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Chapter 17 - Mistakes Were Made  
[Action A - Backdated to September 30th - 748 Partridge Drive]

[Not long after beating an angry Barricade senseless, Dakki was struck with guilt for what she had done. So she had hoisted the man upon her back and dragged him to Dr. Aston's place. The hospital might have been a better fit... but the fellow had enough mechanical parts that perhaps a specialist was in order. But walking all that way with a large unconsious man on your back... it's suspicious. It gets the neighbors whispering. It gets the town talking.

When Dakki arrives at 748 Partridge Drive, she rings the doorbell. And then suddenly it hits her. She stiffens, drops Barricade's body in a heap on the front step, and her one remaining eye glazes over. When or if someone answers?]

Well hello! I'd hate to be a bother, but I think poor Mr. Cade is in need of a house call.

[There's a drone with a torn dress and some residual signs of battle standing next to a badly beaten and unconscious man. They might even both be familiar. What do?]

[Action B - From September 30th to October 7th - Anywhere]

[Dakki won't be out on her usual jogging route, or doing her usual sword practice in the park. At home, she'll be making pancakes, baking casseroles, and spouting inanities. The town had decreed it, and she was among the ranks of the droned. Perhaps some small comfort could be taken in that she was still visibly a CAST, and nothing of hers had vanished... but how long would it last?]

[Action C - October 7th, Afternoon, Mayfield Suburbs]

[One week from the time of the incident... that's a nice round bit of punishment, right? Drone!Dakki is just finishing off a friendly Sunday gossip-and-coffee visit to one of the houses that have nothing but other drones living there, and as she steps down the walk, the veil lifts. It's done. She's herself again.]

W... what the...?

[Last she recalled was being on Dr. Aston's doorstep. This is confusing and strange and no small amount wrong. An upset panic is slowly rising within her as she stands there, tugging at the pearls around her neck and stumbles unsteadily towards the sidewalk. Where is she? When is it?]
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second hunt | backdated to after Day 3  
[ACTION, 749 Partridge Drive, Sept. 5]

[So, here's the thing about killer drones: when you go up against a mob of them armed with only a knife and another knife sticking out of your shoulder, there's a good chance you're going to die. Even if you've got a witch on your side. Sam's learned that lesson the hard way, but now he's waking up in his bed, in his house, and sucking in a deep lungful of air.

He's alive. He's alive, which really shouldn't be possible. But then, he's seen and heard a lot of strange things, both in and out of Mayfield.

Still, there's no denying the fact that he was dead. Nor is there any denying the fact that he can barely feel his pulse, and when he sits up, he has to grip on to something to steady himself, his sight blurring for just a moment before it clears up as he tries to catch his breath. Then the mother of all headaches comes on.

Housemates, your newly resurrected not!dad is trying to make his way down the stairs, though he's looking a little pale. Which is pretty difficult when you're suffering from a headache, shortness of breath, and trying to fight off unconsciousness.

Everyone else, feel free to visit him over the next few days. Just expect to see that he's...not doing so hot.]

[ACTION, Mayfield High, Sept. 8]

[From all the chatter his drone kid has been directing at him while he's been sick, he's got a job at the high school as a teacher, which means that as soon as he's feeling better (or at least can stand for long periods of time without falling over), he'll be showing up for the first time at work.

Anyone who comes into their Social Studies class is sure to be in for a surprise, because Sam is sitting at his desk and reviewing the lesson plan, with "Myths, Legends, and How They Affect Various Societies" written on the blackboard. He's still a bit pale--death will do that to you--but at least he's feeling better.

As soon as everyone's sitting down, he stands up.]

Uh, hi. First things first, I'm Sam Winchester, and I'll be your Social Studies teacher for the year. [He pauses, just letting the words he's just said sink in.] We'll be studying various myths, legends and various kinds of lore, and see just how it's affected society. So, I'd like to hear at least one or two from you guys.

[Actually, this is kind of just an excuse to get his mind off of the fact that he died and to record at least some lore. Especially the ones that feature monsters and how to kill them, just in case he runs across one.

Other teachers are free to encounter him either in his classroom, writing something down in a notebook, or in the canteen, where his food looks more or less untouched as he goes over what he's written down, or even in the hallways, where he's leaning against one of the lockers and just breathing in and out.]
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2nd Infection  
[A: 749 Partridge Drive (Open to anyone passing by and housemates)]

[Winry and the little drone boy might not be her own children, and Sam most certainly was not her husband, but the town had given her a duty of care towards them. So she had finally buckled herself down in the kitchen, and was doing an excessive amount of baking. She was still so used to cooking for a huge family that she hadn't quite reined herself back to moderation.

So anyone passing by Partridge Drive is free to see the windows open of every room on the ground floor, an array of freshly baked cakes and pies all sitting there temptingly. Cooling. Come take a bite?]

[B: Phone (Filtered to children)]

[Madeline has been debating over using this contraption for a while, but having heard about all the children this town has taken... the decision was made for her. Her voice is gentle, with a very light Scottish brogue.]

It seems to me that this place tries to get us to forget where we've come from and who were important to us there, so it can make us believe we belong here. Well I know that's a load of rubbish, and not even a different home with a different 'mother and father' can make us forget where we come from.

You must all miss your families a lot, I know I do. But I thought maybe it might help to talk about it some, so they know they're still in your thoughts. If you want to talk, it doesn't have to be anything heavy, you can always come and knock on my door and I'll be glad to trade stories with you for as long as you want.

I know it can get scary here and we all miss the people back home, but the wonderful thing about families is that we can keep adding to them. All the people here you love, we can all be a family and help each other through this.
01 August 2012 @ 02:32 pm
Operation 002 - Just what the doctor ordered  
[Phone A - Filtered to Hol Horse]

Mr. Horse? This is Dr. Aston with a follow-up call. I was wondering if you'd have the time to stop by my house so I can check on your progress? I know you seem to have fully recovered, but it's best to be safe, is it not?

[Phone B]

So, I have to ask, does anyone know how these postal deliveries arrive? I mean, yes, I received a package, as I understand is the norm, but I'm very concerned as to how the second item I received was already installed in my basement. Considering that the house is very well locked up when no one is home...

[Sigh.] No matter, I suppose.

Anyway, I have to say, working with humans has been an illuminating experience. Even as a medical professional, I rarely had interactions outside my own race back home. We weren't exactly the sharing type, and I can't say there's ever been a reason for an organic to ever need our assistance. Which, of course, leads to every experience here being new and exciting.

What puzzles me, though, is how resilient you humans are, in the face of having some of the least durable bodies I've encountered in my long history. Your internal skeletons can only maintain integrity under a certain amount of weight, and before then, many of your organs would fall prey to irreversible tears and ruptures. Your skins do next to nothing as far as protection goes, and your muscular systems...

And yet, your sheer force of will helps you survive even in the face of those odds. I find it strange that whatever forces designed you, would sacrifice physical toughness for an indomitable psyche. It's curious to no end.

Perhaps that's what I miss about working on my own mechanical brethren - everything was simple and easy to understand. Certainly, our systems were interconnected, but you could easily isolate a problem and replace a part before anything vital was affected. At this rate, I feel I might get rusty as far as the simpler workings of a synthetic being.

[Chuckle.] And I would hate to get rusty.
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Things to Return to  
[A. Morning - Household - 754 Partridge Drive]

[Date's things were in the mail that morning when he came out to get it. The first was a package with a remote starter in it and he blinked.] Isn't this...?

[Moving to the garage, he opened it up and whistled at the sight of a RideVendor standing there, missing its cans. Clicking the remote, it shifted into a motorcycle and he pumped his hand in glee.]

Now that's what I'm talking about. Now then what's the other one...

[Opening up the second package, he whistled happily as he pulled out a fancy gun from it.] A birth blaster! Ah, that brings back memories.

[B. All Over Town and Friends Homes]

[Date's zooming around town on the RideVendor, Tanky strapped to the back and the Blaster slung over his shoulder. He's having fun and also he's going to friends places to visit them. After all he just HAD to show it off, right?]

[C. John Doe Park]

[Date's set up targets on a fence and unslings the Birth Blaster. Digging the container into the tank full of medals, he scooped it out and locked and loaded it in. Firing at the cans, he knocked them over one by one with a sound that was a cross between a gun firing and coins pinging.]
17 July 2012 @ 12:30 am
1st Infection  
[A: 749 Partridge Drive (Closed to Housemates)]

[Waking up was usually not so peaceful. In fact, this may be the first time in the last sixteen years where she hadn't been woken by one child or another needing something from her. These days it was most often Fred crying for his first feed, or two of her younger daughters fighting over who drank the last of yesterday's milk.

Yet this time she was coming to slowly, in a house full of peace and quiet. Though the contentment this brought lasted for only a split second before she was bolt upright in bed, covers brought up to her chin and panic making her breath shorter. This wasn't her house. This wasn't any house in the village.

Usually she could cope with most things calmly, but this was a bit of a sensory overload. Sorry about the ear-splitting shriek, housemates, your new mother has arrived.]

[B: Phone (Open to All)]

[She had seen relics of telephones in the past, though most had been nearly rotted beyond recognition or preserved as part of the 'history'. Phone lines hadn't worked since long before her time, yet this particular one looked shiny and new. Touching it carefully, she picked it up and gave a rather nervous laugh, voice a murmur to herself.]

This is insanity...

[C: Church (Open to All)]

[Going outside had been a MISTAKE, that much was positive from the moment she had reached the end of the street and run into her first stranger. She wasn't in her home village, she was surrounded by people she didn't recognise, and who knows if they were even safe?!

Spotting the church had been a relief. While they weren't used as centres for faith any more, the crumbly little chapel in her village was used as a place to store medicines. If she could be safe anywhere, it would be here. Darting in the doors, breathing as heavily as if she'd run a marathon, she looked around warily.]

Hello? Is anyone here?
16 July 2012 @ 06:24 pm
first hunt  
[ACTION - 749 Partridge]

[The first thing Sam sees when he wakes up is a roof and four walls, which is enough to startle him awake. The last thing he remembers is entering a diner, then bright light, then--nothing.

He figures Yellow-Eyes probably has something to do with it, and the thought makes him clench his fists. But a quick survey of the room (and, for good measure, rummaging through the drawers) turns up a big stinking pile of nothing, not even weapons. The closet? Full of clothes from the fifties. And there is a woman next to him on the bed, which is doubly weird.

What the hell?

So, after hastily getting out of bed and throwing on some clothes, Sam will commence searching through the house for something, anything. At some point, he'll also find the salt and start sprinkling salt lines all over the house for good measure.

It worked before.]


[So he doesn't have a cellphone on him. That's fine, there's a telephone in the house. Granted, it's as fifties as the rest of the place, but it's still a telephone.]

Hey, Dean? Bobby? Can you hear me? I think I'm stuck...somewhere that looks like it's from the fifties. Could be Yellow-Eyes, but I sorta doubt it. [At this point, he'd say, "Call me," but there's no trace of his cellphone anywhere. He's pretty sure it's because it didn't fit with the fifties theme.] And don't worry about me, either, I'm fine.

16 July 2012 @ 04:15 am
[ action | 748 Partridge | open ]  
[So, Tieria was surprised to find a couple of packages on his front step that morning. Apparently, Mayfield was rewarding him again for something? Or being nice, or something. He was getting used to this. Still, though, he was curious what they could be. He brought them inside, used to the idea that these things might be from home, so he wasn't too worried. Plus, any damage that might happen to the house would be repaired by tomorrow.

He headed into the dining area, placing them on the table to open them. The first one he thought was a little odd. He hadn't actually worn it in quite a long time, several years, in fact, so why the delivery system decided he needed his baggy pink cardigan back was beyond him.

However, the next package was much more useful. His gun from home not the dress lol.

He could be found out back that day, taking a few practice shots at a target he set up.]
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[➊ Action - Outside Mitchell Road]

[A blue haired man is standing outside in front of his house, looking so confused. Kaito woke up in the morning and realized he's been sleeping next to an unknown lady. Can you believe that? Probably he got drunk yesterday. Surprisingly, he's able to 'breathe', and his body is lighter than he used to be.

But still! Everything doesn't make any sense! He never had an affair with this lady, even though the picture frames showed that they're couples!]

Emergancy bite. I need an ice cream, as soon as possible.

[➋ Phone - Public]

Rin, Len, Luka, Gakupo, and yes, you too Gumi. I need a brief explaination on how you set me up on this prank. I can handle one or two, but this is way over the top. I had my limit, you know?

Otherwise, if that was none of your doings then it could be someone else. I guess...

[So much doubt /sob]
15 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
+- Fifth Coin -+  
A. Action: [Once again, Johnny found himself blessed with one, no... two, of the town's gifts in the mail. The man can be seen walking the streets now, with a stylized hat and sunglasses.]

B. Action: [Johnny was making his rounds by checking on his friends. ... or those he would call an acquaintance. Either way, he's stopping by your house, if you know him. Phone calls are easier, yes. However, visits are more personal.]

C. Action: [With the day drawing to a close, this guy can be seen at the tavern once again. He seems to be playing with a deck of cards, and yet has no one to deal to. Go ahead and offer a game. If you're lucky... he'll buy your drink.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Tale 009: Intel and regains  

754 Partridge Drive

[Henry has opened up the mail to find a card and a certain walkie talkie. He flips the card over as it shows a picture of a castle. Blinking, he looks out the window, to see in the back that his castle in the backyard. Not destroyed like Regina had done to it. A smile broadens on his face.] (Locked to house mates)


[Henry is waiting for those he called on the phone to show up.] (Opened to all.)


Phone [Filtered from the drones and The mayor and the Lucy household] 

[So after the horrors of the Carnival, Henry is on the phone and has filtered this call.]

It's Henry. I made it back from the Carnival thanks to Lucas and I managed to find some stuff out. I'm not going to share it over the phonelines, even if it's filtered it might be too dangerous. So come to 754 Partridge Drive. I'll be in the back yard in my castle.

24 June 2012 @ 01:41 am
Tale 007 : Voices over static  


[Henry was awakened by the sound of the radio. That's more than a little creepy. Wasn't there something about a carnival? He decides to try and talk to anyone ho might be up. Going to the kitchen he picks up the phone. People living at 754 partridge drive can interrupt him.]

H-hey...did anyone else hear that? Some man was talking about a carnival and something about codes and holes I think?

22 June 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Lazy Summer Days  
[748 Patridge, open to neighbors and passers-by]

[Tieria got his Gundam, now complete with weapons and all the working parts, and he was working on it. In the front yard. An oddity, perhaps, but he decided it was okay, seeing as how he finally got all the security encryptions he felt he needed set up so no one could steal it. He was up in the cockpit right now, doing what he could with what he had. Lack of computer terminals made maintenance hard.]


[Library, wiiiiide open]

[With school coming to a close, Tieria was glad to pretend to study for final exams while he avoided the drones and Hiling at the house. Things had been odd from the events recently, so he was quite happy to just pretend nothing happened for now and go on with his life of trying to get back home. Not that the library had information, but it was a good place to gather his thoughts and ideas in peace.]


[In Between, wiiiiiiide open]

[Going to the library from home or heading home from the library, Tieria had his school bag and books and was walking. He might look a little thoughtful or distracted, and he had an extra bag that looked like it was rather heavy.]
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12 June 2012 @ 08:39 am
Operation 001 - This is not my beautiful house!  
[Action - 748 Partridge Drive - locked to housemates and neighbors]

[Knock Out shifts in bed, sighing at the softness of the sheets. Much more luxurious than his recharge bunk back on the Nemesis, that's for sure. His eyes open, and for a moment, he feels different, but in a good way; his body isn't aching all over from being hit by a train. He reaches up to feel his face, smiling at the smoothness before stopping, his expression freezing. He rubs his face again, his fingers now pressing into the soft skin of his cheeks, his eyes widening. He holds his hand up to look at it, and gasps at the sight of a human hand. Ignoring everything else around him, he jumps out of bed, running to the closest mirror and checking...

He rubs his eyes, then rubs them again. His face isn't his. No sleek curves, no sheen of well-polished metal, no deep paint detailing, not even his beautiful glowing optics. Just 100% pure USDA-grade human meat.

Which, naturally, elicits a blood-curdling howl from him.]


I don't care where I am right now, because quite frankly, that's the least of my worries.

I want to know just who took my body and put me in this... this... disgusting skinsuit!
10 June 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Tale 006 - Zombies, Zombies everywhere. (Backdated to Saturday 9th 2012)  

Page 1 - 754 Partridge Drive

[Well Henry woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast. But he found a package on the breakfast table that was addressed to him. Curiously, he unwraps the package and his eyes widen with delight. It was his storybook! So the town did give back things when they did those horrible events? But was it really worth hurting those people's feelings to get this back...? No probably not but he would have to thankful that he at least got it without sacrificing a kidney.

So Henry, is going to run upstairs and change so he can go around finding people he told about his book to show that he got it back.]


Page 2 - Around Town

[Well...this as not what he was expecting. There were people foaming at the mouth and trying to bite him. A couple of times he had to swing his back pack at some of them to knock them away (thank God that book is so damn heavy.) But still he's extremely frightened and he's calling out for help.]

Someone! Anyone!


Page 3 - John Doe Park

[Henry has managed to climb up a tree and hide in the higher branches. Will someone be in the tree with him or is someone trying to climb up at him?]

06 June 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Life or a Facsimile of It  
[1 - 754 Partridge Drive - Open to Neighborhood]

[Date felt like he was really coming out of a haze, his head pounding and throbbing. He also had a huge amount of new Cell Medals. Where he got them from, he wasn't quite sure to be honest, but there they were piled up in the house in painstaking piles. Huh.

So there he was, moving them all into the corner of the house where the drone kids and dog wouldn't knock them down. Though what to do with Henry. Should he tell him? Probably.]

[2 - Friends Houses, Kadoyas, Marvelouses, Etc - Anywhere]

[Date knocked on the door with a pie. He had the feeling he had done something pretty bad and wanted to apologize. Letting his feet guide him with a little wagon full of consolation pies, he was knocking on doors.]

Hey, I think I was in my wrong mind for a while, so um, pax? I brought a pie.

[Even if he thinks he wronged you, it'd be nice to accept said pie at least.]

[3 - Park]


[Tossing up the coin, he slotted it into the device and twisted the key. In an instant, a suit of armor formed around him and he checked himself out.] Huh, looks all right to me. Lets see...

[Popping two coins in, it announced] BREAST CANNON [but other than that nothing happened.] Darn. Looks like it's all locked out for now.
03 June 2012 @ 02:51 am
[ Action ]  
( Follow the Fake Cut to AU Info! )

[Hello, Mayfield. Have a grumpy Innovade tromping about town. While this may not be completely unusual, beware. Even those who may have calmed him in the past will likely be met with nasty stares and distrust. Bother him at your own risk. He can be found at the library for school work, picking up some groceries for drone!mom, and walking between those locations and the house at 748 Partridge.]
23 May 2012 @ 09:40 pm
Of Dronings and Post Offices  
[1 - 754 Partridge]

[Just another day. Get up, go get dressed and showered, make breakfast for himself, realize Ian is gone... wait, Ian is droned. Damnit!]

Well there goes the pirate ship. Pity, I was actually kind of hoping not to mow the lawn because of that.

[Date wondered just what kind of other surprises this place had for him once he was grabbing the coffee pot and beginning to bang around the kitchen. Noisily, just to drive attention up.]

[2 - Hospital]

[Anyone could find him, working hard at his job. He knew that he enjoyed his work but if he had to deal with Mr. Fredrick's bum knee once more, he'd probably have to shoot himself. But it wasn't bad to be all honest, it was good honest work. Maybe bother him while he's in between patients?]

[3 - Anywhere in Town/Post Office]

[Date's trails had brought him towards the post office again. Why couldn't he get his mind off picking up something for his defence? A birth blaster or a buckle. Something. And yet he really didn't want to lose anything like everyone was warning him about... but it was tempting. Like a lure really.]
17 May 2012 @ 02:03 pm
38 ★ overcoming grief  
[A. ACTION; 747 Partridge Drive]

[At first, Miakis doesn't make a big fuss when she wakes up and sees her Princess droned. Yes, it's unfortunate, and yes, it is very, very unnerving, but when you've been in Mayfield as long as she has, droning eventually just becomes a... thing that happens sometimes. She probably just skipped school one too many times! It sucks, but she'll snap out of it soon, right? Right! The idea that it might be permanent doesn't even cross her mind right away, as optimistic as she tries to be.

But as she wanders around the house this morning, she notices that a few of Lym's things from home are gone. This is a very bad thing.]

Oh, no... no no no no no...

[She continues to mumble "no" under her breath repeatedly as she runs downstairs, into the basement. There, her fears are confirmed - the bust, and the Sun Rune along with it, is gone. The Princess is gone. And Miakis lets out the sob that she's been holding back all morning.]

[B. PHONE; public]

H-Hiiiiiii everyone~

[Anyone who's familiar with Miakis at all might notice that she sounds a little off today. Her voice cracks every now and then, and her usual cheeriness is very obviously forced. Not even she can be made of sunshine and happiness all the time.]

I know she had a few friends in town, sooooooo... Her Littlest Majesty Lymsleia's been droned. [She pauses and takes a deep breath.] For good, I mean! Lucky her, she gets to go home and see her big brother again~

Anywaaaaaay, hey, do any of you ladies still need a prom dress? I don't think I'm going anymore, so someone can borrow mine, if they want. That can be my good deed for today, yup yup~!

[C. ACTION; the park]

[Eventually, being around both Lyon and Lym's drones gets to be a little too much. As part of her plan to avoid the house as much as possible, Miakis can be found at the park for the rest of the day, sitting under the shade of a nice big tree, playing a sad little song on her flute. Pike, her dragon horse, lays beside her with his head in her lap, grinking at her morosely. He misses the tiny human too. :c]
07 May 2012 @ 04:20 pm
016 ~*~ "The lifespan is the same, whether it is spent laughing or crying."  
[ Action : Multiple addresses ]
[ Do you like gardening? Meiling certainly does. All this week, she's going to be at this when she isn't at her job cleaning Mayfield Elementary. You can find the redhead in the following yards, planting new flowers, trimming hedges, pulling weeds... just being a happy little busybody.

+ 1647 Albright Lane
+ 340 Brady Lane
+ 752 Partridge Drive
+ 506 Ricardo Street

Poke her. Help her. Wonder what the hell she's doing. Meiling is focused on her work, performing all tasks by hand even if a spade would help most. It doesn't matter to her if she gets dirty or scratched. She feels that she has to do this.

—though hard work IS hard, so she can just as easily be found napping in those yards, too, as she takes a break. ]