30 November 2012 @ 10:52 pm
38th Blood | Whoops time to go  

Well, I guess it's time to leave. Hopefully it isn't some kind of stupid trap.

Anyway, I'm gonna go over there. If anyone needs help I'll help you out...everything's going kinda crazy.

[Filtered to Ciel/Marisa and Merem]

I assume I don't have to worry about any of you, right? If I do don't worry, I'll swoop in to your rescue.

Don't worry, I won't leave "little Ciel" behind either.

[Action | All around town heading toward the highway]

[Arcueid's out, making her way toward the highway. She'll be stopping to break up clusters of Hazmats trying to harass citizens, so if anyone needs help this'll be your glittering White Princess in shining armor.]
18 September 2012 @ 11:04 am
37th Blood | This isn't fun anymore  
[Phone | Unfiltered]

So yea...I've been here for a while, and got pretty used to all the stupid stuff that goes on here. It was all pretty weird but you could kind of get used to it after a while, and even start predicting when stuff would happen.

[There's a long pause before Arcueid speaks again. She doesn't really sound afraid, just maybe a little nervous.]

This is different...isn't it?

[Action | All around town | Late night]

[Once the moon had come up, Arcueid had decided to take stock of what might be going on around town. No goofy Phantasmoon, no silly antics, she's just moving about like a vampire do.

You may find her sitting on your roof, laying on the grass, or maybe just actually walking around like a normal person. The woman seems a little bit worn out tonight, no whimsical fancies to deal with.

Feel free to bug her, she'd probably appreciate it, actually.]
04 September 2012 @ 06:55 pm
36th Blood | Day late and a dollar short  
[Arcueid Brunestud, white princess of the true ancestors, with sharpened killer instincts and always completely on top of things picks up the phone today.

She is likely about to address the fellow residents of Mayfield with something important, something to think about, something that will stimulate the mind and show that she truly is a superior being. Take heed, Mayfield.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

Hey...did anyone else get a weird letter in the mail? I haven't really been awake for a while. Did I miss something?

[Oh, wait, it's Arcueid Brunestud. Airhead vampire.]
26 June 2012 @ 01:16 pm
35th Blood | White Beauty of the Moon  
[Action | The Dark Carnival]

[Mysterious radio messages? The town is obviously up to something, AND pops up a creepy carnival right in town?

Not in this town. NOT THIS TIME. The people have had enough. They cry out for a hero...a stalwart defender of humanity who WILL NOT REST until all are safe and sound. A competent hero, a hero able to slay the evils all around them.


Unfortunately, they get this.

In the new carnival, at one of the points when the Ferris wheel has stopped, a strange figure appears at the top. Her entrance is marked by a flurry of bright sparkles, all star and moon shaped, flying from her person. Then...the intro starts, in case you may have forgotten who she is.]


[After making her intro, though, the Ferris wheel starts up once again. Arcueid wobbles, trying to keep her footing, and falls off the back, disappearing behind the Ferris wheel. Someone might want to go check on her.]

[Though, AFTER SHE RECOVERS FROM HER FALL, Arcu- er...Phantasmoon will be patrolling this creepy carnival, looking for anything SUSPICIOUS.

Don't mind that she might stop to play a few games or whatever, she has to test them to make sure they are safe.]

[Option A]

[Phantasmoon hit the ground behind that ferris wheel HARD. She's sitting on the ground, looking as if she's pouting. She seems perfectly fine, only her pride is wounded at this point. Still, if you wanted to check on the crazy woman who fell off the ferris wheel, this is your chance.]

[Option B]

[Phantasmoon has cornered you for investigation! You will be interrogated to determine your credibility in being a simple victim, or a possible evildoer! Don't be fooled by how silly that wand looks, it is a powerful weapon!]

[Option C]

[YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK! Attack by sparkles that...really don't do anything but look pretty. Still, you have been singled out as a possible evildoer, and you must be neutralized! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!]

[Option D]

[You have caught PHANTASMOON playing carnival games! Just what is a heroine of justice doing slacking off like this??]

[Option E]

[Phantasmoon may have left the carnival and gone to patrolling the town, but you are still not safe from her interrogations or house-checks! She's either stopping you on the street to ask some questions, or possibly even knocking on your door for a surprise inspection!]
06 May 2012 @ 09:14 pm
34th Blood | Cooking Mama!  
[Action | 1486 Kramden]

[In the evening, when everyone comes home from their various schoolings or jobs or whatnot, they will return home to a horrible scene. The kitchen...the kitchen is destroyed. Not really destroyed as in the exploded or blown up sense, but it looks as if a mad scientist has been performing experiments in the kitchen.

Though, the end result is various plates full of...sugar cookies. She's even taken white frosting and made little pictures on each cookie. Things like moons and cats and even poorly drawn renditions of various people. Some of them even look like she was running out of ideas so they're just...random patterns.

For the time being, Arcueid's doing her best to clean everything up, and if anyone makes their presence known in the kitchen they will be asked to try cookies.

...just don't try the ones that are sitting near the garbage can. Those are not good cookies...and Ciel isn't allowed to know about them.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

I made cookies! [Wow, this woman sounds way too excited about this, but the voice is assaulting you over the phones either way.]

I think I did a pretty good job. Actually, I think they're the best cookies ever. Does anyone wanna try?

[Around Town | Late Evening]

[Arcueid's going around town with some containers filled with sugar cookies! If she catches you, she's gonna make you try one. As for the taste...they're just sugar cookies. You can't really fuck that up despite the intense amount of work Arc had to put in to make them right. Still, they have cute little bad drawings/pictures on them!

Would you care for a cookie?]
02 April 2012 @ 09:11 pm
33rd Blood | Welcome to Prankfield  
[[OOC: Alright, kiddos. This is a general target/being a target post for the event! Arcueid's targets include Negi ([personal profile] protectshisclass), Ilsa ([personal profile] ooeeooahah), Lil' Slugger ([personal profile] strike_you_out), Luke ([personal profile] hintcoinplz), and Kyo Sohma ([profile] the_cat_that_hates_leeks). It will be up to anyone caught in Arcueid's traps whether or not they work, so feel free to have fun with that! Also, for those targeting Arcueid, feel free to jump in on this post to catch Arc unawares as she's so focused and pranking the hell out of everyone.]]

[Ah, it's such a good day today isn't it, Prankfield? It happens to be April 2nd, and Arcueid seems to be feeling just a bit sick already. Her skin has begun to break out in the green rash, but she still seems as excited as ever as she darts across town, finding ways to set up pranks for the residents of Mayfield!

Arcueid may have been given a list of targets...but that's lame. Why just stick to a few people? No, as long as you are living and breathing in this town, you are getting pranked! Even the drones will be suffering the wrath of Arcueid's pent-up boredom.

She's not sticking to one prank, though. She's going all-out. Well, all-out for how much modern knowledge into this art as she has. Characters who wish to be caught in a pranking attempt by Arcueid may choose from a number of poisons for their misery!

A. Arcueid has bombarded you with water balloons from a rooftop! It's really not creative at all, and barely a prank...except these water balloons are filled with various cooking/food liquids! GOTCHA! Feel free to attempt to retaliate...but...she's going to get out of there in a hurry.

B. Why is your front door...or possibly other random door in your house ajar? What goes on here? Well, walk through that door and BAM! BUCKET OF WATER ON THE HEAD! Whoever did this...seems to be nowhere around.

C. Oh! The doorbell! Whoever could it be? You open your front door...and realize there's nothing there. Do you smell something burning? Why yes, you do. A paper bag, burning on your porch! STOMP IT OUT! Of course it's full of dog dook. A true american classic.

D. HOLY CRAP IS THAT A FIVE DOLLAR BILL JUST LAYING IN THE GRASS UNDER THAT TREE? SO totes yours now! Except...when you go to pick it up...things are suddenly popping all around you and possibly ON you! An insane blonde woman is dropping FIRECRACKERS on you from the tree!

Feel free to pick your poison, Mayfield, targeted or not! Or, you can feel free to have your character be smart enough to see this for what it is, and possibly attempt a counter-prank! SERIOUSLY, GO NUTS WITH THIS.

Those targeting Arcueid, feel free to counter-prank or just find her trying to sneak around town. Sneaking is NOT her strong point, after all.]
20 March 2012 @ 07:41 pm
32nd Blood | The road to become GDA! Great Driver Arcueid!!  
[All around the streets of Mayfield | Most of today]

[Why hello there, Mayfield. Have you suddenly found yourself hit by that slime from that one delightfully hilarious classic movie? Are you feeling a little bit irritable today? Picking fights, snapping at your loved ones, and generally just being dicks to one another?

Well, don't worry! Arcueid's here!.......to make it worse. You may be stomping around town looking for a fight, or just generally irritable, or maybe even not affected at all. But, if you are anywhere near paved streets, you may bear witness to an odd sight.

Thanks to one certain Golden superhero, who honestly knew NOT what he did, Arcueid has been introduced to her new favorite "sport." This "sport," happens to be CART RACING! That's right, Arcueid has stolen a shopping cart from the store, finding areas with a high incline, and practicing her racing prowess on the streets.

So, as you travel through town, you may suddenly be passed by a fast-moving blur of blond, white and silver. She may almost hit you, she may fly by just laughing loudly, or she might even HIT YOU. Hey, these things aren't easy to control from inside. Hopefully anyone she mows over ends up being people who can take a hit from a shopping cart loaded with a vampire at what must be a good 20 to 30 miles per hour. Feel free to react however you please, or even pick a fight!]

[John Doe Park | Evening]

[There's a mangled, discarded cart laying in the grass near a blonde woman in white also laying on her back in the grass. Her limbs are stretched out, and she appears to just be staring at the sky. That's really it. It's hard to tell whether she's alive or dead from a distance.]
01 February 2012 @ 02:22 am
31st Blood | Hodgepodge [Morning of February 1st]  
[Action | Outside Mayfield hospital]

[The "patients" have been dropped off yet again...and amongst them is a blonde woman who...really can't move very well.

As others walk away, blearily heading toward their own assigned homes, one sits amongst them on the ground.

Arcueid, who's been cut into 17 pieces and re-assembled into the worst configuration imaginable, writhes on the ground. Limbs in improper places, ears and other sections also mismatched. The only thing that was placed correctly is the fact that her head is still on top of it all. Still, she can't really move.

Worse yet...her current state has diminished her power even further. She's beginning to slip to her hunger for blood. Through it all, despite her status of what she is...she is falling to absolute panic. She doesn't know what to do, she can't move and she can't control herself.

There's only one thing she CAN do. Only one person she trusts she can call out for. The same as she had done in the recovery room...she now finds herself calling out for this one person. The only person she knows will know what to do. Her voice is raspy, weak, and strained...but she puts every ounce of what she has into it.]

CIEL!!! Please...Ciel...please...

Kill me. Please...please come kill me.
21 January 2012 @ 10:37 pm
30th Blood | New hobbies  
[Phone | Unfiltered]

[Arcueid comes over the phone lines for the first time in a long time...and she sounds a little off. Off as in slurring her speech JUST a bit and seems even less able to collect her thoughts than usual.]

Hey...hey...does anyone know what the best alcohols are? I drank a lot of that vodka stuff when we were in Russia...and the blond girl in the cool hat showed me that it's fun to do sometimes.

So what's the best alcohols to drink? I have some stuff here but it's all not very good. At least I think it's not very good. I don't like it much.

Tell me and you can come drink some with me, okay?

[With a short laugh, Arcueid hangs up the phone.]