
23 August 2012 @ 09:24 pm
30 // Action  
ACTION; Music Store

[She's pouring through the records, looking for anything beyond the usual fifties selection. Anything European at this point. At least something to drown out that noise--polish or lithuanian would be nice. But half the store down, she's beginning to give up hope on anything besides American music. She clicks her tongue and looks around in a bit of frustration]


[Her old job looks precisely the same. The same girls skate around the drive in and she remembers those falls and skinned knees. A little sigh escapes. Koharu would enjoy a job now. Something to keep her busy when all her assigned chores are done.

She pushes open the door and puts on her most cheerful face as she asks for a malt. None of the girls who had claimed familiarity with her as a girl even glance her way as an adult. Mrs Laurinaitis this and that. Not that drones were real friends but still. While waiting, she glances around for any familiar faces.

ACTION; 5720 Cunningham Lane

[Koharu had remembered to bring the cookies this time--she had forgotten last time and had had to run back to fetch them after all her shopping. Knocking is polite still--even if Ukraine probably wouldn't have minded if she had just walked in]


ACTION; 1333 Benny Road

[Koharu doesn't even think about it when she twists the knob on the front door and puts her hand on the wood to push it open and her hand slides right through. After a few days, it's starting to wear on her--but it's nothing she can't shake off--except she can't.

Her hand stops and she's pulling the door back and forth with her arm now. She can hear the radio screeching from the kitchen--though she had sworn that she had turned it all the way down and off--and the television is murmured voices and static.

And she's fairly sure no one is home. This is perfect really. She opens the door and sets her bag of shopping on the front hall's table and sighs.

I hope we don't have to destroy it to get me out...
09 July 2012 @ 10:34 pm
29 // action; phone  
Forward dating to tommorow cause I'm impatient

A. Action; 1333 Benny Road

[Koharu woke up slowly this morning. She realized after a moment that there wasn't a hard church floor beneath her. Oh...had that time in that carnival place ended? She sighed contentedly, shifting her previously broken arm and curled up tighter. Thank goodness. Only a day and a half there... Yet for some reason, something felt different. The bed is just a tad bit off and she shifts from her side to her back to feel the change. The quilt is different as well and she frowns sleepily. Perhaps Ukraine changed the blankets while she was gone. Mn, that must be it.

Of course that didn't explain the leg her foot just touched--

Ah! [Koharu scrambled backwards, hitting the lamp on the bedside table, tangling her legs in the blanket and ultimately hitting the floor with an undignified thump. The sudden fall knocked the wind out of her and she sat there, more than a little dazed, in the unecessarily frilly nightgown Mayfield had provided. She struggled to catch her breath as she finally remembered to look at the other person in her bed--no this wasn't her bed at all. This wasn't her room. Oh what had Mayfield done.

] ...Lito-kun?

B. ACTION Outside 1333 Benny Road

[Koharu no longer has a job or school to keep herself busy and she's still flustered over ending up in this house as his wife. Something to keep her mind occupied would work best. So she starts with the chores outside, sweeping off the path.

It occurs to her about halfway through that is not something they really do in Mayfield, but rather at home. Still, she's nearly done anyways.


Ukraine? Um--this is Koharu! I'm alright, really! I know I disappeared and...I'm okay now. I promise. Really. Oh! I just--turned 18 and--[pause to be unsure] I'm at 1333 Benny Road. I'm alright and I'm not droned, I promise. It looks...like I missed my birthday and Tanabata but--that's okay!

I'll um...I'll just celebrate Tanabata tonight. I don't think they'll mind if I do it late. S-So I'll be at 1333 Benny Road and I'll be having the celebration at 8 o'clock this evening. [Suddenly she takes a deep breath and speaks clearer now. There is no hesitance.]

We shouldn't let Mayfield ruin things for us. Holidays, birthdays, relationships or anything at all. If you want to celebrate anything you missed, I'll have room for extra food.


[She quickly set up a table that evening and found the things she had bought before in her trunk full of things. At least her things had ended up in her new household. There was a bit of determination to her as she set up decorations all across his yard, stringing lights across the trees and up to the porch. She would show Mayfield how a proper festival is conducted, even if she only has a yard to do it in. At least Christmas lights work just as well for these things.

In the middle of the lights, a small tree is already adorned with a few paper strips and a veritable pile of Japanese treats she made--and probably a cake or two. There's also some proper food, sandwiches and riceballs. Koharu's wearing the dress Lithuania gave her at Christmas and beaming at passerby, offering them slips of paper

Do you want to make a wish?

[If they don't reply, she simply goes back to fixing things up]

Forgive me for missing it Orihime, Hikoboshi. I couldn't help it.
24 June 2012 @ 12:10 pm
28 // phone;action  
ACTION; 5720 Cunningham Lane

[Koharu didn't come home until late that evening, a basket full of things she didn't need or really want draped over her arm. She didn't know if the two of them would come after her and she couldn't really face them, so she had shopped, going in every single store. Even the record shop Cuba had taken her to and the petshop with the wild grey lady in it. She had hesitated at the end of her street, but with no sign of the two countries, she had finally come back home, stepping in out of the warm dusk.]



[The radio message had woken her out of a doze and she had flown to the phone afterwards. Things on the radio never turned out well for them. Never. And she's not even sure she can count on Lithuania, with how that went, and she's not sure about Poland either. She hit him and all.]

Something is going to happen, isn't it? I guess it's time. They've been just letting us be for some time now.


[Koharu can't face them but she can certainly leave them little notes right. Hopefully, for her sake, they don't notice her sliding them under their doors]

notes )
06 June 2012 @ 12:26 am
27 // phone; action  

I was hoping to have a small festival for Tanabata this year. It's in a month on July 7th but I need a bamboo tree. I'll provide the paper to write on-- Oh, I-I should explain what Tanabata is!

It's a festival that celebrates the reunion of the starcrossed lovers. The weaver and the shepherd were so in love that they did not tend to the flocks or the looms and the weaver's father forbid her to see him and placed them on either side of a wide river. But a flock of magpies promised to form a bridge for the lovers on Tanabata, so they might see each other. If it rains, the magpies cannot come, so please hope for clear skies.

...I'm sorry, I probably bored you, but--I'll be having a small celebration at 5720 Cunningham Lane.

Action; 1332 Benny Road

[She hasn't been on Benny street since she had upset Poland, he had yelled at her and she had burst into tears. Her utter confusion at why that had happened or why she remembered shooting her rifle like a professional or slicing trees with ease was disconcerting so she pushed it away.

What she did remember is Lithuania stealing all of Poland's nail polish remover and her using them all on Sora's sword. So she has a bag of a few bottles of the stuff, an apologetic look and her sword strapped to her back.

It was with a hesitance that she finally knocked on the door

Action; Park

[Okay Koharu remembers how she stood when she was practicing during the past few days. Her hands settled onto the hilt, then shifted slightly. She could remember this. She could. She had been good at this. She swings the sword back and makes a shaky practice arc through the air, once, then again.]

Just once.

[She swung. The tip of the sapling flew through the air and she almost dropped the sword in surprise, then jumped in the air, grinning. She never celebrated so openly, she never jumped in the air or spun in place like this. That was Sora's method of celebration, but this was Sora's method of fighting and she had done it]

Action; 5720 Cunningham Lane

[She stops to pick up the mail on her way back and she's vaguely surprised to see a little envelope addressed to her. She opens it right at the mailbox and almost drops the picture she finds.

The future back home. She looks almost the same as she does now in this picture and she traces Sora's face, happy. In a suit. Beside Tsuki...married. Oh. Oh. Look at the others all smiling and happy and she looks like she is at least. Koharu looks happy for Sora in this picture...

So she ends up being rejected at home as well. It's a little relief.

The entire time she's standing there, she hasn't moved and tears are starting to fall. She thinks she's crying because she's happy, she's happy because Sora did find someone she felt that way about. Sora's finally happy and in love.

[[OOC: Edited to add regain option]]]
01 June 2012 @ 02:05 pm
26 // action  


[She doesn't leave the house most days without her rifle strapped over her back or Sora's sword in her hands. Or at least that's what she remembers. It does no good to be upset Sora has gone and she is grateful for her additional weapon. Today, she has her rifle and a little wicker basket. Because Koharu is going shopping and she can't exactly go without something to put these things in, right?]

Good morning! [She says cheerfully as she steps into whatever shop she happens to be in]

ACTION;5720 Cunningham Lane

[She has to keep Sora's sword clean and the things she uses to clean it are a bit smelly, so she has taken over a small portion of the front yard. Occasionally she swings the sword in a perfect arc, just to test it and see the shine, but then she goes back to cleaning. Her cute skirt is a little dirty now but she hardly seems to notice.]
19 May 2012 @ 11:19 pm
25 // Phone; Action  

...O-Oh Sora's droned. She's gone. Um...

Um. I just thought anyone who knew her should know.

I won't be at work for a few days..

ACTION; On the Porch

[She's holding Sora's sword on her lap, the cape draped over her shoulders. Of course Sora would have wanted these things sent to her...This sword isn't from home though and she isn't sure what to do with it. Maybe it was time to finally learn how to use a sword. Or her gun. She couldn't count on Sora to come to her rescue anymore.]





Also see that Koharu shouldn't wear her school uniform while she's trying to learn how to handle a sword from an angel
06 May 2012 @ 07:33 pm
24 // Phone; Action  

...So I guess the prom is coming up again. I don't really have a date this year so--I...

[CONFIDENCE KOHARU. CONFIDENCE] I can go by myself right? It would still be fun. I like dressing up and all. I found a pretty red dress I might look okay in. But--um. It's not weird to go by myself, right?

1 [ACTION;Outside the Tailor Shop]

[She's been trying to work up the courage to go in and get her dressed hemmed for the last 15 minutes. It's part dread that there might be a male tailor inside and part fear that she looks silly in this dress]

2 [ACTION; Park]

[Koharu took this nice Sunday as a good time to take a seat off to the side and knit. It's nothing fancy, just a cream colored shawl she's hoping to finish before prom. She's very intent on it and won't notice anything until it's right on top of her.

Until the baseball landed in her lap
21 April 2012 @ 02:58 pm
23 // Phone; Action  
[To be honest, she should have known to be wary of those blue flowers, but that had looked like they would go so well on the dining table, a whole bouquet of them.

Now she's just staring at the bouquet. A little hungrily. She flapped her little pegasus wings once and frowned. This was...going to make life hard


Um--[There's a muffled word or two as she sets down the pencil she had clenched in her teeth to dial and coughs] Pardon, but does...anyone know how to not be what appears to be a small horse?

With wings? Um--if you could tell how to change back, I would greatly appreciate it.

[Having determined there is no immediate cure for her affliction, Koharu ventured outside. Her wings stay tight to her side as she's not sure if they would hold her if she tried to fly or if she would simply exhaust herself.

Either way she is spending more time tryinh to coordinate four feet than watching where she's actually walking.
13 April 2012 @ 10:00 am
Koharu Izaki --> Handmaid // Phone; Action  

Um. Um pardon me but--

I'm kind of--

Um I'm grey. With horns. O-Oh this is Koharu Izaki! But I don't really seem to be myself...

[Her voice is flustered and shy now, unsure of how to go about this]

Could anyone help me...

ACTION; Around town

[Koharu had taken about an hour to get dressed, most of it spent trying to not fall over from the sudden added weight on her head. The horns curled in on themselves and at one point her shirt got snagged. In the end, she had to go with a button up dress because pulling anything over her head was utterly impossible. How did these people get dressed...

Either way, she's slinking around town now, trying to find someone familiar and hoping they are actually in their proper bodies for once.
20 March 2012 @ 12:23 am
22 // Phone; Action  

I don't know what happened in particular but I am still going to be friends with any of the nations I know. I don't care what sort of things is going on or why any of you have stopped being friends or talking to each other but I don't care. I still like all of you.

And I won't take sides. Alright.

1. Action; Park

[Koharu is vaguely upset and even Ukraine seems to be joining in the being upset at other people thing and she doesn't really want to be at home now. She's taken to sitting in the park and knitting and reading.]

I wish people would stop fighting...

2. Action; 5720 Cunningham Lane

[Koharu will just be baking as many things in the kitchen as she can. Cookies, Cakes, all sorts of things.]

I don't really know what to give to anyone...[She sighs and taps her chin]

3. Action; The houses of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Estonia

[Koharu heads to various houses, knocking and holding out a package if someone replies. If not, the package is left beside the door. It contains either a cake, cookies, or a pie. She may not know some of these nations very well but they seem to be involved in some sort of fight and she wants to make things a little better.]
13 February 2012 @ 11:42 pm
21 // Action  

[It's the morning of the fourteenth and Koharu has busily started delivering valentines. She hasn't quite made it to everyone and plans to give Sora hers at school. For now, if she has spoken to you more than a few times, she'll be giving you a small box of chocolates!]

B. ACTION; Locked to Sora

[It's a fairly low priority now to give Sora her valentine. After all, she loved Lithuania, even if he didn't particularly seem to return her feelings...She let out a little sigh. Maybe he would snap out of it. She hoped he would...though she was certainly no stranger to feelings being unrequited.

Either way, she had made Sora chocolate, even if it was a bit large and all, and Sora deserved to get it right? Her smile is small but sincere. Sora is a dear friend and well she'd always have feelings for her.

Sora? I made you something.
07 February 2012 @ 11:06 am
20 // Phone; Action  

I'm sorry if I'm bothering anyone...and I know we all just went through a lot, but I was wondering if any of you would like to do some baking or just go shopping or something...I'm going to start my Valentine's day chocolate today as well, if anyone wants to make their own with me.

A. Action; Around the shops

[Koharu gave herself the day off from school. Her scales had disappeared, she didn't feel like she going nuts and...well it had been a year. Today was a year here.

And she didn't really want to spend it in school thinking about it over and over. So she's wandering Mayfield's shop, almost at random, but her arms are collecting bags slowly but surely. The bakery, the pet shop, the record store, florist, grocery store. Everything will be wandered around, simply to waste a little time

B. Action; Home 5720 Cunningham Lane

[She has chocolate on her hands and her apron but her first batch of ganache is cooling and she licks a bit off her fingertip]

Mn the next batch needs more sugar...This is a bit bitter for most I think...