30 November 2012 @ 11:50 pm
 [Jeanne had been doing her best to hide from everything and everyone since her defeat at the hands of humans. Now, however, things have been pushed too far. Despite having gone even more mad with fear, the swarming of haz-mats and whatever else hazards Mayfield has to offer has riled her rage. Especially in the wake of the message with a promise of possible freedom. Arming herself with kitchen knives, Jeanne now stalks the streets of Mayfield, firing her flames at any and all haz-mats.]

For The Black King! For The Ends!

Burn! Burn! In the name of The Black King!

[Bursts of fire fly from her hands chaotically, careful to stay out of her line of fire, though she can be a potential ally if goaded toward attacking the Mayfield forces more specifically...]
09 July 2012 @ 05:27 pm
END 4 - Burn It All Down! (Post-Event)  
[Jeanne had recently regained her pyrokinetic powers. But only now has she come up with an idea for how to use them properly in this land called Mayfield...]

Around Town

[Jeanne, with a wide grin on her face and seemingly no malice, has been on a shopping spree. Arm to arm, bags holding a variety of objects, from gasoline, wooden scrap, and matches. She'll be going to the hardware store as well as grocery for supplies. Dare to question her of her purchases?]


Ever since my arrival in this accursed place I have felt disconnected from him. Him. But now I have a way. A way that shall rein the attention of the great Black King and strike fear into the hearts of the foolish humans!

949 Beulah Street - Lawn

[Jeanne has assembled a massive pyre of wood, gas cans, scrap, and chemicals on her lawn and looks on at it in aw of her own work. If it were to be set afire it could create a positively massive blaze. Are those licks of flame coming off of Jeanne's skin...?]
05 June 2012 @ 12:01 am
 [Jeanne awakens in bed... and immediately gives a prayer to God. This is not the angry and murderous END Jeanne, but a Jeanne who died gloriously in battle, a martyr, and was brought into the strange fantasy world as a Drifter, a defender of humans. and pacifist who wouldn't dream of taking another person's life.

949 Beulah Street - All Over Town

[Jeanne exits her home wielding a makeshift trashcan lid as a shield. She observes her surroundings and if there's any sign of trouble, she will try to intervene.]


[Jeanne kneels before the cross in Church, in prayer once more. Approach?]


I am unfamiliar with this land. I was brought from my native France to the realm of Drifters and Ends, and once again I find myself in a land away from God's green Earth. 

I will still not relent in the defense of the people. Should anyone require help, I shall come to their aid.

12 May 2012 @ 11:57 am
[Jeanne slowly awakens, eyes fluttering before settling into her surroundings. She was no longer drenched at the bottom of a well with that barbarian. Now she was in an oddly decorated bedroom with pictures of herself with people she had never seen before. This was not right. This was new. Had EASY brought her to a new world of combat?

Jeanne growls as she exits the bed, finding an even greater horror. She's in a dress. The cry of rage that ensues echoes out of the house and down the block. None of her flames spark however. Is she truly powerless? She rampages through the house, breaking everything in her path until she finds an odd man speaking into an even more odd device. Grabbing a nearby chair and smashing it over her Drone Husband's head takes him out. The phone dangles before her...]

PHONE (Public):

Drifters. Ends. Humans? What am I in this world. Who are you? I know not where this land is. I do not know. Tell me.

I am Jeanne D'Arc, loyal commander of The Black King's Army. We shall purify this world of the wretched humans.

Those who have forsaken us shall be forsaken!

[Action 949 Beulah Street]

[Jeanne exits her house. Having stolen her Drone Husband's pants, shirt, and coat in the stead of the dress. Also. She's covered in blood. And wielding knives. For the moment she'll stand in front of her new home, taking in her surroundings.]

[All over town]

[Jeanne marches into town, wielding her knives and still covered in blood. Her eyes dart around, as though looking for something... Dare you approach?]