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014 Mrs. Johnson's Follies

[A: 1648 Albright Lane (Locked to Abel)]

[Even in the short lifespan of a decade, Cain was intimately familiar with what it was to be someone's experimental toy. But this was different from anything back home - there he had the safety of knowing he was valuable, and anything done would never endanger such an expensive investment; here, he had no such guarantees.

His body and mind are still exhausted when he opens heavy eyes, but he is himself again... and for that, he is infinitely grateful. The fear has receded, hallucinations finally leaving his mind free to think once more, and the pain has dimmed down to aches and weakness that have come from his body being barraged with adrenaline, sedatives and no food for days.

Lifting a heavy hand to rub at one tired eye, he tilted his head to look for the man who had been stood constant guard over him.]

[B: 1648 Albright Lane (Locked to Rachel and Esther)]

[Some hours after waking and speaking with his brother, private words that would never be given to anyone else, Cain was finally making his way out of bed and downstairs. His legs still ached, but he didn't want to be in bed any longer.

He knows Esther has been mostly staying with them, only going home to make sure she wasn't droned, and so he was on the lookout for both her and Rachel as he headed into the kitchen.]

[C: Phone (Locked to Beast Boy)]
[There is a long pause on the line, Cain isn't used to having to thank someone for their help when he was in a vulnerable state... he didn't get in vulnerable states to begin with. When he does speak the words aren't much, but there is feeling behind them.]

Beast Boy? --Thank you, it's... I'm alright now.

[D: Phone (Locked to anyone he spoke to outside the hospital)]
[He feels excruciatingly awkward doing this - he would rather never acknowledge his moments of weakness, brush them under the carpet and pretend they never existed - but a lot of these people deserved more than that. When he speaks, his voice doesn't express any of the awkwardness he's feeling, just as smooth and polite as always.]

I feel I owe you thanks, and an apology. You stopped to try and help me when you didn't have to, when there were countless others who needed help as well, and I repaid you with... highly uncooperative behaviour. I owe you a debt, and I promise that I won't forget that.

[E: Phone (Open to all)]
[Anyone would be hard-pressed to hear that Cain had spent several torturous days locked in his mind; his tone is as warm and calm as ever, with only the slight rasp of a throat sore from screaming.]

All too often here, the workings of the town leave us hurt and reeling, disillusioned and battered. But we always come through the other side, we're still alive and capable of moving forwards... I, at least, am grateful for that. I would rather be knocked down a thousand times and have to get back up again; than be dead without reprieve, and no longer have the choice to stand back up.
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You feelin' alright now son? We've all had a hard week, so don't blame y'self, alright?
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Nah. Jus' got sapped. Literally. I got operated on, so it wasn't pretty either. But I think I got off lucky.
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Yeah. I'm glad that's all over.

But how are ya dealin' with things? I can come over and chat with ya, if ya want.
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Yeah. The effects are startin' ta wear off, an' I'm not feelin' as tired as I used too.
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See ya soon, Cain.

[And have some knocks on your door in fifteen minutes. However, Engie's still got those metal wings grafted onto his back. The effects of the sapper seemed to have mysteriously disappeared though, so at least he looks like he's had some decent rest.]
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Ah, s'fine. I can wait around a bit, maybe see what Cain is doin'. I can help'im if he's doin' some homework, it'd be no problem at all ma'am.
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[Mother-hen mode, activated. The look of shock on his face immediately changes to one of concern.]

Good Lord Cain, what happened to ya!?
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That's not important. They don't hurt anymore. What's important is you. Are ya feelin' better? Did someone do this to ya?

[He's already checking the drips and etc.]
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[personal profile] hardhat_truckie 2012-03-13 05:52 am (UTC)(link), y'all not OK.

[Engie says this and looks at him square in the eye.]

Sayin' it isn't the same as feelin' it.
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[He meets his gaze back evenly.]

It is, if it's affectin' ya.

But if ya don't wanna talk about it, then that's fine. If ya need someone ta listen though, you know who ta call.