28 November 2012 @ 02:22 pm
{ Action - Starting at 1247 Williams road, continuing down the row of houses }

[He always slept with his rifle nearby and fully loaded. Such preparedness backfires for once, and Germany is confused as he gets up from his bed, takes the gun, and proceeds to walk about his own house. His body is not his own. It is...what is it? What does it want? ]



[He proceeds to keep yelling, keep trying to alert whoever is nearby. What does it want? He goes to the garage, finds a crowbar...finds instruments for lock-picking...finds things that would make breaking and entering quick and easy.] ...!! EVERYONE!!


[He can speak, at least he can speak. At least he has this loud, booming voice of his, at least. He continues to broadcast every move he makes outloud as he walks, trying to warn everyone within earshot no matter where he goes. He'll shout and shout until his throat runs dry, if that's what it takes... His eyes look where he wishes not to look, but his face is stuck, wide-eyed. Pure terror.

He does not stutter.]

I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life...

(( OOC: Germany is extremely dangerous. He's superhumanly strong and semi-immortal, thanks to being a nation, as well as masterfully skilled at combat. I'd appreciate it if you linked to your permissions comment from the sign-up post (Germany's is here), or otherwise just mentioned permissions in OOC comments. Avoiding death when meeting Germany will require either taking him out, or hiding really, really well if he sees you, so please keep track of other peoples' threads to see if he's already been taken out. By taken out, I mean by whatever means necessary; he may be killed.))
16 November 2012 @ 03:13 pm
[After weeks of letting Mayfield trick him with its false memories, weeks of psychological and mental strain, Germany has traded his left eye in exchange for the assurance that he has received all his true memories back. Bloody bandages are wrapped at an angle around his head, covering the empty hole; maybe after it heals, he'll find a proper eyepatch.

If he survives until then, of course, given the current state of Mayfield. Because he's out there on the streets, Karabiner 98K rifle gripped in his hands. He's visiting houses, looking for survivors and the wounded. He can't escort them all, but he can make sure everyone knows to head for the Library, and protect anyone in immediate danger that he can find.

After receiving one phone call from BLU Sniper at the house, he's decided it safer not to use the phones anymore. Lucy-- ...this Zemekis man who's been behind the curtain pulling the strings all along...will certainly do anything to find and kill all of them, now.

He wishes he could seek out individuals (his housemates are one thing, but he knows that Miss Hungary, not to mention Tiffany are still here..), but he can't let himself be impartial like that right now. This is bigger than himself. This is about not letting Zemekis get what he wants. For now, his true memories keep him company. His brother's smile, his over-confident words.

. . . .

Germany sneaks down each of the streets in full military uniform, iron cross hanging from his neck, a knife hidden in each boot. He's loaded all the ammunition he's ever regained for his rifle into every pocket he has, and he's going to make each and every shot count.]
14 October 2012 @ 12:05 pm
[Germany is at first confused when he wakes up in bed; Kallen always took the bed, after he insisted. Kallen is gone, in her stead a smiling drone. The faces in the hallway photos are all different. Checking outside, he notes he's been assigned to an entirely new house.

Within minutes after waking, he knows what has happened. He's been droned again, and brought back. For how long this time?

There's something off, this time, as well. He ignores it, but it feels like a subtle zinging pain keeps shooting through his head off and on. Like he hadn't slept right, wasn't all there yet.]

A - { Phone }

If you recognize my voice, please respond. ...I think I've been droned, or gone, for a time. Is Major General Armstrong still here? If not, I wish to speak to whoever is leading the resistance force. But before that, I seek to re-gather my bearings.

The last things I remember were... [He pauses. Westport and its cannibals. The highway. The dairy...] ...were complicated. It was April, year 195X+1 based on memory of my own first arrival and supplemented by information gathered from other captives.

I will compound a list of events soon, and will deliver copies to anyone who would like one. Leave your address, and you will receive it soon after. I'm calling in sick to work for the day.

B - { Action - 1247 Williams Road }

[Spends the day answering the phone, inspecting the house top-to-bottom, writing extensive notes, and rearranging his belongings that have appeared in the house since he woke up this morning. He ignores the droned "wife" entirely, without the blink of an eye even when she's speaking right next to him. He has to concentrate.]
07 October 2012 @ 10:43 pm
A - { Action - 1247 Williams Road }

[A tall, blond man of apparent German descent exits from the parents' bedroom this morning. His cheerful aura makes him difficult to tell him apart from the drones Mayfield's captives have had to get used to over time. The family photos decorating the house have changed, though, to one with discerning eyes. A swap has been made, from the previous drone "father".

But why swap for a new drone?]

B - { Action - Around Town, including Greased Lightning Garage in particular }

Mornin', skipper! Mornin', gramps! And a lovely mornin' to you as well, little miss!

[The new drone seems handy enough at fixing cars, but why is the boss acting like this guy "Ludwig" has been there for years? And wait just a minute; since when does Mayfield name its drones things like Ludwig?]

Hey there, what's on your mind that's got you going so quiet like that, eh?

Let me give you some advise, on the house, my friend. There's nothing worth worrying about as long as you've got a pair of legs still under ya, and your feet are planted right here in Mayfield. Ain't that right?

(( OOC note - Sorry to intro Germany droned, but I'll be busy vacationing for the next week! I'll tag back when I can, though! ))
14 January 2012 @ 05:00 pm
drei befehl | action + phone.  
[ACTION; 850 goldberg street]

[it doesn't sound exactly like a raid siren, but alarms in the middle of the night can't mean anything good. he's fully awake within seconds and out of bed, throwing open doors and checking for any of his housemates.]


[the next morning, soon after the sirens stop, he sounds completely exhausted on the phone.]

What the hell was going on last night? Was there some sort of attack? [a weary sigh.] I also seem to have... missed three days, somehow. Is this the case for anyone else?