22 February 2012 @ 10:30 pm
01 [ phone | action for 1768 beaver ]  
A teenage girl awakens in a bedroom in 1768 Beaver Street. )

Hmmmm. You would think that kidnappers would take more steps to secure their hideout! Either that, or Prospit has undergone a substantial amount of remodeling while I've been gone.

[There's a pause as she crosses the room to the window and peeks out. A strange town. Identical houses. A great deal of unfamiliar people.]

Okay. This is a lot stranger than I expected. It would probably be in my best interests to figure out what's really going on here.

[She makes towards the door, but stops when she realizes she's still in the outfit she woke up in.]

I suppose that first, I should probably put on something that isn't pajamas.

[Oh no, the teenage drama thoughts are back.]

...Eeuugh, Jane, you are so stupid!

[Presently, she notices that the phone is off the hook. A inclination toward organization leads her to go over and replace it in its proper place.]