27 September 2012 @ 10:02 am
Sixth Song - A Melody of Grit Determination  
 [Action - Park - Following medical treatment due to this post.]

Perhaps two days following a certain incident involving Barricade, Fi can be seen in the park, a number of bandages wrapped around her middle. The unfortunate side effects of her body and clothes being one and the same is the fact that said body, when damaged, is unfortunately going to be fairly easy to spot as such...

She appears to pay it no mind however, and instead nods to Scrapper at the side; the robot has apparently managed to carry with him a phonograph with records, and so long as he keeps it wound up it should be filling the area with some rather calming if not beautiful music- there's no real choice behind it other than 'it sounded nice', and for the next bit she's using the space in the park to practice dancing.


Unfortunately, while her flight means she can again glide and skip across the air, spinning without pause and moving in a way impossible to those without that power, her injuries appear to put quite the damper on that. "Gh..."

She's still trying though.
22 July 2012 @ 10:57 am
Fifth Song - Robots  
[913 Bilko]

 When Fi wakes up, she becomes distinctly aware of the fact that she's missed something.

Actually, it feels like she's missed a lot of things, and it's a good thing she hasn't looked at the calendar yet. Still. She feels groggy, dizzy, and... There's a package AND an envelope waiting for her-

And it's a good thing she opens the box first.


She jumps back as a familiar, two-foot tall robot hovers its way out.


"...Scrapper..?" How confusing.

But more confusing for fellow housemates will be what they see when she opens the envelope- Because suddenly her special dress is a part of her body, and her arms are gone.


[The sounds of what seem to be sparks, and other robotic noises, can be heard on the end of the line.]

Please be careful with your handling of the device, Scrapper.

[Evidently Fi isn't alone.] Bzz-weep! Affirmative Mistress Fi!!

...It would appear that I have regained my true form, with the disadvantages of a lack of arms. Due to previous experience, I have determined that this is the reason for which a robotic denizen from my realm has been returned. ...Additionally however, I would like to apologize beforehand not only for any worries I have caused, given the fact that I am unable to recall events of the past number of weeks, but also-

WrrrP! Any who blame Mistress Fi are wrong!


...I must apologize for Scrapper's behavior. He is considerably... ...'Touchy'.

...Additionally, I would like to ask if Jake English is still present. There is something I wish to show him.

[[ooc - Fi has regained Scrapper, a transport bot! Unfortunately, though he's extremely loyal to Fi, listening to her every word... He has a habit of insulting anyone and everyone else. At the very best you have frigid neutrality. Have fun!]]
06 June 2012 @ 01:13 pm
Fourth Song - And Suddenly, Emotions?  
[Action - 913 Bilko]

After the odd events of everyone's memories twisting to something else, Fi seems to look more like she used to, despite still obviously being human. A nice, beautiful dress, completely with the poncho-like 'arms' that extend to cover her still present and human ones.

It's therefore a terrible pity that she's spent the entire day inside.

Actually, Fi has spent ALL day inside, despite the fact that she should really have gone to school. Perhaps she doesn't think anyone will notice or all- but the fact is, she doesn't seem quite.. Stable.

"Hahh... hahh..." For those in the house, Fi can actually be found huddled in the corner by where the record player sits, apparently either afraid of something or simply trembling.

Otherwise, maybe someone should check in on her- the door's unlocked... And even then she's bound to answer if you knock enough times. Or if the phone rings enough.

[[ooc - tl;dr, the barriers for emotional capacity got ripped down by her AU self, and she gets to deal with the backlash of actually feeling fear. Phone responses are welcome!]]
08 May 2012 @ 03:34 pm
Third Song - Errand Duty  
[Action -842 Hastings Bvld - Backdated to shortly after Poison Joke]

There's a knock on your door Russia, and that girl from before (now with arms) is carrying the bag you lent her. She waits rather patiently for an answer.

[Action - Around Town]

Fi seems to be quiet today. Well- Quieter than normal. She can be spotted at numerous locations, inside or out, simply standing there. And staring.

Exactly why she is doing this is unknown, but she seems to specifically be watching drones, non drones, and their interactions to one another...

She also seems to be studying the clothing.


During my observations of this town, I have discovered that there is to be a 'prom'- I have been told it is a formal event involving dance, and have decided I will attend. However, I have also been told that it is recommended to attend with a partner- is this true?
22 April 2012 @ 04:57 pm
Second Song - ERROR, ERROR- [Poison Joke]  
 Action - Anywhere

"...Most inconvenient."

Fi appears, at first glance, to be entirely unaffected by the odd blue flowers she was examining earlier. At least until you realize her typical 'hand shake greeting' is gone.

Along with anything that came with it.

Fi stands, quite armless, before a door, a book... Anything that would require those hands really, and in the end she merely tilts her head in mild confusion.

"...I wonder if, in the same manner, my true form would cause this sort of a disadvantage..."

The answer, Fi, is yes.
11 April 2012 @ 07:24 pm
First Song - . . . Arms.  
 [ Action: 913 Bilko  ]

The first object of realization to come to mind is that she is not 'sleeping'. However, if she had been in her proper state, this would in fact have been the second object of realization. The first would be that 'something was wrong', because under no circumstances whatsoever was she meant to awaken in the first place.

And yet, she is opening her eyes, and moments later, standing. The body knows how to do this; it is a matter of balance. Her arms however hang limply at her sides for many moments, and it takes a few moments before she even realizes she can move them.

And when she does, her eyes widen despite her seemingly calm outlook- hands. Fingers. They move with her will, and are coloured with the same tones as the people of the sky would be. ...Though 'her will' is a little fuzzy on the specifics at the moment.

There is a mirror at a dresser across the room- taking a few stumbled steps before at least partially figuring out proper walking she's able to study this appearance more closely.

It will not be for some time after however until she has come to enough conclusions to open the door and venture into the remainder of the house, still in a dressing gown and looking rather 'spaced' for her part. She has yet to realize it, truthfully; but being unable to discern even a bit of information on what has happened is at its base, frightening.

[ Phone ]

[Her words are blank, flat, and short, and she has likely only grasped how this device works after multiple minutes of examining it.]

Where is this.