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Susan Sto Helit ([personal profile] inthebones) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-02-06 10:15 pm

Resurrection Blues


I want a rundown on how terribly all of you messed this up.  You can start from last Monday and work your way forward from there.  I'll assume beforehand that it elevates in the degree of tragedy until culminating in a lot of pathos and suicidal despair all around; if you must cry, try to sob out 'Miss Susan, I'm so glad you're back' first, so I'm more inclined to listen.  An explanation as to why I'm currently a walking corpse would also be nice, but not strictly necessary given that I suppose I didn't really need any of these functions in the first pla -- dammit!

[action, 726 Anderson Lane]
[The phone clatters to the ground as Susan's arm sags dangerously from her body, on the verge of falling off again.  She jams it firmly back in place, though it still dangles uselessly.]

This is the most idiotic thing I've ever had to do in my li -- Ohm curse this thrice-afflicted festering excuse of a revival!

[She reattaches her left leg, gets back to her feet, and storms off to the kitchen.
Some time later, she will be momentarily mollified as she stares down at what appears to be a Christmas card with something of a smile.]

((Susan has returned to life with the following:
-No pulse, heartbeat, or blood movement.
-Low body temperature
-Inability to breathe
-Inability to eat/drink
-Wounds still present
-Heightened feelings of anger.))

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