22 April 2012 @ 07:14 pm
002 ♓ Her Imperious Condescension: Be Poisoned  
[Action; The Streets of Mayfield]

[Guess which alien Empress made the mistake of stepping on one of these flowers? Where a nearly eight foot genocidal queen stood moments before now sits a tiny little purple persian kitten, which could rival the size of the tyrian's head.]

You have got to be--my voice.

[--is high and squeaky pitched, yes. Looks like this little cat isn't going to be doing any lording over anyone today.]

[Action; 724 Anderson Lane]

[Sometime later, the Condescension will be sneaking back inside to avoid more humiliation, and making her home somewhere under furniture of some sort. Or perhaps under a pillow, either will do.]
09 February 2012 @ 08:09 pm
001 ♓ Her Imperious Condescension: Wake  
[Action; 724 Anderson Lane]

[Condesce wakes with a hell of a lot of cramps in almost every joint in her body, so much so that she doesn't even sit up right away. Instead, she rests her claws over her eyes with an agitated growl. There's a silent pause as she pulls them back to observe a substance that she had pulled from the surface of her hair.

...was that flour?]


[Action; Streets of Mayfield]

[Condesce appears mostly back to normal health, save for a nasty scar around her neck, mostly healed though still displaying that rich tyrian hue from where Signless had attacked her. She doesn't seem to interested in speaking to anyone, but she's not letting anyone walk past her without staring them dead in the eyes first.]


I believe a Karkat Vantas was looking to speak to me?