30 November 2012 @ 11:40 pm
Egg Post Final Version  
[With Annie's call, Eggman didn't have to be told twice! Riding in the Egg Walker and flanked by so many Egg Robos, Egg Pawns and the Mecha Sonic, all Eggman could to is run and try not to be killed.]

This is ridiculous! I was going to take over this place! Not let it do this! Oh, how I HATE that witch!

[As the hazmat men start arriving, the robots make their move, tackling, shooting and all around trying to save Eggman from them.]

Keep up or you'll be left behind!
28 November 2012 @ 05:53 pm
Egg Post Mk-XII  

[It sounds like the person on the other side of the phone is in a bit of a hurry. Like he's figured something out.]

This... all of this... this has been Mrs. Johnson's work from the beginning. It all makes sense now! Listen, this is still a theory, but I think I understand what's going on now!

Read more... )


[The entire town's gone mad, everyone's trying to kill everyone else. So far, Eggman hasn't been affected, but he's refusing to hide. Riding on his Egg Walker and flanked by his various Egg Pawns, Egg Robos and the Mecha Sonic, he's ready to meet anyone head on.]

So, it's come down to this... I'll show you what real terror is!
22 August 2012 @ 12:43 am
Egg Post Mk-XI  
Action: 309 Miller Street

[Since the whole carnival thing, Dr. Eggman's kept to himself - mostly to busy himself working on his ravaged Egg Carrier and to ignore the world around him. He found out about the droned Shadow and he wasn't going to let that happen to him. No sirree.

At the moment, those who pass by his home would notice a few additions: a few a new set of robots, EggRobos, flying around as well as a large, robotic hedgehog making a few patrolling rounds across the yard.

Of course, with Mayfield going haywire, the various robots that run rampant across the house have started to phase through the house as a whole... and proceeded to get stuck in them.]

...oh, for crying out loud! I know you idiots are smarter than that!

[And there's the "good" doctor himself, just facepalming at it all.]
27 June 2012 @ 11:54 am
Egg Post Mk-X  
A) Phone, filtered from Drones

That carnival... I know some people call me mad, but this is a whole new level of depraved! Especially that roller coaster! But, there's something there, something worth finding and I'm going to find it! And if I had my guess, it's going to be in that boarded-up fun house!

At the same time, though, there's something IN here, too. What, exactly, I don't know. What I do know is that if any of you are intending on attempting to find out, don't be an idiot and rush in unprepared! And don't blow up whatever you find, thinking you can go home automatically! The next thing you might blow up might end up killing us all for good!

B) Outside 309 Miller Street

[Eggman's busy working on his Egg Walker at the moment. When he regained it, it was completely basic - no weapons at all and only basic hovering capabilities. To fix that, he's been grabbing parts from the wrecked Egg Carrier and is refashioning them into simple weapons - at most, a manipulator and a simple laser gun. Hopping into his machine and activating it, he took aim at the tree in his front yard and fired, branches dropping to the ground as the laser cut through it.]

Ho-HO! It works! And once this place gives me back the rest of this thing's weaponry, I'll be unstoppable with this! I just hope I have enough spare parts to build some for my Egg Pawns - I refuse to let them go weaponless for now on! Especially with what's going to happen!
08 June 2012 @ 12:37 pm
Egg Post Mk-IX  
A) Action - 309 Miller Street, outside

[For the most part, Eggman... has no idea what the heck happened. One minute he was perfectly fine, the next... something about Legionization. Whatever the heck that means. Now, it seems that it was over, the scientist steps out back, grumbling.]

Alternate mes... that's the only thing I can think-- huh?

[And as he stops out, he can't help but gawk at what's parked in his backyard.

Could it be...?]

...the Egg Carrier? Here?! Oh-hooo! This is magnificent! No longer do I have to stand around in my drab and boring house and...!

[And now, he notices it - yes, it's the Egg Carrier - and everyone in the friggin' town can see it... but it's also pretty wrecked.]

Hmph. So, it brought me the first one, huh? No matter, I'll find a way to rebuild it!

[And as he says this, an idea came to his head...]


2) Phone

Hello, wonderful citizens of Mayfield! It is I, Dr. Eggman, with a question for you all! It seems that the town has returned to me something of great value to me, but for the moment, it's not in the condition to be fully operational! But, I can't let it go to waste, now can I?

With a few modifications, of course, how would you all feel about having it as some sort of... summer fun place? The kiddies are getting ready to get out of school, right? Why not have some fun...

...for a nominal fee, of course.
08 May 2012 @ 10:52 am
Egg Post Mk-VIII  
A) Phone

For those of you who are going to that ridiculous "prom", you're a bunch of idiots who are wasting your time! You realize we're probably giving this stupid city every reason to keep us here longer by throwing one of those!

But, oh, no, go ahead. Enjoy your stupid little prom. You'll come to regret it when we're stuck here for another year or two!

B) 309 Miller Street Backyard

[And despite Eggman's growling over how everyone's going to have fun at the prom, he's out doing something else with his time - backyard cookout! Or well, his Egg Pawns are doing the cooking, Eggman's found a way to relax on a chair. As he does, a drone approaches from one of the fences.]

Smells good, neighbor! Planning for one of your big cookouts?

What? N-No! This is just for me... and my family!

That's great to hear! I'll let everyone know!

You won't tell anyone! This is my food! ARGH!

[Care to drop in/aggravate the made scientist/steal his food/whatever?]
10 April 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Egg Post Mk-VII  
[Location: 309 Miller Street]

[Some days, it's good to have hired help. Or at least repairable mooks. As Eggman watches outside, his Egg Walker now back in his possession, his Egg Pawns are busy opening the two boxes he received from after the pranks. The first box is opened and one Egg Pawn is shocked as a second has his head knocked off by the spring-loaded punching glove. The other box is soon opened and two more Egg Pawns are sent off running as the swarm of angry bees come running after them. A fifth Egg Pawn grabs the abandoned box and returns it to Eggman.]

Sometimes it pays to have good help.

[He can't help but stick his finger in the honey and take a taste of it.]

Mmm, yummy!
01 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place  
[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
432 Peepers Street )

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
309 Miller Street )

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
842 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Luke Triton ]
726 Anderson Lane )

[ Crona ]
945 Beulah Street )
Current Location: Residential Mayfield
11 March 2012 @ 05:50 pm
Egg Post Mk-VI  
[Action - 309 Miller Street]

Oh, you have to be kidding me! Not again!

[For the past few weeks, in-between jobs, getting threatened by Shadow and dealing with his drone family, Dr. Eggman's been trying his best to convert his house into some awesome (by 1950s-era standards) base. And every morning, his house keeps getting restored to normal. This was getting ridiculous!]

Every morning, the same thing! I'm going to give this house the "extreme makeover" it deserves! MINE! And nothing in this blasted world's going to stop me!

[And once more, the mad scientist sets out to rebuild once more. At least he has his Egg Drones to help.]
08 February 2012 @ 12:51 pm
Egg Post Mk-V  
[Action: Outside 309 Miller Street]

[It took Eggman quite awhile to finally get out of the situation he was in. He was now back in his old body, the metal ball he was stuck in gone and he was mad as hell. As he stepped outside, he resolved to make this city pay for its humiliation - no matter what his captives say. As he stepped out, Egg Pawns in tow, he stopped to see something familiar.]

My Egg Walker! I haven't used this in ages! [with a grin, he hopped onto the machine, started it up and took aim at his car... and learned that the guns don't work.] What in the...? When I order you to fire, you fire, not jam up! AGH! [he pounds the console in frustration.]

[Action: Anywhere in Mayfield.]

[Eggman isn't letting the lack of firepower deter him. At the moment, one might see him charging through the streets in the machine, causing a bit of mayhem as he cuts in front of cars.]

HaHA! It feels GREAT. Once I get this thing fixed up, I'll make sure to really let people have it!
31 January 2012 @ 08:03 pm
Egg Post Mk-IV  
[Anywhere In Town]

[Yesterday, one might have found Dr. Eggman's Egg Pawns searching across the city, looking for their creator - someone had spirited him away! Today, they have found him!

Or at least his head. Where the rest of him is not known, except for the scientist himself.

Who is busy being rolled by his robots down the street.]

I... hate... my... life...!

[A few moments later]

24 January 2012 @ 11:25 pm
Egg Post Mk-III  

Okay, that was probably one of the most boneheaded things any of us could have done! What were any of you thinking?! Especially not letting any of us find out what it was for ourselves?! That could have been a way out and you've doomed us all to live the rest of our lives in this miserable dump!

You're no better than that miserable hedgehog!


The other one, Shadow!