12 October 2012 @ 10:10 am
thirteenth tonfa - let's make fireworks  
A : 1647 Albright Lane : Closed to Cain

[ Hibari's been collecting different things for making fireworks, because it's something that he both like to create and set off. Alone, at least.

As it is now, he's sitting up on top of the roof of 1647 Albright, boxes of material for both fireworks and fuses for them. The most he had things for was sparklers, but he had for other simple types as well. Making fireworks out of the different items.

On his knee, his little Hibird sat fluffed up and softly cooing, while his cloud hedgehog Roll lay curled under the shadow of his other knee. ]

B : High School : Open to All

[ What is he doing napping again? He sure like to nap, doesn't he? With Hibird on top of his head and Roll on his stomach, he lay spread on top of a few low lockers, only half asleep right now. He's paying just a little attention to the students milling through the corridor, and his fingertips are itching to reach for his tonfa. ]

C : Anywhere in Mayfield

[ He is bored, really, really bored. So with Hibird flying around his head and singing Namimori's school's anthem (taught to it by Hibari), he is looking for a fight. Preferrably a good fight, but as long as it's a fight, he won't be picky. Unless his opponent turn out to be really weak. Or if they're Belphegor – but that guy is weak, after all. And he won't measure Cain or Tohsaka Rin, either, because those are some of the few he's not looking to fight with at the moment. Instead, those two might get a passing glance, before he looks to the next prey-- person.

So he scrutinizes everyone he sees, measuring their strength. This is why you might feel his sharp stare in your back, because he's not concealing his observing. ]
21 July 2012 @ 08:14 pm
twelfth tonfa - bracelets and flames  
Albright Lane 1647 - outdoors; open to anyone nearby

[ This was quite a nice surprise, he guessed. The bracelet did fit nicely on his wrist, after all, and he could even feel the surge of power inside of him. Those Flame things had come back, had they? Hmm, that was good. Of course, he still preferred fighting with his tonfa rather than using flames, but giving the strikes an extra boost with the flames was always something, right? ]


[ He whips out a tonfa from his shirt sleeve, and focus on the flames. Irritation, yeah, he always felt a slight irritation since he came to Mayfield - well, almost all the time, at least.

Soon, a purple flame wraps around the tonfa, flickering as it grows in strength. Half of a smirk grows on his face when it does. ]


[ Now if only he'd had Roll back, he could use Cambio Forma to kick Byakuran's and Belphegor's asses once and for all. ]
11 June 2012 @ 12:23 am
eleventh tonfa - Birds and Zombies  
A ))) 1647 Albright Lane – Morning (backdated)

[ Possibly, someone opened the package before he had the time to. Possibly, the thing inside it got impatient and hacked itself out of the box.

Either way, when Hibari is about to walk down the stairs, he hear a small voice calling his name. ”Hibari! Hibari!” and when he see a small fluff of yellow, ”Bite to death, bite to death!”.

He follow the flying bird with his gaze. ]


[ How had his bird end up in Mayfield? ]

B ))) Pet Shop – Early Afternoon (backdated)

[ Hibari is just entering the store, with a small, yellow and fluffy bird perched on top of his head. He's only been inside the pet shop once before, when he was turned into a vampire of sorts, but he didn't put in his mind to remember where the bird food was. Unfortunately for him. He looks around, trying to spot it. ]

C ))) Around Mayfield - Afternoon (backdated)

[ He's carrying a bag filled with food for his pet bird, who is flying around his head, singing his school's anthem. He's on his way back “home”, and don't care at all about the fact that he's supposed to be in school at the moment. Or possibly, school's already ended, he's not really sure, nor does he think of it. ]

D ))) Around Mayfield – Saturday, Zombiefield

[ Due to certain … misadventures … Hibari has been infected. Thankfully, Hibird has not, but the Namimori Head Prefect is slashing at anything that he can see. Or anyone, for that matter. Anything that moves, really. Hibird is flying above him, keeping his proper distance without losing sight of Hibari. While Hibari says nothing, however, Hibird is. ”Bite to death! Bite to death!” because Hibari can only growl.

And even if Hibird's warning isn't enough, biting people to death is what he's aiming for.

And this time, it's not just a threat of a beating. ]
01 June 2012 @ 10:27 pm
tenth tonfa - au'd to a killer  
au information )

[ A : Phone : Morning ]

Who took my uniform? I'll bite you to death for it.

[ He's not talking about the Namimori Gakuran, no. He's talking about the Varia Uniform that he believe that he still have. A uniform he in reality, never owned. ]

[ B : John Doe Park ]

[ He's siting on a park bench, a stack of hamburgers in a bag beside him. How many of them are he going to eat, though? There are quite many. Then again, he does like hamburgers.

Beside him is also a bloodied pair of tonfa, and a little bit away, there might be a dead drone laying in the grass with their skull bashed in. His clothes are also bloody, and he's put the jacket of his school uniform on the bench as well. He might not attack you right now - he's busy eating and he need to refill his energy . but he still has that temper and evil smirk (only it's worse than normal). ]

[ C : All around town : Any AU!Evening ]

[ If you're outside alone during any of these nights, you might have a pair of dark eyes on you. And it's a dangerous one, too. Especially if you don't know how to fight. But even if you do, you're a target. Once you come inside a shadow, he strikes, appearing behind you soundlessly.

Maybe you notice him, maybe you don't.

What's almost certain is that a steely tonfa will rest against your neck, just a hairsbreath from snapping your neck. Unless, very unlikely, but not impossible, you managed to slip out of his grasp just in time. ]

((ooc: If you want your character to meet a bloody (or non-bloody, your pick) end for the night, don't hesitate. Because he WILL most likely kill them. If you want a fight and get out alive, that's fine too. I don't mind him getting killed - though that depends if your character is really strong, of course. He IS a professional killer AND a powered-up Hibari, after all. ))
20 May 2012 @ 12:14 am
nine tonfa - backdated and post-prom  
A )) so horribly Backdated to 6th of May - 1647 Albright

[ Fuck, he feels sick. This sucks, damit. All that crowding...

Too much crowding always made him sick. And finally parting with big groups make him happy. But because he get rid of them, finally, he get the hives. While he is relieved, he hates getting sick. And he can't admit himself to the hospital here in Mayfield as easily as he could back in Namimori.

He won't talk very much right now, but fe's present in the house, which is quite rare.

Either laying in his bed, coming out from the bathroom with another glass of water, or laying on the livingroom couch trying to see if there's anything at all worth seeing on the TV. Though there really isn't. ]

B )) same as above (date, that is) Phone – Afternoon

[ He sounds far from good, but at least he feels better than before.

But he also sound furious. ]

Fake prince.. When I get my hands on you, I'll bite you to death... You bastard.. And you too, you fucking horse...

C )) still backdated the 7th of May – Hospital

[ This place really isn't like Namimori. Usually, he don't hesitate to going to the hospital for basically any little cold. But right now, he isn't even sure if he should really go to the hospital. It's not like the people here are carved with fear and respect for him, like back home.

But he still is there, because the after effects of that crowding on the 5th was not gone yet.

He lean against the wall just a little left of the doors that lead inside, and he is not pleased at all. He's quite drained, actually. ]

D )) The day after prom – John Doe Park

[ He's sitting under a tree by the lake, not too pleased. At least he didn't run into that bastard Byakuran yesterday at that annoying party. But still, he'd rather not gone there at all.

Come bother him, and see if he'll bite you to death.

At least the tonfa lay open beside him, instead of being tucked into his sleeves. Mainly due to the fact that he's wearing that same yukata from last night, although with his disciplinarian committee arm band pinned to the upper part of the right sleeve. ]
29 April 2012 @ 01:34 pm
eight tonfa - droned for a day and then the day after  
A )) Around Mayfield (Park, School, shops etc)

[ There is something off with Hibari today. He is smiling, happily, and not as if he is smirking and planning to smack in your head with his tonfa. Heck, he didn't even bring them along today! ]

Good morning!

B )) Phone

Today is a lovely day, isn't it!

[ And yes, his voice sounds very happy and uncharacteristic. ]

C )) Day after (30th) - 1647 Albright Lane

[ His face. It hurt. And was stiff.

As he wander down to the kitchen and eventually out at the porch to nap, he is tuching his cheeks (tugging a little, lightly slapping them and such things) to make them wake up and to be able to use his normal facial expressions. ]


[ Whoever run into him in the house or pass the house may talk to him about that or about his actions yesterday. ]

D )) Phone

What the hell.

[ First he got back to his Namimori for just a short while, and he didn't get many proper fights, either. ]

Next time I see Xanxus, I'll bite him to death without interfearance.

[ He's just complaining a little. ]
21 April 2012 @ 11:54 pm
seven tonfa - Poison Joke  
A)) Phone: fail!filtered from Byakuran

[ He might sound the most displeased that he's ever done. ]

Why. Is. He. Here? Out of everyone, why him?

B)) Action: Inside any building. Day

[ He's not pleased for two reasons. He can't go out in the sunlight, because it hurts. He don't appreciate the fangs, he don't appreciate the red edges around his eyes that he can't get off of his face, that he's the size of a 6-year old instead of his possibly 17 years of height age. And he don't like that he have to bring a stupid umbrella around so that the sun won't burn him. So today, he won't pick any fights, most likely, because it's frustrating not to be able to move as he want.

Currently, Hibari is Hibarin, and no, he don't feel comfortable as it.

And then, it don't help that Byakuran of all people had shown up. He hated the guy about as much as he hate Rokudo Mukuro, but for different reasons (though still the same.)

And little Hibarin will be trudging around the different stores to pass the time and keep his mind off of fighting. ]

C)) Action: John Doe Park, Evening

[ He's sitting on a bench outside, in the park. A angry scowl on his face. And today, he might actually bite for real, and not just with his tonfa. Though he is gripping at one in his hands for some comfort. ]
13 April 2012 @ 06:05 pm
six tonfas - Suddenly a very pissed not!Belphegor  
A: 1488 Kramden Road. Open to housemates

[ It takes Hibari a few minutes of groggy sleep to realize that something was wrong. He felt wrong. After he pushed his bangs out of his face, he noticed that his arms was wrong. His hands were wrong, too. He get up out of the bed, searching for his tonfa but to no avail. They are nowhere to be found. What is going on?

Wait. He recognize that striped shirt. What was the Fake Prince up to this time?!

He shuffle out of bed and grab a shirt from the closet. They were the same as in his own, so nothing weird with that. Besides the lack of his Namimori Uniform, that is. But he had almost figured that it would be gone. Belphegor was just that annoying.

It's not until he trip over something that he really think about the fact that his bangs have fallen back into his eyes. He can't see a thing. He curses, and push the hair out of his eyes again. He make his way to the bathroom, all the while holding his bangs out of his eyes, because they just want to fall right back in front of them.

He stare right into the mirror when he reach the bathroom. This is most certainly not his face. ]

What the hell is this?

B: All around Mayfield. Day.

[ You may find 'the prince' somewhere in Mayfield. Extremely angry, at that. He does not know what's going on, and Hibari absolutely hate being in Belphegor's body. However that happened.

Another point that is different about him, is his hair. The blonde hair isn't falling into his eyes and covering them like they usually do. There is a pair of hair clips that Hibari found in the bathroom clipped into the bangs, because they just refused to stop falling into his eyes. Be welcomed by a pair of upset, red eyes. ]

C: 1647 Albright Lane. Afternoon.

[ Yes. He has made his way back to the house he is living in. And he is at the way up the path to the house at this moment. He might stop to glare at you if he see you, or if you call for his attention. ]

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15 February 2012 @ 02:32 pm
Five Tonfas - Watch it so you won't be bitten to death, flowers  
Phone, open:

Which herbivore was it that made all these flowers grow everywhere? It's disrupting the discipline.

[ Which, really, it does in many cases. People action all out of character, and everything.. ]

Action A, 13th, 14th, all around Mayfield:

[ Hibari got back his precious Namimori school uniform just the other day. He is quite happy about that, and it can be seen in his slight smirk. Although it's not the new uniform, with the blazer and all that. It's the old gakuran that the scool once had. See, Kyoya, that's why there are rumours that you're the 'Ghost of Namimori's Pride' and such things.

1: And why isn't it surprising that he is napping again?

2: It might be a bit surprising that he is not napping, though. He might wander around glaring at the flowers, too. Or just wander around without any other purpose than walking around with no real goal.

Action B, 14th, school:

[ Lovestruck fools. Perverts. Idiots. That's all he can see. And every single one of them are herbivores down to the core. He finds it incredibly annoying, all of it.

1: He's by his bench in the classroom, for once. Looking extremely bored.

2: He's passing through the corridors on his way.. somewhere. To some place where there is not much people.

3: He's on the roof, looking at the sky and ignoring that it's not very warm outside.

11 February 2012 @ 02:08 pm
Four Tonfas - Looking for a fight  
Right now, Kyoya is of the opinion that something is terribly lacking. And that is fighting. He has not had a decent fight for such a long time; not at all since he came here, really. The zombies during halloween were just too weak, as were those insects. And Belphegor, too. That fake prince is boring to fight.

[ Phone: morning - open ]

[ He sounds really irritated, because really, he's itching for a fight. ]
Is there anyone strong in this faked town? And I don't mean the Fake Prince, because I already know that you're weak.

[ Action A: All around Mayfield - , after the phone-call to mid-afternoon ]

[ Kyoya is looking around Mayfield for anyone who look like they would be strong. Do you happen to cross his path? Do you see or don't you see the tonfa that may or may not be in his hands?
Either way, when you meet him, there are two things that he may say. ]

1: You, are you strong?
2: Do you know how to fight?

[ It's not much variation in the question, but it might be differently phrased whether or not you know him already. ]

[ Action B:  All over Mayfield - Late afternoon ]

[ Kyoya may be found in any place that has grass in it in Mayfield. It may as well be your garden, who knows. Kyoya has, though, gotten tired of looking for people to fight, or, if he successfully fought people, is content for the day.
So for the moment, he is looking for a nice and warm patch of grass, that's located in the sun and that's not wet or has any snow on it. Here, you have quite a lot of options on where you might meet him, or what he is doing there. Well, not really, but there are some. 

1: He has just trespassed in your garden, and is in your tree.
2: Or on your lawn napping.
3: Or in the park napping.
4: Or in the park still looking for a placve to sleep.
5: Or anywhere, sleeping.
6: Or anywhere, looking.

Take your pick, and see if he gets annoyed or not. ]