05 October 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Case: 028  
{{ →!Phone | Morning - Before School }}

Ne, ne... has anyone noticed we're a little off schedule?

{{ →!Action | Over by City Hall | Evening }}

[ The sun is quickly setting and Conan hasn't yet made it home. There's a good reason for it though as he's been watching city hall all day-even chanced skipping school to see if there was anything worth noting but as he had kind of expected, nothing happened. Eventually, he started to get bored and since he's still mostly getting over a nasty cold, fell fast asleep up in the tree he's been hiding in. Better hope he doesn't try to roll over. ]
15 September 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Case: 026  
{{ →!Action | Outside City Hall | Afternoon }}

[ Conan got a useful regain this time around-his glasses. Of course he knows just what to do with this gadget as he moves over to a window he's mostly sure leads into the Mayor's office. He removes his glasses and pulls off a small chunk of them and wraps it in a piece of chewing gum he'd been working on before pressing it down near the window-he's not putting it on the wall itself-he won't risk the chance of it shorting out or electrocuting him. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Later in the day. }}

[ Conan's relaxing on the couch, having come home before curfew just as his housemates expect of him-or he seems to be relaxing-actually he's listening carefully. A little confused when the sound of foot steps meet his ears. ]


{{ →!Action | Mayfield Hospital | Evening }}

[ Nothing much to report just yet but since Sherlock's regain came in the mail today Conan's decided on delivering it to him personally. It isn't like Holmes wouldn't get it upon his return home but right now Shinichi is a little shaken and desperately needs a distraction-delivering Sherlock's regain might provide just that. Maybe, if he's lucky. He also stops by the master bedroom in the house to swipe the packet of cigarettes and lighter on the bedside table. ]

[ He pushes the door to Sherlock's room open and carries the package over. Sherlock will probably notice Conan's glasses are different today-still over sized but they look to be in much better condition and much better quality then the one's he's been borrowing from Mayfield. Another thing that surely won't go unnoticed--he's incredibly pale. ]

((ooc: You can catch Conan acting suspiciously if you'd like but stepping on the piece of gum that has the listening device wrapped inside is reserved to Gin.))
14 July 2012 @ 12:07 pm
[Out of nowhere, you find yourself transported into the lobby at City Hall! The doors back outside are shut and impossible to open, but the room is decorated by a large banner:



Inside, a little party is waiting for you! But none of the town's more infamous characters have come out to greet you, and the door to the Mayor's office is locked up tight.

Still, it's a party just for you, so why not enjoy? You'll be transported back to your beds come morning.]

OOC: Just to be clear, there will be no clues, NPCs, plot, or mod comments to be found here. This is just a little forced socializing in honor of this bountiful round of re-apps.

Time is nebulous here; while current Mayfield residents will all be transported to the party tonight, new residents will be transported either from the night of their arrival, or directly here before their arrival! So if you haven't intro'd yet, don't worry. You can still play as long as your character has been accepted.

Also, brand new folks are welcome, too, but you may want to intro first so you won't be lost in the shuffle.

12 July 2012 @ 12:23 pm
65th Inning  
[Action A: BLU Scout is standing on the sidewalk, near the mailbox. An opened crate sits at his feet, covered in "TF INDUSTRIES" and "MANN CO" labels. He's got a pair of goggles on his face, and is holding a toy. He looks pretty confused.]

What the hell is this crap?

[He'll be wandering through the streets, confused. The goggles are making him see things a bit differently today. Mayfield is more colorful and shiny than normal. Are those... lollipops?]

This is freakin' me out.


[Action B: After that little adventure, Scout's got to blow off some steam. Perma-drone Eddie and Ema, will you? Screw that. Dressed in his police uniform - it helps keep the drones away - Scout it currently throwing eggs at City Hall windows. He also has a several large rocks nearby. And several guns. This might escalate. Anyone want to stop him before he gets himself droned, too?]

Why dontcha come outta there and fight like a man, ya useless coward!