03 June 2012 @ 03:16 pm
??? Purification...?: The Dark Sun (All across the AU event)  
Action: 503 Ricardo

(The sun...that infernal sun is too bright. It hurts Django's eyes to even be this exposed to it. He shouldn't feel this way, but he does. His head is pounding and despite not having any of his vampiric powers, he can feel the darkness engulfing his mind...

...it's too much for him to bear. It was too bright, too cheerful and too happy. His world was dead...he helped it die. To see another world still shine after giving in to evil and surrendering all that made him good...

...he screamed. And he is now going tearing through the entire house in rage and confusion. Nothing is well with the Solar Boy anymore...

Action: Around Town; morning to afternoon

(The sun...it didn't burn his skin anymore. Without his powers, it couldn't hurt him, but he instinctively drew away from it. Getting through the town without touching the sunlight was proving to be a difficult task, but like an animal, he sticks to the shade. You might want to avoid him, though; he'll only draw back once before attacking you!)

Action: Makeout Point; Night

(The sun...it was finally gone. With the night comes relief and the surfacing of the Solar Boy(?) himself.

Up here in Makeout Point, he could see the moon brightly. He didn't know enjoyment anymore, but he was able to take much more comfort now than under the sunlight. The darkness was his strength now. As uncontrollable as it was for him, it was his power. It didn't matter if he didn't regain it yet; the darkness was all he knew...

...looking up at the night sky, he extended an arm towards the moon, roaring out for the one thing that would stay with him in this altered town, what would linger in his body even when absent: the darkness.


((OOC: Django's now from an AU where instead of avenging his father's death and saving the world, he sided with darkness and became their "Black Sun," helping the villains destroy his own world by terrorizing and killing innocent people and releasing Jormungandr itself to devour everything else. He won't be doing much talking like this, but Django has a much more violent and feral vampire-like behavior without any of the vampire powers. He'll be attacking people on sight, so if you're looking for a fight, here's the post for one! I'm entirely up for Django losing each one, so have fun kicking his ass...unless you want to lose for some reason. o.o))
28 April 2012 @ 11:48 pm
5th Purification: The Great Tree of the Sun  
Action: 503 Ricardo Street; open

(So Django got something in the mail after all of that pranking stuff, but kind of got too busy with going around Mayfield and only recently remembered he had one.

Once he took a look at the picture, he heard a rumbling from his backyard. Rushing on over, he witnessed the commotion and HOLY CRAP THAT IS A BIG TREE! While it might take up a good chunk of the backyard, Django couldn't be any happier to see it. He knew exactly what this tree was: a solar tree.

So yeah, anyone passing by, living next door or in this house will notice this really big tree with pink leaves in Django's backyard. It might give off a bit of an unnatural feeling since it's not normal, but it's a benevolent feeling. Also, this guy is totally pumped to have it and just might be that much more active around the neighborhood. Dare to approach?

Phone; filtered away from Black Dainn Because you're a meanie face

Hello Mayfield. My name is Django; I've recently regained something very important to me and I feel it can greatly assist everyone in town. The solar tree is a proud and mighty thing in my world; it protects the innocent from the vampires and legions of undead they control. It can grow fruit all year round while the sun shines brightly, a factor I won't have to worry about here..

...anyway, the most important thing about this tree is its morning dew; each day at sunrise, it drops a single drop of dew that can completely heal anyone it touches. If anyone is in need of such assistance, whether its providing fruit or healing, then please feel free to ask me.

Action: Church; specifically for Merem Solomon and Ciel, but open to all

(Django's been very very anxious ever since someone from his world made his way into Mayfield: someone who haunted Django to his very core. It wouldn't be long before he regained his powers, but the Solar Boy wasn't about to simply wait for it to happen! He actually remembered a previous conversation he had with a girl about a group the church was putting together, so he was finally going to take up her offer!

Once he finally arrives at the church, he'll be anxiously looking for people and asking about them.

Excuse me, Would you know where I could find Ciel or Merem Solomon? I was told I could find them here.
06 April 2012 @ 04:18 am
4th Purification: Crank Dat Solar Boy (Backdated to April 2nd)  
(Django hasn't delved into the world of pranking before, but he feels he's off to a good start. As such, he'll just proceed with the other names in his list! He apparently has a knack for sneaking into people's houses, so that's just what he'll do!)

For [personal profile] sinistraljoker

Hello, Shoutaro~ )

For [personal profile] kettchmeifyoucan

You don't make things easy, Wes... )

For [personal profile] thebeastwithout

You're essentially final boss status, Beast Boy. )

Action: Around town

(Juuuuuuuuuuust in case anyone wants to bother Django while he's out doing...whatever he's doing. He's not too much fun without occasional people to troll him.)
22 March 2012 @ 01:30 pm
3rd Purification: Ghost Buster Django (Mood slime day 3)  
Action: Around town

(Day three of this madness and Django here has been doing battle with it since. It's on this day that Dr. Egon developed something to battle the effects of the angry slime, leaving the solar boy all too willing to help.

...okay, now to the good part. You'll probably see this guy speeding through the streets of Mayfield on his sexy new bike with his long, red scarf flowing in the wind. And yes, his bike has guns attached to it; guns that shoot solar bullets! He's also shooting down ghosts with his own solar gun, so anyone can see that this guy is on a mission.

He also has a vacuum cleaner provided by Dr. Egon to help him with his work. Overall, Django is looking totally badass as he makes short work of the ghosts while spraying happy slime on anyone with angry slime. You'll see him on the road as he slowly, but surely gets the done.
21 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[Outside Mayfield Elementary]

[After school lets out for the day—or a little before, Flandre was proud of how very sneaky she was—Flandre can be found clambering all over the playground again, making full use of her claws and her wings.

But she’s a bit more careful this time! She looks around before she starts sliding down things like pipes, watching for people approaching. If a person is spotted, the vampire promptly sits on her hands and furls her wings away and looks innocent.

Right next to whatever she just put giant scratches in the paint of.

…no one really taught her how to use the fireman pole okay.

((OOC: Chronologically the thread with Marceline goes first. Also there may be bats in your thread instead of tiny vampires because everything’s better with bats.))
02 February 2012 @ 03:32 am
2nd Purification: What can kill you makes you weaker  
Action A: Outside the hospital

(The instant he is dumped outside of the hospital, Django scurries towards any type of shade he can find, wincing and groaning in pain as he does so. His glare shifts between the bright sun in the sky and the hospital before him; the very tool his survival was based on, the sun, could kill him if he were exposed to its rays for too long.

He had been in a situation much like this before, but the pain seemed to be worse because he was still in his normal form. With his body still aching from the hallucinated burns, he lies face down in the snow in hopes of numbing the pain away. Unless he could somehow travel in the shade, he would have to wait until night time before he could safely return home.

Phone: Filtered to Abel Nightroad.

(Django’s normally optimistic tone is now much more grim than it normally is.)

Partner…I’m in a lot of trouble, and…I’m not sure how long I can last…

Action B: Around Mayfield.

(One way or another, Django managed to get home and tried to rest and recuperate, but too many factors kept him from doing so. The sense of restlessness kept him from staying in one place, but all of the windows…all of the sunlight practically covering every inch of the house…he literally would have died if he stayed there. Sleep wasn’t an option anymore, even at night; it was the only time he could safely be outside now.

So here he was, wandering the streets of Mayfield, looking for people who needed help. For those who see him sneaking in the shade or ducking under anything he can carry, he’s visibly exhausted and in a lot of pain. Whether he dies or collapses from fatigue, Django looks as though he’ll fall over soon.