09 June 2012 @ 08:20 pm
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[ John doe park – afternoon ]

[ It's Saturday and whats the best thing to do? Hang out at the park since it's nice out.Kasen was sitting on a bench looking up at a nearby tree. There was a family of birds on one of the very top branches, one of the baby birds was having a hard time staying inside the nest given how crowded it was. ]

You can come down here, I'll help you out and find you a nice open branch to sit on.

[ Kasen's voice was very soft and gentle almost as if she was talking to a young child, and after she had said that the bird tried to fly down on to her outstretched arm. ]

There there, now let's go find someplace where you'll be comfortable.

[ Phone / 1764 Beaver Street – evening ]

It seems like I've been plucked from my normal far away from society life style. I haven't even told anyone about Saouchi and Kume and no one is going to be there to feed them. [ there's a small sigh ]

Reimu, Marisa if one of you happens to be around I would like to have a little chat.