26 January 2012 @ 08:31 am
12th Capture  
[ Mayfield high ]

[ Normally Elsie is very happy and what not but she can't help but feel a little down given whats going on with the town. Nothing bad has happened to her so far so she's not suffering from any past injury like everyone else has. She was a little lucky back when Keima was still around he was making sure nothing happened to her but the last few months have just been her hiding inside when everything starts to turn. ]

Kami-sama would know what to do...

[ Phone ]

U-um I feel like it might have been a really bad idea to break that machine thingy if it's causing a lot of people to get hurt! I can't really help much if anyone is injured but I can try my best, it's better to have tons of people helping in this sort of case right? At the very least I can help cook an clean, that's worth something.