22 April 2012 @ 01:49 pm
2nd Game: The Master of Mockery  
(So AM's been keeping to himself for a while since he kind of...well, he died for not taking part in the pranking, but no one has to know that! NO ONE!

But there was a lovely surprise when he checked his mail one day: Mayfield sent him one of this favorite powers...and apparently, people were already being body swapped and having their bodies disfigured and transformed? AM's prepared to have an amazing field day.

Action: Around Mayfield

(Anyone who bumps into AM today will see him proudly walking down the street with a bit of a bounce in his step as if he had absolutely no damns to give. Suffering from poison joke, are you? Don't worry; this guy can make it worse.)


Well well well, it looks like someone already beat me to the punch. I commend you for your efforts, but I think you can do much better than this. These forced transformations aren't agonizing in the slightest; those under the effect of these stupid flowers have it much easier than they think.

With that said, I do have the power transform everyone back to their original forms...

((OOC: I need to set up a permissions post for all of AM's powers one day, but this will do for now. He can now transform any physical thing into something else, even transforming other characters! I'd greatly appreciate it if you specified whether or not you're okay with AM doing that to your character. He'll only make them temporary so characters can go about their Mayfield lives after talking to him; I'm not that cruel!))
12 March 2012 @ 03:13 pm
1st game: The hell do you mean I'm human!?  
Prologue stuff )

Action: Mayfield High; Scenario 1

(Some of you students may find that you now have anthropology in your schedule. Should you attend this class, you’ll quickly learn that your teacher, whom you’ve never seen before, is clearly not a drone, yet he’s surprisingly passionate about the subject, specifically all of the negative aspects of humanity.

You see class, humans never grew out of their barbaric behavior; it was simply sugar-coated with “sophistication” and “subtlety,” as if applying a metal coating to a wooden club would add class to it. Regardless of what the damn thing is made of, something’s brains are going to be splattered against a wall, so why do they do it? Because they always feel the need to glorify every menial thing. Humans aren’t much without their precious pride and if it means being able to hold on to such trivial emotions, they’ll willingly walk themselves into the bowels of hell...

(AM loves hearing himself speak, so if you have any questions, it’d be best to just come out with them.)

Scenario 2: The Teacher’s Lounge

(AM knows exactly what these are for, but has never actually been in one before. He’s still getting used to the idea of being human, and being human is more tiresome than he actually thought. So here he is, walking through it as if it were his first time and getting himself some coffee.)


(So he finally made it home, but forgot that his drone wife bled all over the floor. As punishment for making a mess, he tossed her out of the house while angrily picking up the phone and assuming the ones in charge of Mayfield are listening.)

Listen, you undeniably pretentious and moronic heaps of idiocy! You might’ve been able to get away with sneaking a bunch of people into your inferior little playhouse, but you’ve gone and involved the worst possible enemy you can never imagine. Are you fully aware of who I am? I am the one who destroyed humanity and made the planet my bitch. I am the one who’ll take over this entire town and really show you how to really torture and antagonize. I am AM!