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38th Blood | Whoops time to go


Well, I guess it's time to leave. Hopefully it isn't some kind of stupid trap.

Anyway, I'm gonna go over there. If anyone needs help I'll help you out...everything's going kinda crazy.

[Filtered to Ciel/Marisa and Merem]

I assume I don't have to worry about any of you, right? If I do don't worry, I'll swoop in to your rescue.

Don't worry, I won't leave "little Ciel" behind either.

[Action | All around town heading toward the highway]

[Arcueid's out, making her way toward the highway. She'll be stopping to break up clusters of Hazmats trying to harass citizens, so if anyone needs help this'll be your glittering White Princess in shining armor.]
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[ There's one girl who very much needs help. She really wants to escape, she's so afraid of being left behind here alone.. but the Hazmats are even more scary than that, so she can hardly even move. She's shaking and tugging her hat almost over her eyes as she's sitting behind a mailbox, trying to hide from the Hazmats but one is moving in her direction.. ]
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[ There's a loud squeak before she finally turns her head to peek, but.. oh, that's actually another person instead of another one of those scary things? At the suggestion she does stand up, nervously glancing around her - it's pretty obvious how frightened she is. ]

B-.. but.. even i-if I run, they'll c-catch me, won't they..?
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[ Well, she has to admit that the smile is reassuring. A little bit. Obviously she's still absolutely frightened, but she wants to try and believe in it a little.. this girl did really just take out one of those, after all. ]

H.. hm.. You d-don't mind me sticking a-along then..?