30 November 2012 @ 11:46 pm
Final Seal Unlocked  
[time was of the essence right now and the Shadow Immortal did know the value of getting a move on when time was running short.

the minute he heard the call, Dainn left his house. he was sick of this place, copy or not, true or not, he hated being closed up in what felt like a box. he hated being controlled. if he could never leave that was fine. anything to get out of this stupid place and away from that stupid woman who thought she could control him.

so he makes his way through the town, blasting hazmats with bits of Dark Matter. oddly enough though, Dainn will stop if he sees someone in trouble. it'll be brief but he'll still offer some firepower.]

This is getting to be troublesome...
18 September 2012 @ 09:19 pm
8th Seal Unlocked  
[Action | 3478 Erwin | Morning]

[well well, it seems that today is Dainn's lucky day. a package arrived for him early in the day. seeing that Mayfield had yet to give him something he didn't want (besides clawing his eyes out that one time), the Shadow Immortal went to go get it.

the power he felt return to him cause Dainn to burst out laughing. it was back! his greatest power...oh was he going to have fun with this.]

[Phone | Open | Morning]

It seems we've dug quite deep into the puzzle that is this town! Wonderful...that means there are many choices before us on how to go forward.

[there's a pause and Dainn speaks again. he sounds rather amused.]

Speaking of choices, I have a question for all of you. If you had to choose between killing someone you cared dearly for, like a friend, lover or family member to save your own world, would you do it? Or would you let the world be destroyed?

...oh, and there is no way around it, no third option. That person has to die to keep your world safe. With that in mind would you still do it?

[only one person in all of Mayfield knows that answer. they'd also know that Dainn is leaving something out in that question...]
05 August 2012 @ 05:34 pm
7th Seal Unlocked  
[Phone | Open]

Humm...it seems I'm quite curious once again. [and feeling a bit...trolly and in weird mood.] The subject of families. Decribe them to me. I have no idea what it's like, so feel free to be as descriptive as you like.

[okay he did, but Dainn was never 100% sure what he felt about his own family. feeling something such as love was unknown to the Immortal.]

...you're also free to use your families here in Mayfield or your real ones, of course.

[Action | John Doe Park | Night time]

[the Shadow Immortal is once again out and about at night. the park is slowly becoming his haunt lately but he doesn't particularly mind.

but it seems he's actually looking for someone this time. in this case some poor drone who's stupid enough to be out at night. hey he needs a pick me up, okay? and tomato juice tastes terrible.

though if someone wants to join the vampire, he won't mind. just don't call him out on what he's doing >_>]
11 July 2012 @ 06:33 pm
6th Seal Unlocked  
Action | 3478 Erwin | Morning]

[Dainn woke with a start. he remembered it. alone in that tunnel having his eyes clawed out by the creature who dared mimic his appearence. it killed him. he died again. he died again.

the shadow felt angry, far far more angry than he'd even been in his life. this place had succeeded in hurting him, in trapping him. he hated feeling this way.

so ignoring his "wife" who wished him good morning and his "children" who wanted to play, Dainn walked outside for a breath of fresh air. not that he really needed to breathe anymore but it was somewhat nice, even if that infernal sun still was out. but that's when he spotted two packages. remembering what happened last time a package appeared, he tore them open.

almost immeaditly he felt his body begin to disolve again but it wasn't the same thing that robbed him of his legs and hand and he needed to focus to retain his appearence. his normal, shadow body was back and just to see what the second package had done, Dainn raised his hand and three balls of Klorofolun appeared.

Dainn started laughing. A reward for death. cute, Mayfield. real cute. but there were other things to do. he hadn't fed in a long time, after all.]

[phone | open]

Cut for violence )

[Action | John Doe Park | Night]

[by night time Dainn has managed to calm down enough to go outside. he has wandered off to the park again and is seated on a bench. he also is joined by three balls of darkness that are floating around. Dainn was trying to keep himself amused and his mind off his death, but he also wouldn't mind some company as well. join him?]
20 June 2012 @ 01:09 pm
5th Seal Unlocked  

[Phone | Filtered to AM]

Hello there. I would like a minute of your time, if possible.

[Phone | Open]

Who here likes riddles...? I have one.

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?


[Action: John Doe Park | Night]

[once the sun went down, Dainn went out for a walk again. if there was one thing he liked about Mayfield it was that it had perfect nights.

he eventually winds up at the park and sits down to watch the stars.]
It really is a beautiful night...

[and once again, he wouldn't mind company. misery loved it, after all.]
07 June 2012 @ 02:32 pm
4th Seal Unlocked  

[Action | 3478 Erwin | Morning]

[Dainn wasn't quite sure why he'd gotten a package, but none the less he decided to open it.

the minute he opened it he felt his teeth grow into fangs, the shape quite familiar when he ran his tounge over them. and the hunger...the hunger of an Immortal - a vampire.]

Well well....I believe I owe you one Mayfield. Thank you.


So that was one of the..."events" that this place sees fit to inflict on us? It was interesting, I have to say.

Humm...if no one minds me asking, what other kinds of things have happened here? I would like to know...

[Action: Around Mayfield | Night]

[this was a long time coming. being human didn't stop his desire to be out in about during the night so Dainn was making up for lost time.

he can be found wandering around Mayfield without a destination in mind. Dainn looks very pleased with himself, far more than usual. he felt at home in the darkness and happy he had his vampirism back.

he probably wouldn't mind any company on his walk, depending on who you are.]
15 May 2012 @ 07:55 am
3rd Seal Unlocked  
[grocery store]

[it had taken Dainn awhile to convince his "wife" to let him do the grocery shopping today, a problem that the Immortal solved by simply locking her in the basement and heading out.

so here he was, one of the places that humans got their food. he didn't particularly want to do this but Dainn wasn't going to die from something as stupid as starvation and if that meant he'd have to suck it up and eat human food, than so be it.

he can be found here most of the day, trying to find something that looks appetizing.]

[phone - later in the evening]

[Dainn's voice sounds pretty amused when he speaks.]

Human food is actually rather interesting. I can see why humans eat it, aside from the possibility of starving to death. It's pleasing to the taste.

...aside from tomato juice. I can't see why anyone would like it.

[if that sounded like a dig at someone, it's probably just your imagination. even though it is.]

But on a completely unrelated note, is it possible to get a piano here? I would like to have one...
30 April 2012 @ 09:09 pm
2nd Seal Unlocked  

[Action - John Doe Park]

[there's a former Immortal sitting on a bench in the park today and he looks rather sleepy. Dainn had forgotten that a human's sleep schedule was much different than a vampire's (or rather, he had been ignoring it and forcing himself to stay up at night) and the lack of sleep was finally coming back to haunt him.

sighing, he stood up and began to make his way home. since he's not paying attention to where he's going, it's very likely Dainn will bump into you.]


Human bodies are rather...difficult to deal with, aren't they? [where a laugh would normally go is instead replaced by a yawn.] Would someone be willing to explain how they work to me?

...feel free to be as detailed as possible. I don't understand them at all. [now he finally laughs.]
11 April 2012 @ 08:12 pm
1st Seal Unlocked  

[Action: Around Mayfield]

[If you're wandering around, you may notice an unfamiliar man walking around as well. The strange thing about is he's sticking to the shade provided by the houses, trees, anything.

Hey, Dainn doesn't want a repeat performance of burning to death. Once was enough, thank you very much, even if he did feel a little strange. Or maybe he knew exactly why he felt strange but didn't want to...admit what he was now.

Either way, he's wandering around, looking for a way out or at least some information.


[Later on, a voice floats through the phone. The person sounds very calm for someone who just found themself in a different world and not dead.]

Is this a form of communication in this place? I'm quite surprised the afterlife would be like this...it seems rather nice.

[there's the sound of movement and Dainn drums his fingers on a table. solid. he doubts he'd ever get used to this.]

But if this isn't the afterlife, would someone be kind enough to tell me what this place is?

[a pause and then he laughs a little.]

And...has someone seen a boy named Solar Boy Django? We still have a lot to talk about!