05 August 2012 @ 12:42 am
kuusteist // 16  
A: between 1332 and 1333 Benny Road

[After the last mess Mayfield had subjected them all to, Estonia found himself in the possession of one very old box of books, in more than a few languages. He's read them all before, of course, and they're some of his favourites, even one particularly worn Russian one he doesn't recommend to anyone, just because it's in Russian. After they arrive in Mayfield, he reads them all again, then decides to do the nice thing and share them around.

This is why he's headed over to Benny Road with an armful of books in Lithuanian and Polish. He slides some of them, with no note, into the mailbox of house 1332. He's halfway to the mailbox of 1333 when he realizes he got the address wrong, and doubles back. Somewhere between trying to switch out the stack of books and get the appropriate ones in the right nation's mailbox, most of the books wind up on the lawn, with one very frustrated Estonia trying not to make a scene.

It's probably not going so well.]

B: 5270 Cunningham Lane

[Hi, Ukraine. Estonia comes bearing a few books for you, as well as some pre-made food and cuddles. Enjoy.]

C: phone

[Estonia clears his throat awkwardly before starting, and a few times more during pauses while he presents his question.]

Not that it's... um, of any great importance, but I was wondering if there would be anybody here interested in a choir of any sort. Just for curiosity's sake. [Ahem.] I don't really have anywhere with a piano to suggest meeting, but I'm sure something could be worked out, if... people were interested? If not, that's fine, too.
11 May 2012 @ 03:34 pm
viisteist // 15  
A: 946 Beulah Street, 7133 Brooks Street, Mayfield High

[Being in Mayfield for a full year meant that Estonia could allow himself a day of really not caring at all. This means he's riding one of his pets to school, like a horse. Except it's not a horse. Or any other animal usually known to man. In fact, if you look at it too long, you might just go crazy.

Of course, first he needs to pick up Latvia to walk him to school. He's a... good friend, like that.]

B: the bowling alley

[Were you planning on spending your Friday night at the lanes? Congratulations, there may just be a mochi (or four) hanging around, making very poor fake bowling balls, as they're far too squishy for that, and generally being nuisances. Estonia's drone manager must be out.]

C: 5720 Cunningham Lane

[It's not uncommon to have Estonia over visiting Ukraine, particularly in the evenings. The fact that he arrived on the mochi monstrosity and then left it tied up outside while he went to ring the doorbell is slightly more uncommon.]
19 March 2012 @ 10:08 pm
neliteist // 14  
A: Mayfield High School, music room, after school

[Every so often, Estonia has taken to taking over the music room after school, closing the door and baring it with a chair so he has some time to himself. He never takes long, just long enough to sit at the piano and let his hands move over the keys, playing familiar melodies from home and wishing he wasn't the only one humming along. Even for him, who took care never to show too many feelings at all, if he could, it was getting painful to pass by national holidays without any of his people around. He had his friends and Ukraine, of course, but they could never be the same.

Today he plays a slow but steady sort of tune, a folk song when done properly. He hasn't locked the door, for a change.]

B: 1333 Benny Road

[Depressed Baltics congregating at Lithuania's house is a thing now. Today it's Estonia ringing the doorbell for his old companion, arms free of any of the usual things -- books or notes or pets -- he has with him.]

C: the bowling alley

[He's only here because being droned doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Congratulations, bowlers, you have the most disgruntled looking nerd ever handling things for you tonight. Not even a lecture on his "attitude" from his drone boss will do much to fix anything.]
14 February 2012 @ 01:43 pm
kolmteist // 13  
A: action, around town

[For all that plenty of people seem to be acting strangly today, Estonia seems more or less unaffected as he hunts people he knows down to give them simple, but genuine Valentine's Day cards. The theme of them seems to be friendship, over anything romantic, but it's his way of appareciating his friends here in Mayfield.

If he doesn't see you at school, he'll be coming to your home or place of work to drop the card off.]

B: phone

[Whoops, spoke too soon. He was affected by those irises after all.]

I think it's ridiculous that people in love have to hide it simply because of unfortunate geographic locations. Judgements on courtship in general are more than a little irksome in general, but absolute secrecy? I have no desire to play any part in conforming to that.

I love Ukraine. And Russia, if you're listening, there is not a thing you and your stupid pipe can do about it. I'm not scared of you. [And now there's a dramatic hang up. Oh dear.]

C: 946 Beulah Street, evening

[Estonia is multitasking. In the kitchen, he seems to be preparing an exciting and exotic dinner for two, while his housemates, regardless of droned state, are being subtly kept out of the kitchen and dining room for the evening.

Gosh, it's almost like he has a date or something.]
19 January 2012 @ 06:04 pm
kaksteist // 12  
A: 946 Beulah Street

[You can blame this whole thing on drones. Some of the young male ones at the high school were talking about shiny new "rocket" toys, and how they wanted to make them. Bottle rockets, model rockets, it didn't matter, but that nerdy-looking square sure looked like he'd be able to help them figure it out.

So Estonia did. And then he got carried away.

Which is why you may catch him leaving the house today carrying a large box of assorted miniature rockets, his three mocha pets perched on top of the mess so they're not stuck at home as he goes out for some testing.]

B: the park

[Estonia is apparently excellent at constructing powerful model rockets. Estonia is also apparently awful at aiming them, because they tend to go off in any direction they feel like, with a particular fondness for passing awfully close to unlucky people.

One of the larger ones causes the most trouble when one of the mochis climbs on board at the last moment. When Estonia scrambles to catch it, he displays a great show of Baltic Luck by getting his jacket caught on fire.]

C: the bowling alley

[The stoic-faced boy behind the counter tonight smells a little bit burnt still, and... is that some singeing to his hair on one side? Yes. Yes, it is.]